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Posted on February 13, 2012 by MzM

I want to tell my account but make sure it doesn’t get twisted into something it isn’t. Let’s be clear. I’m not an escort or prostitute. In fact I’m an extremely decent woman and at such feel that i deserve the respect of being thought of as one. I’m also very secure in myself. Such to the point that the story i have to tell i also offer up as advice for other girls who may find themselves in a similar situation. I’m not ashamed of how i resolved a small problem i had the day i met my fiances parents.

I met my fiance about a year ago. From the moment we met it was love. Every moment we’ve spent has been riveting. Mostly thanks to how he’s approached our relationship. I’ve gotten to see see many elegant and exciting places. Best of the best. We’ve wined and dined. Lounged in some of the nicest hotels and cabins. Already, in our first year together, I’ve seen several of the most gorgeous and tropical places on the planet. On our recent trip to Paraguay, we got engaged.

Then today, he calls and tells me to get dressed, that we’re going on another surprise trip somewhere. Excited as ever, just as each time he decides to sweep me off to some secret place suddenly, I get ready and hastily get dressed. He picks me up and off we go on the back of a limo. After a couple of hours driving into the suburbs we finally pull up through a dense thicket. Once past all of the trees a gate emerged which we entered and at the top of the hill was this mansion. It’s about one of the most elegant buildings I’ve ever seen. I thought it was some kind of resort but realized soon enough it wasn’t.

“This is my home. I want you to meet my parents.”

I couldn’t believe it! He’d taken me out to meet his parents but didn’t warn me.

We made out of the back of the limo and i was kindly escorted out of the back, mouth almost agape, and whisked in through these large elegant wooden doors.

Almost instantly, i was intimidated. By the place, the situation and meeting his parents. The recurring thought i kept having as i looked around: I did not dress right for this event!

Now, I started worrying.

Immediately, i started worrying because the mistake in the dress i haphazardly threw on had a critical flaw to it. Had i just known we were going to meet his parents, i would have planned better. I would have worn something else. With all his trying to be fancy with the romancing and surprises at every turn, there was no way i could have anticipated one of those twists would be meeting his folks! All i wanted to do was wear something sexy to impress him. Now i was stuck with this very tight and excessively suggestive dress. And i was going to make his parents think i was some kind of cheap hussy.

Whoever his parents were, I’m sure they’d get the wrong idea.

If you think I’m exaggerating, take a look at this problem here.

Exactly! When i stand the wrong way, the skirt rides up on the back. Can you imagine what they’ll tell him about me once they see that? This is a extremely horrible situation.

I have been constantly adjusting myself since i left my place this morning, making sure to keep my dress down. Imagine what will happen at any instance i might jostle my dress around a little when i move with them here. My pulling it down constantly in front of them is not going to send the right message. I mean, i hopefully won’t have to bend this far but just to demonstrate but look how badly this dress may potentially ride up.

So i hope it’s understood that you can’t blame me for having wanted to thrill my fiance. But this situation I’m in now is really bad and in a few minutes his parents are going to be coming down to meet me. I really need to remedy this. I need to think fast.

Do you think maybe it’s better to try to sell this dress as a shirt? This is what I’m thinking now which will probably be the simplest fix. I contend that any other woman caught in a similar problem as this can pretend to make the outfit into something else. Just as in my case, I will pretend this dress is a shirt and even though my thong is showing, i will look like deliberate fashion. The older generation is always aware that new trends are constantly underway and though it may be a bit shocking, at first, they will get over it. That’s what new trends do when they first emerge. They load the senses with wonder and intrigue, but then it wears off after time. So what if this is worn as a shirt?

That i get them to believe that women can and are wearing panties as outer wear will cancel out any perception that i might be slutty. It sounds like a bad idea but i believe some strategies have to be so outrageous that they simply have to work. And i really believe this can work.

It’s a pantless trend. It’s some new European concept. If they ask a question about it, which i hope they don’t, i’ll have my story ready about a new kind of new emerging fashion. Maybe I can offer it up as beachwear and say we’re all going to the beach! This is a very conservative beach outfit! I can say it’s similar to a bathing suit but much more modest because my upper body is covered entirely. Yes! That sounds good!

