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My Mom Loves The CCC

Posted on February 11, 2012 by MzM

“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that, young lady?!”

There she goes. My mom again. She is glaring at me through her reading glasses. I’m a little worried at what she means this time. I try not to show it in my demeanor. Not even a slight fizzle in expression. If i get upset, it makes it worse. This is hard to talk about but in the past weeks, my mom has taken away lots of my clothing. If i get angry about it, she takes away even more. I’ve even lost things like shoes, jewelry and other accessories. I used to be a jeans and t-shirt kinda of gal. The past years in high school it’s what I’d mainly wear. Then at the end of my junior year, we found out about this college. We obtained some of their material and went through it together during the following summer. It was there that i learned about some strange requirements that somehow caused girls to wind up going clad and in some cases even nude all in the name of decency.

I was completely put off by it and certain that i didn’t want to go to this college. These rules were deplorable, even ridiculous. What kind of education am I supposed to expect out of such a place? Yet somehow, something about these whimsical policies she read convinced her this was the school for me. Despite my every last contention and refusal, she is forcing it on me. Now, school has been in session for a couple of months and even with college still some 9 months away my mom is ever so determined that i do everything i can to get in this place and so, in effect, she has started making me practice my wardrobe for it.

Yes, that’s right. For a school i haven’t even been accepted to, nor applied for, she has taken to insisting I start complying with their rules! As a preemptive measure. Preemptive for what? It’s nuts and if i refuse, she will take something else away. To further exacerbate things, she has me dressing in clothing that seems to achieve nothing else but show off my body. She doesn’t care that my brother and his friends see me all the time dressed this way. In my panties and a t-shirt. Yes, these are panties and my brothers friends see me this way everyday. I try to play it off like I’m wearing shorts but everyone knows better.

Want to know something else? In secret, I’m not going to apply for this school. Not if I’m going to be subjected to this sort of thing. While i have agreed to go by her rule and proceed as if though i am getting into this school, i am doing it only to humor her.

What was really horrible was how it started going down about a month ago. This one day came that she decided to start tossing out my clothing. The first thing to ever go were my jeans. All of my jeans. I was going down the stairs that morning, just like now, on my way out when she stopped me and looked at my jeans. She insisted i take my jeans off that day then and there.That I wear my panties and t-shirt to school and only that. She basically made me wear my cotton briefs to school and wrote me an excuse note to hand in for any teachers that asked. Though my teacher went along with it, it did very little to quell the ridicule of my classmates. When I arrived back home that day, emotionally battered and embarrassed, I was furious to find that she tossed out all of my jeans. All of them. “You don’t need jeans anymore”, she goes.

Now I’m standing here a bit wary about what’s next. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate my mom. I know she wants what’s best or me but this is really hard. It’s hard having to pretend like I’m happy about all this just so that she doesn’t multiply the magnitude of what she has in mind. Everything is kind of moving in slow motion and I’m watching her mouth run. I thumb inside the elastic of my panty wondering what it is she’s going to pick at. What is the problem today? Is it my t-shirt or is it my panty.

As horrible as that was when she threw out my jeans, that wasn’t the end of it. What would eventually follow was just as bad or worse, because she eventually moved her attention on to my skirts. One day i came down these very same stairs on my way to school. I had a long maxi skirt on. She stopped me just like this and ordered me to take it off. She made me go to school that day in my blouse and panties. Again, writing me a note. Again, humiliated in front of my class. When i got home, i was feeling somewhat tired and defeated and i really didn’t want more trouble. But i got home to find out she had thrown out all my maxi skirts. Real quality clothing. All gone in the name of decency. I had to go along with it and all she could tell me was, “You don’t need maxis anymore”.

I just nodded and crashed into my bed and cried in my pillow. I was genuinely scared and sad about what was happening. Now, she is standing there analyzing what I’m wearing, trying to find something wrong. She’s told me she identified a problem. That my t-shirt hem is below my naval. That this is going to be a problem. I offer to roll it up over my naval. She says this is not good enough. I offer to roll it further up right below my breast cleavage. She also disapproves of that. For fear of where she is taking this i offer to roll it up well over my breasts. “Is that what you want from me, mom? You want me to show off my tits?”

My brother and his friends are a few feet away on the couch playing video games. However, they have now paused their game. What can i do? This is what my mom wants. I can’t go against her.

I proceed, “This ok with you mom? That your daughter walk out that door with her breasts exposed?”. My mom really doesn’t answer and steps back to analyze my outfit again. She mumbles something and nods her head as if though still in disapproval.

