Donna and Crysta’s First Day (archives)

Donna and Crysta’s First Day

“Room three fourteen, three fourteen,” Crysta muttered to herself as she trudged through the open front door of her new dorm room, carrying an oversized suitcase. It didn’t escape her notice that a cute boy with blonde hair, and some muscles under his guinea-T stood at the bottom of the stairs, and watched her the whole way up the stairs. And it sure didn’t escape his notice that she was not wearing anything under her short babydoll dress. At almost nineteen, Crysta had developed beautifully. She had large breasts, and a very feminine curvature. Her hair was strawberry-blonde, her eyes were a striking green. She had a gorgeous golden bronze tan without any tan lines. As Crysta rounded the first turn, she looked down at the boy and smiled. Crysta’s smile was sweet; it lit up not just her face but her whole body as well. The boy smiled meekly and blushed. Yes! Crysta thought to herself without slowing down, as she started up the second flight of stairs. I caught another one looking. She felt a sense of power — a sexual charge — every time she embarrassed someone this way.


Arriving at the third landing, she made a guess, and turned right. A good guess — room 314 was the first one on the right. The door was closed. She looked at the paper in her hand once again, even though she had memorized the number a week ago, when the letter had arrived.

She had been so happy when the letter arrived. She managed to get into Boda Hall, the best dorm of the “quad”, which are the best four dorms in the whole school, sharing a common courtyard between them. “Bodacious Hall”, as the kids call it, is the closest dorm to the student center and near the dining hall as well as many of Crysta’s classes. She had cleverly arranged such a plum housing assignment by feigning an interest in French. The language and culture, that is. This floor was the special interest section for that subject. Other special interests in this dorm included dance and drama. Very artsy fartsy, Crysta thought as she opened the door of room 314.

This was the right room, so she opened the door. Inside was a gorgeous brunette. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Crysta said. “I should have knocked.”

“Don’t be sorry, come in, entré,” she said. She was tall and thin, wearing faded jeans and a peasant shirt, her belly button exposed. She smiled at Crysta, and extended her hand. “Je m’appelle Donna”, she said. Her face was wide and beautiful, with big blue eyes, and cascades of long shiny brown hair. She regarded Crysta with admiration for her courage in wearing such a short dress.

Crysta put down her suitcase, took Donna’s hand, and kissed it. “Enchantée,” she said, “but you can knock off the French, Donna,” she said. “I used that same trick to get in here.”

“Trick?” said Donna, one eyebrow raised. She waited just a second for Crysta to respond, then started laughing. It was an infectious laugh. “It was a good trick, wasn’t it. What a view!” She gestured to the window, which looked out over the river. Crysta thought to herself: Yes, what a view. But she wasn’t following Donna’s gesture out the window. Instead, she was looking straight at Donna’s skin-tight jeans.

I think I’m in love, Crysta thought, as she gazed up and down Donna’s long legs, from her sexy white high-heel shoes to her tight, round ass.

“What?” asked Donna, turning around to face Crysta.

“I didn’t say anything,” Crysta said. She was feeling more than a little aroused. What luck! she thought, this time careful not to say it out loud.

Crysta broke the awkwardness of that moment by looking around the room. She saw there were two beds, two tall dressers, and two desks in the room. One half of the room had clearly been claimed by Donna, who was quite the interior decorator. No big deal, Crysta thought. One side of the room is as good as the other. Still, she made a mental note to arrive sooner next year as she set her suitcase down on her side of the room. “Where do you get the sheets?” asked Crysta.

“Didn’t you bring any?” asked Donna. She had a look of great worry on her pretty face.

Crysta kept a straight face. “I didn’t know we were supposed to bring sheets.” Of course, she knew very well she was supposed to bring sheets. The letter, still in her devious little hand, clearly described the dimensions of the stinking, worn old mattress for which each student must bring sheets. Crysta’s bedding was in her car, just in case. But if things went according to plan, her sheets would not be needed tonight.

“Oh, my gosh,” said Donna, looking at her watch, “I wonder if the college bookstore has sheets.”

“It’s closed. I just went by it. Anyway, I’ll worry about that later. Now I just want to get unpacked.” Crysta put her suitcase on the bare mattress and opened it. Donna was miffed at Crysta’s lack of concern over the sheets. But as Crysta busied herself putting away things from her suitcase, Donna became less and less concerned about her lack of sheets, and more and more interested in her free flowing babydoll dress, which sometimes rose up just a little, revealing part of Crysta’s ass. She must be wearing a thong, Donna thought. I love the way she’s so free with her body. I wish I could be so free and easy. I’ll have to find out how she does it. Then, as Crysta reached for something in the back of her suitcase, Donna just “happened” to see right between her butt cheeks, and there was no thong strap! Donna gasped. Crysta’s pussy and asshole were wide open! Donna surprised herself when she became quite damp at the sight. That’s never happened before, she thought, touching the seam of her jeans, and feeling the moist warmth there.