I can imagine, maybe his mom will be keen and say something like, “But this is just a panty!”, or something like that. Which I’ll affirm that it does resemble a panty but that it isn’t one. I will stick to my story so hard that they’ll have no choice but to believe it. I’ll go the extra mile and sell it by showing her that it’s truly modest outer wear with a few poses. From these angles, she’ll see that nothing is really being revealed and understand.

Oh gosh, I’m out of breath here. Need to calm down. Think, think, think.

Maybe his dad will have trouble processing it but he’ll have to follow in suit as well. I anticipate he’ll have trouble accepting and inside will probably think not so great of me but will probably feel conflicted between being prudish and looking at my skin. And maybe if i posture myself the right way when interacting with them, i can probably take their mind off my panty.

Then i realized as i was working through coming up with a rationalization for exposing my panties that there was a far better solution. The solution was simply to expose my bra. If I’m going to go with some kind of beach outfit story, then it’s more rational to sell the outfit that way.

Yes, it sounds batty and whacked out. Think about it, though. If i am showing my bra that would easily detract lots of attention from my panty, which is really the main problem. That’s just for starters as well. The other underlying issue is that they might see it a bit odd for my panty to hanging all out but then for my torso to be covered, which begs the question if i am even wearing a bra… or bikini top. I wasn’t going to allow any room whatsoever for them to go down the avenue of thinking. I don’t want to start off on a bad foot. I want to hang on to this lovely man that’s come into my life and i will do what it takes to win his folks over.

If any of you girls out there find yourself in such a predicament, i strongly recommend that you get over your phobia of wearing your bra and panties as outer wear immediately. Just lose the dress and come up with an excuse about why you are wearing underwear. Remember, it doesn’t have to be panties and a bra if you call it something else. Stick to your story and get over your apprehensions about covering up.

So, although it’s an extreme solution to this problem, i thought it was for the best. So i decided to expose my bra.

There, I’m much calmer now. I’ve made some great progress now. Although, having the just hang over my shoulders was probably a bad idea. I pulled the dress off completely and threw it aside.

Now when i bend down on knee, it looks less strange, doesn’t it? Although with some slight tugging at the elastic causes my ass swallow it up some, it doesn’t stand out like it did before. I just have to be careful not to do that. But it’s much better now! It’s because my upper back is exposed so it’s balanced out better.

If you focus on just my bottom though, do you see any issues? I think i do. It’s a small problem but ineffectual as it may appear to be, I’m really worried about underestimating these details. My ability to evaluate the full impact of any risk is deeply compromised by the fact that deep down I’m nervous. Though, I’m trying not to show it.

It’s occurred to me that my bottom will still likely get a lopsided degree of attention. I can probably have a very civil and calm discussion as i face them but the moment i turn my back, my ass cheeks are probably going to still draw their eyes. What’s worst is that this bra is very see through and my nipples are showing underneath. I mean clearly they are.

Ladies, when you’re in this kind of situation, you simply can’t reason away that a partial coverage of your bits is better than no coverage. There is an obvious fallacy in this flow of logic because it assumes that all clothing is made for the purpose of dressing when the fact is that lots of clothing, especially within women’s interior fashion, is designed for undressing. You are free to disagree with this, but think about it. Is it right that i meet my fiance’s parents wearing clothing that was really designed for me to intimately entice my fiance? The answer is clear.

At first, it might appear that simply lowering the cups of your bra is a good way to solve the issue. This may possibly be an acceptable quick fix in the majority of other circumstances. I know that by exposing my breasts this way i am going to be dealing with a far much more manageable problem in explaining my appearance than if i kept the bra on the way i had it. By keeping it on as i had before i would have a hard time trying to give reason why i was exposing myself in a top with such strong sexual undertones. Breasts in plain view however, i can’t be blamed for. You can’t take off your breasts so what could i possibly do about helping that situation? Nothing. It’s just something that would be accepted. You girls out there have to try to remember that if you ever need to narrow down your outfit when your confronted with a problem like this one.

The only issue I’m noting, though, is that by keeping the top on while exposing my breasts little is really done by the way of canceling out the sexual suggestibility of my top. You think, if your tits are already hanging out then you might as well just take it off completely. What does leaving the cups down but wearing it really achieve? Nothing positive.

Of course. Having been left in just panties, the only thing i was left to consider is if i was doing the right thing. Considering the fact that i was almost totally naked, i wondered if my line of thinking was the correct one. For all i know, maybe i panicked a bit too much and jumped the gun!