I think back about the time right before this, just a few weeks ago. I came down these very same stairs on my way out to school that morning and she stopped me. By then, all i had left for outerwear were some miniskirts. She ordered me to take off my mini skirt and she left me in my g-string and a crop top. She wrote me a note again that day. I attended school in a g-string, my ass cheeks exposed the whole day. What was worse was the front of my g-string was a clear lycra. So if you stared enough at the material, you could see my labia pretty well. I did try to keep my legs closed that day, but often i forgot i was wearing a g-string and would part them only to then be reminded what i was wearing when i caught some boy staring between my legs. It was messed up. My mom was ruining me. When i got home that day, i climbed to my room to find my dressers and closets had been raided. She had thrown out all my mini skirts. She said, “You don’t need mini skirts anymore”. I almost belted out a horrible insult. But it’s my mom. I have to respect what she decides for me. I know she only wants the best for me.

I have to wonder what that means though when she has me standing here showing my nipples and round perky tits off. That she is even considering of telling me to go out this way. To make this crazier than what it already is, i see her standing there rubbing her chin as she eyeballs my panties. What is she thinking?

Then it happened. What i didn’t think she would do to her own daughter but she did it. The words came out of her mouth. Those words.

“Drop your panties.”

I couldn’t believe it. She said it. I wasn’t going to fight it. I did have to listen to her cause she’s my mom. My brother and his friends were all watching, a couple of them laughing, the one in the corner couch slack jawed. All looking in my general direction with their video game paused in the background.

I took a deep breath and charged through the bad feelings. I wasn’t going to cry over it but it didn’t feel great. I lowered my panties but had to pause when they hit half mast. Being aware that both my bottom was nude and in full view now sent a tingle to my pussy. I had to stop a moment and let it pass.

My mom looked on noticing the effect this had on me but saw that i defeated it, not allowing it to overwhelm me. I then continued to lower my panties all the while searching her for approval. Which she did give in a slight nod.

With that my panties hit my ankles, then the ground. I picked them up and hung them on the banister. I looked at my mom intently as she was flipped through the manual trying to rationalize rules, then looking at me as if though to compare me against what she was reading. I somehow held on to the tiniest shred of hope that though she had me here with my breast exposed and completely bottomless, that she’d return to me my dignity by allowing me to dress again soon. That this was just for some minutes as she was just giving me some kind of quick review before sending me off to school. Because she couldn’t possibly think it right to send her own daughter to school naked, could she?

This wouldn’t be the case though. Not at all. Because before i knew it she was trying to convince me that i could go to school without panties. That i should go to school with my tits hanging out of my shirt this way and that it’s all somehow legitimate. My heart was beating fast and though deep inside i was very angry, even deeper i found a strange exciting effect. I kept it to myself. She ordered me to sway side to side for some reason. She’d have me shift my weight to one side, then she’d have be shift my weight to the other. She had me sway repeatedly and for several minutes. From foot to foot i shifted while she muttered something about angles. “Dressing with angles”, i think i heard. My brother and his friends just sat there in a hypnotic gaze.

“No one can see your pussy, Christina,” she goes. “If you stand in this angle, no one can see anything.” See how ridiculous this rationalization is? What exactly is she making out of what is in that book? But if you knew my mom and how she was, you knew it was just best to agree.

I stood there nodding begrudgingly, knowing that i had to. To disagree with her would incur more of her wrath and i thought at least she could let me keep this t-shirt. So i agreed.

“Do you trust me, Christina?”

“Yes, Momma. Whatever you say.”

“Okay then…. then take off your shirt.”

“Wha.. what?”

“Take off your shirt, your shirt has to come off.”

“But I’ll be totally naked, Momma.”

Then she gave me a look like it could get a lot worse. So almost immediately i pulled off my shirt and tossed it on the steps.

My heart was breaking here. My mom… she had taken the last bit of virtue and self respect I had. The boys all got up from the couch and came running over to crowd behind her. Even my perverted little brother. I wasn’t safe from anyone’s eyes.

“Lean on your right leg, Christina,” taking her spectacles off and biting down on the tip of of their bow. I leaned on my right leg again. She gazed on and so did the boys.

“Don’t worry Christina, nothing is showing.”