Crysta straightened up and whirled around to face her roommate, very concerned. “What’s the matter?” she asked. Donna turned a deep shade of crimson. Crysta knew Donna must have seen her, and now Crysta’s juices began flowing. Playing out the scene, Crysta pretended to be concerned for her roommate. She walked over to her, and stroked her hair. Donna was speechless. She almost hated to do it to Donna, but it was so delicious. Her caresses turned to hugs, and after hesitating for just a minute, Donna reciprocated. Too soon for kissing, Crysta thought. She didn’t want to push her luck.

“I’ll be OK,” Donna said. She felt a strange twitching in her pussy as she let go of her roommate. Crysta’s hug had made her feel all warm inside.

“Good,” Crysta said. She stroked the side of Donna’s face one more time (making Donna’s pussy twitch again in that wonderful way) then went back to her unpacking. This time, she spread her legs apart, hunched her shoulders to make her dress ride up completely uncovering her ass, and bent over her suitcase again, purposely giving Donna a perfect view. Donna just watched Crysta unpack, pretending not to focus all her attention between Crysta’s legs. She didn’t notice she was rubbing her clit through her jeans. She had never felt this way in her life.

Crysta opened the door of her dresser, and saw it was more like an armoire, with space to hang clothes there, complete with some hangers. She took the shirts and minidresses (not much longer than the shirts, Donna noticed) and hung them in the armoire. Then she took various slips and nighties, and put them in drawers. Finally, she took the panties and bras from her suitcase, and gently placed them in the garbage can next to the door.

Donna, who had been watching Crysta’s every move, laughed at Crysta’s mistake. She got up, and put her arm around her roommate’s neck — any excuse to get close again. “You just threw out your panties! What a silly mistake.” Donna reached into the trash can to take them out again, when Crysta interrupted her.

“No mistake,” Crysta said. “My mother packed them for me. She knows I don’t wear panties, but she said I would need them, and insisted I bring them. Mothers!”

“Yeah, Mothers.” Donna agreed, absently. This is some strange girl, Donna thought.

Crysta glanced at her watch. “We’re late,” she said.

“For what?” Donna asked.

“Our ‘Orientation’.” Crysta made little quote marks in the air with her fingers.

Donna laughed. “Oh, that’s right.” A serious look came over her. “I’m a little scared to go.”

“Why? What have you heard about it?” The upperclassmen were suspiciously mum regarding this event, and Crysta was a bit worried, too.

“Nothing,” Donna said. “And that’s the problem. It’s some sort of deep dark secret, and that’s scary.”

“Well, we might as well get it over with,” Crysta said with a sigh. And the two girls left their room, and went down the stairs. Crysta’s baby-doll dress seemed to float on the air as she hit each landing. What a cute ass, Donna thought as she picked a frontal wedgie.

Soon after the orientation began (read about it here), it started to dawn on the girls what was happening. It was an orientation for girls only. One girl was brought on stage, Mary her name was, and she was forced to strip down to her panties. She begged and pleaded to be allowed to keep her panties on, and so she was allowed to sit down wearing just her panties. Then all the girls in the audience were asked to donate some or all of their clothing to charity. Crysta had only one item, which she kept as long as she could, but she felt enormous social pressure to give it up, which she eventually did. Donna was a bit luckier, having three items of clothing to work with. She gave up her shirt right away, and hoped she could keep her jeans on. But soon another girl was picked from the audience, and brought on stage. She was wearing jeans and a cute blue top. The emcee first offered the girl a choice of taking off her top or her jeans, and she jumped at the chance to take off her top. But before she could take it off, he explained the rules. He was thinking of an item of clothing, he said, and if she took that one off, she could go and sit down. But if she took off the other one, she would have to get naked, and sit down. The girl thought and thought. She started to unbutton her top, but then he saw the guy looking at her pants, and realized he must be thinking of her pants. She hated to get bottomless, but she knew it was a choice of bottomless or naked, and if she could keep her shirt on by taking off her pants, she might as well get on with it. So she took off her pants and stood there while the emcee waited to build suspense before revealing the item of clothing he had been thinking of. “Please be thinking of my pants,” she begged. But he said he had been thinking of her shirt all along, and all she had to do was take it off like she wanted to do in the first place, and she would get to sit down with her pants intact. But now she had agreed, he reminded her, so she had to take off her shirt. The girl complied without any further complaint, probably because she was nearly naked anyway, and then she was allowed to go back to her seat.

