Nature Walk (archives)

Nature Walk

“I love the fresh air,” said April

But June didn’t hear her. She just gazed into April’s eyes with the love only a girl could feel. It had been April’s idea to go for a naked walk in the wilderness, and finally June gave in. “But we should have our clothes close by in case someone sees us,” June suggested.


“No,” April was firm. Was she ever firm! “We leave our clothes in our dorm room. There will be no safety — that’s what will make this fun.”


Looking over their shoulders to make sure they weren’t noticed, the naked girls left their dorm room, and walked to the north end of the campus, and up onto the nature trails. “That was easier than I thought it would be,” June admitted.


June was overcome with emotion at the sight of April’s beautiful body, her hair gently flowing in the wind. She kissed her roommate tenderly, not knowing how she would react.


When April responded, June kissed her again. Slower, and more tenderly.


The girls made love under the open sky. Love is beautiful, they silently agreed.

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