Nothing is showing?! How is nothing showing?! She starts going off about the angles again and how i can feel safe using angles. That the clothing was not necessary. What has this college manual done to my mom? What insane belief system has she been indoctrinated with that she is ready to send her own daughter out nude in public?! I try not to break character because i know how she’ll get if she thinks I’m even slightly reluctant. Plus, I’m not giving my brother and his friends the satisfaction of thinking that I’m so ashamed on the inside. I’m not. When it came down to wearing panties in public for the first time, i also did realize this day might come. The day she might make me go naked. I saw the writing on the wall. As much as i prepared for it, though, i really was hoping i wasn’t coming to this. But it was. It did. And now we’re here.

“Tippy toe”, she says. So i do it.

I do i like the good girl that i am.

“Are you happy like this, Christina?”

“Yes, Momma, I’m happy”, fighting the urge to roll my eyes. I kept forcing my smile.

With that she pulled a blank piece of paper from a nearby drawer and whipped a pen out. She started writing me a note. My brother and his friends were staring hard and intently still. As she wrote the note i struck a couple of poses for them. Might as well, right? I wasn’t going to come off weak. I’m strong minded and if anything, I’m more powerful without my clothing. I had to remember this or at least try real hard to convince myself this was the case.

“How do you like it, boys?”, i strutted about and shifted my weight from heel to heel, running my hands up and down my body. I was trying to fold the shame back upon them. If anyone had to be embarrassed in this situation, it should be them for ogling me. I think anyone would agree.

I ran my hands back down my bod one last time, “Do you fellas agree with my mom that i’m decent?” One of them started playing with their pants. I won’t say who but it wasn’t any of the ones that weren’t related to me. Sorry for the double negatives. But, ahem!

“Do you fellas agree that my pussy is covered at this angle?” i added with a seductive but sinister tone. “You can all look at it. You all know you always wanted to see it.” I made sure to insist quite sarcastically.

My mom was taking inexplicably long to write the note, ignoring the taunting and teasing I’m doing. Finally satisfied with their red faces, i had a seat on the steps and waited. She was taking a while to write that note. What was she putting in it? One of the boys asked to see my behind and i looked over to my mom to see if she approved. My mom nodded like it was ok as she crossed off her t’s and dotted her i’s. “There’s nothing to hide for you back there, Christina.” I turned around and showed the boys my back. As i looked over my shoulder all of them were pitching in their pants.

After giving them a good minute of looking, i turned back around to rest on the steps as my mom folded up the note and passed it to me.

“Leave your clothes on the steps there and go to school, honey.”

So off i was. Out into broad daylight naked in an ever cooling November weather. Butt naked because of my mother. Everyone in the neighborhood saw me. Everyone. Even though i was dreadfully ashamed something felt good about it. The cold air and sunshine on my nipples. The wisps of wind i caught on my moist labia. How the air caressed my bare ass. My brother and his friends followed me the whole way to school that morning.

I braced for a day of the most heinous disparage, but when i got in through the front doors, instead what i got was looks of shock and admiration. It was surreal. As i walked down the hallway naked with my bag in one hand and my note in the other, no one laugh or pointed. It was just a dead silence. Everyone was looking at me but no one was making fun.

I passed the note to each of my teachers, all 8 periods including homeroom. All understood my situation upon reading the letter. What’s best about it. I had gotten so horny being nude and scrutinized constantly that i had to soothe my excitement by stroking my clit in class.

At first, I tried to hide it and be subtle during homeroom. I’d tap it a little here and pat it a little there. Brief petting sessions, but it didn’t last. Everyone was just constantly looking at me and i was getting caught every so often by someone new. So since the other students figured out i was masturbating, i decided to ignore their voyeurism and shamelessly popped my finger into myself a few times and made more obvious rubbing motions down there whenever my heart palpitated too much. I really needed to do it to keep my nerves calm.

Even though all of the students were all noticing what i was up to, my homeroom teacher hadn’t yet seen . Finally, i thought i might leave my finger in myself and bring it to orgasm if i covered myself with the other hand, I wouldn’t have to worry about it being seen. So i did. However, discrete as i tried to be about it, my homeroom teacher caught me and called me out in front of the class. I thought she’d chastise me but what she said would completely shock me.

“It’s ok, Christina, your mom wrote that you might have to masturbate in class. No need to worry about everyone else.”

I immediately grabbed my note and opened it up and there it was, plain as day. My mom for some reason anticipated that i might have the need to stroke off in class.

“Christina may need to masturbate in class. Please be supportive.”