Donna was afraid she would be next, so she stripped off her jeans, and looked around. Just about half the girls were wearing just their panties, like Donna. That put her in fairly safe company. The emcee suggested that any girls who would like to get naked can simply pass their clothing toward the aisle, and waited while quite a few girls decided to take the plunge and get naked. Then he picked four panty-clad girls to come up to the stage. He gave them all a chance to strip, and one did. He called for a replacement. A whole bunch of girls in the audience stripped rather than risk being picked, but a few girls were so scared to give up their panties that they were sitting ducks. He picked one, and she came up on stage. He gave the four girls one last chance to strip, but they said no. Then he told them what would happen: A kissing competition. The first two girls would kiss, and the last two girls would kiss. During the competition, he would gradually lower the panties of the pair that wasn’t kissing so well. When a girl’s panties finally fell to the floor, she lost, and she had to go and sit down. Without any further prompting, the pairs of girls started to go at it, and it was very sexy to watch. He lowered the panties of the first couple, revealing their asses. That made them go at it quite a bit harder, making them the better kissers. So then he lowered the other girs’ panties to their knees. They suddenly went at it with a truly stunning sexual intensity, practically screaming inside each others’ mouths. With that, he lowered the panties of the first pair all the way, and told them sorry, they had to sit down. He raised the arms of the two winners, and made them face the audience, still with their panties around their knees. Then he told the girls they can keep their panties by agreeing to compete again. They gaped at this, because they thought they could sit down with their panties, but what choice did they have? They agreed to the competition. Two fresh panty-clad girls were brought on stage, each one paired with a girl whose panties were already down to her knees. “Go,” said the emcee, and the girls started kissing. He alternated lowering panties until all the panties were down to the girls’ ankles. “You’re all winners,” he said, holding their arms up in the air. All four girls stood with their arms in the air, their wet pussies facing the audience, and the emcee in the middle. “You’re free to sit down again,” he said. “Can we keep our panties?” one girl begged, her big brown eyes looking up at him. “Yes, he said, but you must keep them around your ankles.” They all took little tiny steps back to their seats and left their panties down, as he asked.

Having no idea what further humiliation might be in store, Donna finally gave in, and stripped naked, passing her panties to the center aisle. By this time, most of the girls in the audience were naked. Donna and Crysta put their hands in each others’ laps, and gave each other a sexual massage while they waited to see what would happen. The emcee said the orientation was over, and everyone was free to go. The girls still wearing panties were really happy that they dodged a bullet. They got up first, while the naked girls sat a little longer, worried about emerging naked from the building with everyone watching them. But the naked girls got the last laugh, because they saw the bouncers at the door collecting all the panties as the girls exited. Only naked girls were allowed to leave the building.

“There’s some comfort in numbers,” Donna said, as they saw the crowd of people that had gathered to watch the parade of naked girls. The girls all held hands as a show of solidarity.

The girls got more and more self-conscious, though, as the naked ones dispersed about the campus. Soon, Donna and Crysta felt quite alone in their nudity, but at least they had each other. They were under strict orders to stay naked for the rest of the day, and go about their ordinary business. They were told that the other students knew all about the orientation, and they were going to treat the girls normally, and pretend not to notice they’re naked. As far as they could tell, people were living up to that promise, which emboldened the girls. “Let’s go and see a movie in town,” Crysta suggested.

“In town?” Donna was aghast. “Naked?”

“Sure,” Crysta said. “Don’t you remember what the guy said at the orientation? Even the townspeople are expecting a bunch of naked girls.”

The girls had a terrific time, almost forgetting they were naked. At some point, well past midnight, Crysta finally suggested that they go back to their room and get some sleep. Donna didn’t want the night to end, but she had to admit it was late, so she reluctantly agreed. The girls went up the stairs, and into their room. “Oh, your sheets,” Donna remembered.

“Oh, yeah,” Crysta said, then added, “It’s OK. I’ll just sleep on the floor.”

“No, Crysta, you don’t have to do that,” Donna said. “We can share my bed for just one night.”

“Are you sure it’s OK?” Crysta asked.

“I’m sure.” Donna was already lubricating with anticipation as she stripped naked and climbed into bed. Crysta climbed in right after her, but facing the other way. Crysta’s head was right by Donna’s pussy, and vice versa. Donna let out a squeal of excitement as Crysta’s tongue caressed her girl hard-on, and licked the insides of her lips in a way that only a girl knows how to do. Donna, meanwhile, licked Crysta all over between her legs — her whole pussy and her asshole and the tender space in between. Crysta doubted Donna was a virgin, the sex was so good. Both girls came over and over until they were exhausted, and then collapsed in sleep, each hugging the other’s ass, each enjoying the other’s musky scent.

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