But i do reassert that whenever you are dressed improperly, the best course of action is to outright remove the cause of the problem and not try to hang on to it. Any dallying and attempts to rework a bad dress on your body is really nothing more than neglect. It’s a clear waste of effort to try to keep a dress on that isn’t going to help you convey the right message. I agree that if i were home, changing into another dress would be the logical option, but I’m not home. I’m miles and miles away with no access to other wardrobe.

So in thinking how atrocious it is of me to be standing down here in just panties while i wait to meet my potential in-laws, i remind myself that it would have been even worse if I’d have kept that dress or that bra. In fact, the reason this situation remains abhorrent is because of these panties. They are an extension of the problematic bra and they were part of the original problem which caused me to take my dress off even to begin with.

So i have to consider removing them.

The problem for a girl who has to remove her panties is that it’s the final and main stronghold of self reverence. Your last bastion of mystery. It’s a reserve of sexiness you don’t really want to share with everyone because you’ve been trained to believe that this area is really special since you were young. That it should be reserved for that special somebody. This is quite true and I’m not trying to argue much to the contrary.

However, given these circumstances, most girls should come to the conclusion i am coming to. That their removal is a necessary recourse in such a dire situation. That i keep them on would bring heavily to question why i am topless and place too much attention on my breasts. So by removing them, i am accomplishing a more continual and unvarying condition where i am completely nude, taking attention away from my breasts. As well as away from what naked only tits seem to imply. Which for the sake of not being crass, i won’t put into words what wearing panties only suggests. Most of you know. But the bottom line is that it’s best they come off, thereby minimizing the possibility of any question that I’m a fallacious woman of some kind.

So, because i will not be suggesting anything with any clothing since there is an absence of it, i will be safe now. At most, a mild inquire might arise questioning if i am a nudist. This easier to deal with since it can be refuted very easily and with no worry as well as long term negative impressions. I even think it’s important his parents are able to appreciate the quality of girl i am behind all the clothing. Who i am on the inside will stand out even more.

For other girls that have a tough time removing their panties, I’d like to try to offer up the strategy i used for taking mine off. The first thing to do is, once you have those thumbs through the elastic, lower them somewhat and see how it feels. Is the sensation of that very thin string that was in jammed in your ass and that very light fabric covering your pussy much more sheltering than when you lowered them just enough to expose yourself? Probably not. If you don’t believe me, stand up from your chair and try it at home or the next time you might find yourself in a similar problem, do what i did here.

Having lowered them as far, what i did next was convince myself that the degree of sporting them at the bottom of my thighs isn’t so far of a stretch than when i had them at the top of my thigh. You really can’t make that many arguments to counter this logic. It simply isn’t that big of a difference. So should you ever be in this situation and should you have managed brave through all the way until this point, finding that you really can’t go much further, you should still be proud. Because you got very far. Right now, I’m kind of patting myself on the back for having not just the place of mind, but the nerve to do what was right. Especially when almost everything seemed hopeless just minutes ago.

Undoubtedly, if you should find that you can’t really lose your panties completely, then at most, try to just wear them on one leg knowing that if you have to back out later, they’ll be much more quickly accessible and easier to put on than if you had to leg through them twice. Picking them up off the floor after stepping through them does take a bit more time than if you were just wearing them on the one leg to begin with.

For me, my thinking right now is i can just keep them on my leg so they don’t stray very far. In the event things don’t pan out the way i am hoping they will, i can always have them ready to wear. If his parents, for any reason, insist that i put a pair on they’ll be right there. Easy to retrieve.

But then, you do have to wonder, once you have them on the one leg, why is it so hard to just drop them to the floor. After all, you’ve come this far. It may have been exhausting, but is it really that hard to jump that final hurdle? You’ve almost won the race. So just do it!

Having removed all articles of concern, i was much, much happier and comforted in knowing that any chance for misunderstandings, misinterpretations or even altercations that may have arisen are now null and void. Sure, his parents are going to get an eyeful as well as him, but what they’ll appreciate is that i paid the respect i needed to by not flaunting myself in some gaffe outfit that would lead them to believe i was some disgraceful woman. Now, instead, they will see how considerate, thoughtful and brave I’ve been. They’ll also get a candid look to evaluate just how healthy and fit I am, which i think makes me more deserving of their son.