I looked around in a light bewilderment and was surprised to see how accepting everyone was about it. “Masturbate as much as you need to, Christina”, said one classmate… a boy. “Yeah, Chris, it’s ok”, said another… a girl. My teacher added that it was ok since it was to prepare for my college next year. Having been given the liberty and freedom from any concern, i propped one leg up on my arm chair and parted my other knee away from it, giving my legs a nice spread. My pussy in full view, i flauntingly finger popped myself in front of my class, brazenly dipping inside for moisture without caring that my entire class was learning about my personal expertise and techniques in self love. I’d use the moisture i pulled from my honey hole to further enhance the sensation of my two fingers rubbing my clit aggressively. I moaned and fussed in front of everyone with intense pleasure. As i writhed in passion, my pussy drizzled cum on my chair which i had no intention of wiping off afterward. In fact, i did this to every chair i sat in inside of every class i had this day.

Yes, I resumed this way from class to class for the rest of the day, my pussy souped up in wetness as i made my way through hallways, seizing the opportunity of enjoying every moment of this very unique experience. Reveling in walking ever so slowly to build up my excitement in the hallways so i could then have a renewed desire to release it again in the next class. I spent well over 5 hours of constantly stroking and teasing and bringing myself to cum so many times that i truly lost count. Before the day was up, i had become the most popular girl in school!

That day, when class was over, i realized that i had made a big deal about being sent to school naked. It wasn’t all that bad and in fact, i was feeling sorry for the other girls who were trapped in their clothing and would never free themselves to experience something so fantastic as i had experienced on that day.

When i arrived home, i went up to my room expecting to learn my mom had thrown away my panties and t-shirts, which was pretty much what remained of my clothing. But, no. They were all there. Dresser after dresser and closet after closet. All my panties and t-shirts were there. Also, where was my mom?

I sat on my bed and thought about my day as well as my mom. The threads were all coming together in my little head. I understood why she did what she did. I even remembered reading the part about how we’re not allowed to masturbate at this college we’re going to. She was helping me get it out of my system. It was at this time i realized what it was i truly wanted.

I began to box the remainder of my clothing. Box after box of panties and t-shirts. My entire remaining collection of wardrobe i carried outside to the curb and dropped it off by the garbage pickup. I rubbed my hands, staring at these boxes, though a bit melancholy. I knew this was the right thing to do. These are just sentimental things but we’re not meant to keep them always. My education and upcoming college life was more important. Senior year was still just getting started and a mere a couple of months in, but my mom had already showed me a very valuable lesson.

I looked across the streets and waved at the neighbors. They smiled and waved back. As i turned to go back home, there was my mom setting down some grocery bags, then standing and staring at me with great delight. She asked why i had thrown out the rest of my clothes. I said, “I don’t need any t-shirt and panties anymore”.

With that, she knew i was going to apply to the college she wanted me in.

I hugged her and said what i should have said long ago.

“Thank you!”

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4 Responses to My Mom Loves The CCC

  1. base says: February 11, 2012 at 6:19 am While your mother may have misread the CCC a little bit, it all worked out in the end. Well done! Now with your sights set on applying and getting accepted to this college, you’ll need to study hard and get good grades. Homeroom is a perfect place to relieve yourself of any distractions you might have for the rest of the day, well, homeroom, lunch, and study hall. Reply
  2. Slick P. Wraith says: February 12, 2012 at 11:27 pm Isn’t Christina’s mum, sensible and very wise! I think Kara (from the other story), Christina and her mum should all get together to ‘work on’ Kara’s dad to convince him that although the college rules might seem a little strange to him, it is all for the best.
    Perhaps the three women can spend a weekend with Kara’s dad, all wearing the special dress code Christina’s mum implemented for the whole period. Come Monday morning, I’m sure he’d be convinced… Great stories MzM. Reply
    • Zerinza says: February 15, 2012 at 9:06 pm Christina’s very lucky to have a “tiger mother” like that. Someone to prepare her for the future and arm her with inner confidence! Oh, and I’m sure Christina’s little brother considers himself equally lucky. ^_^ Reply
  3. MzM says: February 13, 2012 at 1:34 am I agree that Christina’s mom took it a little too far and made several misinterpretations of the code. I think these mistakes happen when people on the outside who are not very versed with the CCC try to apply the rules. I don’t blame the final outcome of all this on her mom though. She’s just trying to look out for her daughter’s safety. She probably figures it’s better not to introduce any chances of her daughter running into bad dress habits. Someone should let her know to at least have her shoes returned to her. I can see the risk in all other clothing but taking her shoes away was a bit much. (Thanks guys)

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