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Posted on February 10, 2012 by MzM

My manual came in the mail yesterday. Yay! I had a ton of homework last night so this morning I will skim through it on my ride to school. I’m so excited! Before even reading any of it though, I’ve already come to an important decision today.

See, I’ve been considering going to this college next year, but my dad has been a little upset. Basically they have a dress code just like the high school I’m going to has one. Except for this one, he’s not all too crazy about it. Maybe he doesn’t trust my judgment and thinks I’m naive. Maybe he thinks i have some ulterior motive. I’m not sure. I’m a good girl though.

I applied quietly some months ago on the off chance they might accept me and they did! So here I am some months away from the end of senior year. I couldn’t be happier.

However, my dad… well, he’s basically not happy at all right now. I just informed him that I’ve definitely decided to go there. He thinks i have some misconceptions about the college and that i don’t know what i am getting myself into. See, this college has some odd dress requirements like showing your bra and underwear in public which is all very small if you think about it. The rule is in something they call the CCC. I haven’t gathered much about the concept of the CCC but from what I’ve been able to tell, mostly from some rumors, they require that girls attend this school in an attire that would hold them to good standards of decency. Therefore, there is this need to be sure you have underwear. You know, cause there is such a thing as girls that don’t wear them!

So I’m certain some of the stories I’m hearing coming out of there have been widely exaggerated.

“Kara”, he says, “as always you have no idea what you’re getting into!” Though, I’m quite sure that it’s not as bad as he’s making it out in tone. I told him that I’m a grown up and that i know what I’m getting into. He really needs to hear it and stop treating me like his little girl. He’s accused me of speaking in absolutes this morning and being ignorant. The bottom line is I’m going to prove him wrong because i know what i want when i want it. If i spoke in any absolutes it’s cause i know the things i know. I just know them.

No one has the right to tell me what’s good for me.

While i agree, at it’s basic premise, this college sounds a teenie bit controversial. He needs to calm down. At the end of the day, it’s just a dress code. I can deal with dress codes because i have dealt with one for four years at my High School. Can you imagine wearing this lame pleated, plaid skirt with sweater vest for four more years? No thank you! At least this dress code, though questionable, appears to challenge girls to be more thoughtful.

The only real drawback about this dress code is basically having to find a way to prove you are wearing panties constantly. That has different solutions though. I can cope with that though, because it’s nothing major. He’s blowing it out of proportion!

What’s going to make his day worse, though, which I suppose I should have told him but didn’t get to…Well it was hard to say it cause he got so angry so fast. I was sitting there poking a spoon into my cereal when i said, “I’ve come to a decision.” Somewhere after the start of that, the exchange derailed. I told him about the college, that I’d be going and then we got into to other things. He was so mad he stormed out during breakfast right after my announcement.

But the actual announcement wasn’t that I’ve decided to go to this college. It’s that I’ve decided to start practicing the dress code as of today. You know, to build my nerves and skill up. What they’re asking the girls to do in this school seems extreme but does have a logical flow to it. Believe me, i know what I’m talking about.

Showing proof that I’m wearing a bra and panties is a reasonable thing for a school to ask, anyway. I think so. Don’t you? It just comes as a shock to any girl who isn’t being realistic about today’s social climate and trends. Girls keep pushing it a bit far. Me, i totally understand it. With some practice i can get used to doing this. They want to be sure I don’t have anything to hide. Rather, better said, that I am hiding what I am supposed to hide. Besides, I’ve already come up with a ton of clever ways to do it.

He’s not going to like it but I think what’s basically going to happen is I’ll have to make some adjustment to this outfit to make my underwear more revealing. So when he pulls up now to give me a ride to school, I’ll come out somehow exposed to a very small extent. I won’t be parading my bra and panty through this outfit but it’ll just peek out a very small and reasonable degree. The idea is to prove that I am wearing panties and a bra underneath. So what better way? Makes sense, right?

Yes, laugh, but this is serious. I have to start learning CCC and the best way is through practice.