Now, that I get to give them a great first impression in so many ways and i won’t risk losing him to any silly misunderstandings that may have come as a result of my reckless choice of wardrobe. If you still don’t believe what i did was the right thing, compare the outfits i am wearing in both these before and after images and then let’s see if you can still disagree.

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  1. Zerinza says: February 13, 2012 at 11:33 pm MzM! ♥ If I could subscribe to your stories I would. I’m coming here every day just to see if you have a new one up. Reply
    • Zerinza says: February 13, 2012 at 11:33 pm I had a little trouble with the HTML tags. *blush* Reply
      • MzM says: February 14, 2012 at 8:27 am Thank you, Zerinza! I have a few story ideas i want to post, so you’ll be seeing more. I realized recently that it’s encouraging when an author gets feedback on a story, so i appreciate everyone that has responded. The comments help encourage us to keep writing more stories. I felt just the same way about this site and would often come back daily to follow certain authors, including Slick, base, Dan and Dick Hertz. Thanks again! Reply
    • Slick P. Wraith says: February 15, 2012 at 11:08 pm Do you know about/have you tried using the RSS Feed? There’s a previous comment about it here By the way, I love your Tumblr site. Reply
      • Zerinza says: February 16, 2012 at 10:44 pm Thank you, Mr. Wraith! I didn’t know about RSS feeds but this should come in very handy. And thank you very much for visiting my Tumblr! You should check out some of the ones I follow, I think you’d really like them. Oh, and I’ve been slowly working my way back through the archives and loving your stories too! ♥ Reply
  2. base says: February 14, 2012 at 1:03 am Oh, the dreaded “meeting his parents” situation. Yes, most difficult. One can worry themselves beyond rational thought, so it is a good thing his girl kept her head about her, and made the logic choices. Imagine the hours of worry had he told her as the limo pulled onto the highway. She would have panicked for hours. Waiting until they reached the estate, her panic was decreased. Well written, and looking forward to her actual meeting his parents. I also “know” a young thing that seems to have the trouble of his parents arriving on campus unannounced, and she has yet to be wearing a stitch of clothing. She has definitely given them the wrong idea about her. Reply
  3. Raoul says: February 15, 2012 at 7:51 am You know, this is exactly the sort of thing that makes some girls advocate dispensing with clothes altogether and instead always going nude. The amount of stress this poor girl had to endure makes their case pretty effectively. Had this young woman been naked in the first place, she could’ve concentrated on making a good impression without having to go through all these gymnastics, mental or otherwise. Reply
  4. William Kazak says: February 15, 2012 at 5:37 pm Poor girl should have consulted with her boyfriend first but he did not give her the courtesy of discussing the issue before suddenly announcing that she was meeting his parents. I was thinking that, maybe, she could have pulled her skirt down around her waist and just left the bra on top. That sounds simple but, looking at her in the dress, the arm sleeves would be at the waist and looked ridiculous. Girls have a hard time with the G sting stuck in their ass too. Just throwing all of the clothes away and standing there in her shoes to meet his parents was probably a good thing because now, his father will really like her. Smart girl. Reply
    • base says: February 16, 2012 at 1:02 am Fathers like sons to have attractive girlfriends, and a g/f that is comfortable naked, even better. Mothers are more picky. They want to know the girl makes their son happy. Sometimes mothers thinks their sons are still eight years old, but a naked girlfriend can change that. Seeing her son smiling and loving this naked girl will win over most moms. Reply
  5. Slick P. Wraith says: February 15, 2012 at 10:55 pm Very well written, Mzm. I love the fact that she was stripped by her own logic. The beginning was really romantic too, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Reply
  6. Zerinza says: February 19, 2012 at 6:17 pm Where did “Impress His Parents: Part 2″ go? I never got a chance to leave a reply, and now it’s gone! (@_@) Reply
    • Mzm says: February 19, 2012 at 6:53 pm Hi Zerinza, I was a little unsatisfied with the story. “Impress His Parents” was meant to be a funny and sexy series where girls somehow rationalize that nudity or sexual acts is the only way to maintain a good standing with the parents of their significant others. I wasn’t happy with the story i came up for 2 as i saw a fall in the quality of what i did and my aim for it was off. So i will be reposting a new version soon. Also, I will avoid posting stories until I am sure i am happy with them in the future. I have gotten a few questions about the story gone and so i didn’t realize as many had subscribed to this site. Sorry about that.

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