So based on what I heard so far, the rumors and such, if I’ve put this together right, what has to be done is demonstrate to officials that I am a moral and ethical girl who will always have panties and a bra on. So, although kind of ironic, the way to do that is by showing them. It’s this kind of clear logic that allured me to this school to begin with.

So I can do this very simply and with a bit of subtle strategy. The easiest way that comes to mind is to walk around with my skirt hiked up like so.

That would get the job done fast, especially for situations where an official might be looking at my skirt quite skeptically. I’ll probably blush doing it in front of my classmates and friends but i can get over it after a few days. They’ll be shocked and it might take them longer to get used to it. I’m committed to making this work so I will have to adjust rapidly.

Also, if that’s too direct or can’t work the nerve to be so blatant, i can always do something more subtle like bend at the knees when i pick up my books, parting my legs like so. I’d be doing it in front of a bunch of people so, as with everything, I’d keep a smile so it’s clear that I’m happy to do so. So it doesn’t look like i did it all awkward as well, best to keep my usual smile. Yes. Bending at the knees would work well. Right?

If that also should become too much of a challenge to do, because i know I’ll be blushing loads, i can go even more subtle and simply sit on chair or cafeteria benches and do something to this effect. That way it would appear accidental and my classmates won’t accuse me of trying to flash my panties on purpose.

Then that just leaves the issue of my bra. Hmmm. What i think i can do for that isn’t actually very sophisticated. For my top, I’ll just ditch this usual sweater vest and tie, for starters. Other than that, simply leaving the top buttons undone so my bra is exposed at all times should solve it. That’s about the only way i can prove i always have a bra on and that I’m being a prudent woman.

Actually, with the sweater off, I can even hike my skirt up a little higher and easier without that cumbersome elastic holding it down. The waist can be raised much, much easier now and hiking the skirt up much higher feels more natural now. The best thing for me to do might be to roll my skirt at the waist so that my panties are hanging out from the bottom.

I’ll do that, then once my dad is here and sees me leave the house this way, he’ll not like it very much but he’ll know that I’m dead set and decided to do this. Then he’ll find it in his heart to respect my decision.

So you see? None of this is very hard at all. Am I regretting talking in absolutes like my dad said i would? Not one bit. He thinks I’m naive cause i stand up for what i believe in. I’ll put that misconception of his to rest once and for all after this school day is over.



One moment.

Let me read something here…

Why is there a photo of this girls breasts exposed?



As it turns out.

Seems like there’s a small discrepancy between what i had heard and what this manual is saying. This manual says that bras aren’t allowed. Not that you need to prove that you have one. Rather, that you need to prove that you don’t have one. The strange thing is this other page is saying shirts are not allowed either. So i guess that explains this topless girl. Who’d have known?

Gee. I don’t get how that works for demonstrating decency. Gosh, after all that hustle with my dad this morning at the table…. but you know, to hell with that. This manual will probably give better detail as to reasoning when I read it on the way to school later. There has to be a sensible explanation to it.

Ok, so, i guess the bra comes off.

So the right way is this way. Then i guess if i must hike my skirt to prove my panties are there, it’d look kind of like this. Which is fine… i’m actually not that disappointed at all. I’m sure they know what they’re doing at this school. I’ll still do it while shining my pearlies.

Right, so, maybe i can sell this a little bit more like a fashion trend if i unbutton all the way and just let the shirt hang down from my arms this way. This looks okay, doesn’t it? Do you think they’ll laugh at me? Ughhh, i can’t believe this.

You know, it’s just as well that i don’t wear the shirt anyway. I know for a fact the boys have been wanting to see my tits for years. The girl will be jealous. Yeah, that’s right. So screw that, I’ll just leave the shirt.

And i won’t break character. I can be happy about this. In fact, to be honest I’m very happy about this.

Now, I’m all set. Dad will be pulling up in the car in a few short minutes. He’s going to be pissed about my going topless to school. Oh, well. What’s he going to do though. I’m an adult now and it’s my decision.

So, i still stand by my contention that this will be rather simple.


Let’s see what else is in this manual…



What the fuck!?


Excuse my language.

Well, this is just ridiculous.

This page here is showing a girl bottomless. What’s that all about? It says multilayering policy. What the hell does that mean? Something about clothing not worn in layers. You can see this girls pussy! Would they have me believe they are making girls go naked to this college? I’m checking the back and front page of this manual, it looks legit. How is this possible?

I don’t think i can do this… but i already did all this posturing and jive at my dad. If he sees me back out of this college he’ll have crushed my confidence for good. Maybe i can get away with a workaround of some sort.

If i lower my panties like so, you can see my bare ass. All i have to do is just keep my skirt hiked… well… rather… i mean i need to keep my panties in some way. Couldn’t i just lower them enough so that it’s not multilayering? I certainly can and i can do it with a positive attitude. C’mon, Kara. Don’t give in. Do you think wearing them at the base of my ass will work? Like so?

Ok, so it’s really hard to not multilayer without taking them completely off, but… what about like so? I can leave them half mast on my thighs. Half mast is good right?

Then when i walk around school… ahh, you know. Screw it! Just let them fall to the floor. I’ll step out of them. I’m a grown woman. I can deal with this. I still have my skirt.

How do i look?

You know what? It feels good. I have to say one thing. I’m glad. For years I’ve been fettered and suppressed with that stupid pleated skirt and shirt. That dumb sweater and tie. If i could have done naked like this or dress that way the previous four years I’d have done this. This is nothing. I’m a grown woman. I can deal with this. This is going to feel good sitting down as well. It’s going to feel very refreshing. I can see the positive in this. So everyone will get to see my privates. So what? I’m popular enough in school to pull this off.

So basically, the CCC is about girls proving they are not wearing panties and a bra. It’s a tiny misunderstanding on my part but not that big of a deal. I don’t get how this all works, to be honest. I’m going to trust there is some method to the madness here. In order for a girl to prove her decency she has to be naked. Hmm.

Actually, I’m rather excited I’ll be catching a bit of a breeze today during my classes and on my lunch break. I think I’ll try to go out for a walk if i can calm my nerves by then. I hope they don’t make a big deal of it at my high school. I didn’t call ahead to inform the Principal or anything! Though, I imagine they’ll have no choice but to be supportive because it’s for my education. We’ll see.

One last look? Think i can pull this off?

As for my dad. Well, that’s the car horn blaring. Even his honking sounds rude. Sigh. Well, I have to go now. I’m going to go break the news to him now. He’s just going to have to deal with this. It’s not my problem.

I’ll give fair warning. If he so much as raises his brow at me when i get in, I’m pulling my skirt down and leaving it in the car. Makes no sense to keep the skirt anyway. So might as well. Besides, I’m a grown woman. I know what I’m doing.

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  1. base says: February 11, 2012 at 12:00 am The excellent use of deductive logic used shows why she was accepted in the school for higher learning. College is the place for sons and daughters to prove to their parents they can take care of themselves… provided Mom and Dad send care packages and money on a semi-regular basis. Life is not worth living without Mom’s cookies and brownies, and Dads are best known to do little shopping themselves, so sending money is a practical means to say, “I love you,” right? Other than those minor details, the college student needs to show independence. The old “as long as you live under my roof…” speech fails. It is difficult to show your independence other than your clothing. you might as well leave the skirt in the car wearing those knee socks. Sure, socks and a skirt are allowed, but only if the socks do not come above the knee. Sure, you may not be wearing them above your knees, but what if two football players stretched the socks? Think they might get a sock a millimeter above your knee? Normally, I’d recommend removing your socks, but shoes like yours need socks, so you should leave the skirt behind. Had you worn open heels or sandals, then removing your socks would be normal fashions. Reply
  2. William Kazak says: February 11, 2012 at 11:02 pm Kara, rules are just rules. Stupid people make rules and they make rules complicated because they don’t have much else to do. It is called chaos creation. You sound like a real winner to me. I would love to see you break every rule at school. You will learn much more that way. Reply
    • Slick P. Wraith says: February 12, 2012 at 11:32 pm But by Kara breaking every rule at school, the only thing she’ll learn is how to get sore in very awkward places from all the consensual rapes she’ll probably end up receiving. :)

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