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Class President

It’s already a few weeks into the new school year, and we still haven’t held the election for class president. I’ve been procrastinating in part because I haven’t been able to interest any boys in running for the post. Last year and the year before, a girl was class president, and so this year I think it would be a refreshing change if a boy ran for the office.

It’s Donna, again, by the way, ghost-writing for my good friend, Dick. One of the great things about being class president is that you get to update the “constitution” of the class, which controls not only the dress code for the girls in the class, but also the rules for voting on classroom activities, including the student-run school pride activities and stripping games. Last year, the girls enacted a constitution that allowed me to conduct a strip tease each week in my CP class. It was understandably scary at first, but over time, it became one of my students’ favorite activities. They looked forward to it, and even took bets on which girl would be stripped naked each week. The boys enjoyed the games, of course, but even some of the girls like them, too. Sure, there was a slight risk to each individual girl that she would have to strip naked, but it was always more likely that she would see one of her classmates be forced to remove her clothing. Also, to make it less stressful for the girls, as a special reward, I sometimes let one or two girls opt out of playing the game if they came to school bottomless on game day. The shorter the girl’s top, the more likely I would be to let them just watch. And the games were always exciting. As a teacher, I especially enjoyed that special moment when two or three girls would be down to just their panties, and there was just one turn left before the game would be over, and one of the girls would be completely naked.

The position of class president is open to both girls and boys. The candidates each give a speech in which they outline their platform, the most important part of which is exactly how many girls will be stripped naked each week, and whether they will be allowed to wear at least some of their clothing to their other classes. Students judge the platforms for creativity and excitement. And I suppose some of the shyer girls assess whether they would have an opportunity to relax and watch other girls get stripped.

Being class president is such a fun job that everyone would want to run for it. So as a responsible teacher, I know I must winnow the field to just those students who are most dedicated to sharing the fun and excitement of stripping games, and my experience is that these tend to be the ones who seek out the thrill of stripping in public. To encourage these people to run for class president, I let them come to class fully dressed, and then after each student speaks, I let her choose whether to remove two items of her own clothing, or to let me remove one item. Then, after all the candidates have spoken, each one will have the opportunity to pick a person and an item of clothing, and then the person must remove that item. Each candidate gets to experience both exciting aspects of the stripping game – removing their own clothing, and forcing others to remove theirs. As you can imagine, the post-speech stripping is raucous and fun for the whole class, and it’s quite possible that one or two people will end up naked, especially if the candidates gang up on one person. Anyone who is naked or partially naked must remain so for the entire CP class period. After that, it’s up to each individual whether they will venture out into their other classes without the benefit of a full set of clothes. A girl wearing just her top, for example, will need to judge whether she feels sufficiently decent to go to her other classes and the cafeteria without any bottom, not even panties. Some girls feel okay if their top covers the belly button. Others need to feel their whole abdomen is covered. Some of the shyer girls even need their butts to be at least partially covered. If a girl asks me how she looks, I always tell her she looks great, and encourage her to experience the freedom that comes with her exciting choice of clothing.

“Settle down, class,” I say. It’s the third week of class, and already, some of the girls are wearing short dresses or skirts without any panties. The boys generally wear loose clothing, such as pajamas or sweat pants, some of which have been modified to them even roomier by cutting along the inseam. I never cease to admire their ingenuity! As my students settle down, I explain the class president elections, the speeches, and the stripping afterwards, and how it helps us get to know our prospective leaders. And finally, the big moment arrived. “It is my great pleasure to announce this year’s candidates for class president…”

“Emily, would you stand up, please?” Emily is an adorable blond with straight hair she likes to tuck behind her ears. Today, she’s wearing a light little blue singlet made from stretchy ribbed cotton, the thin straps not quite hiding those of her cute little bra. Her bottom is a cheeky micro-mini-skirt made of the same stretchy fabric. Although she stands with her legs together, her thighs are thin, revealing a semi-sheer thong that just barely covers her hairless “coin slot” pussy. If she’s uncomfortable, she barely shows it. Her pretty round cheeks are relaxed, and her skirt is pulled up to her waist, allowing those behind her to see her pretty little puckered anus not quite covered by the ultra-thin thong strap.

“Madison, would you stand as well?” Madison has brown eyes and dark brown hair, full of body. She wears an off-white semi-sheer peasant top with elastic gathers below her ample breasts. A slit up the front allows her top to flair out at her hips, accentuating her gorgeous hourglass figure. Her short, light brown skirt wraps around her waist, and hides her skimpy panties.

“Greg, would you stand, too?” The class erupted in whistles, cheers, and laughter as Greg stood. This is the first time in all my years of teaching CP class that a boy has run for class president, so I had to improvise. “In case you haven’t noticed, Greg is a boy, so I’ve asked Greg’s girlfriend, Valery, to participate in that part of it. Val, would you stand up, too, please?” Val looked extra cute in a short yellow dress and matching yellow panties. As she skipped over to stand next to Greg, I asked her, “Are you okay with stripping in place of Greg, after he gives his speech?”

“Well,” she said, “I hope you go easy on me. When I got dressed this morning I didn’t know about this, so I just wore a dress and panties, not even a bra.” She giggled and blushed.

“I can’t make any promises, Val, but I will ask the class to go easy on you. When Greg finishes his speech, you will have the option of removing two items of clothing, which will leave you naked, or else you can let me choose one item of clothing, and then you’ll have to remove the one I choose. So the best you can hope to keep is a single item of clothing – either your panties, which will leave you topless, or your dress, which seems like your better option, even though it might tend to leave your pussy vulnerable to exposure.

“It’s okay, Donna,” said Greg. “I’ll take off my clothes if I have to. I’m wearing a large t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I would obviously prefer to take off my shirt, but even if I take off my pants I can try to cover myself with my shirt.”

“That’s sweet of you to offer, Greg, but in CP class, it’s the girls who need to learn to feel comfortable while being forced to strip. We don’t make boys strip if they don’t want to.”

“But I do want to… That is, I want to do my part. I don’t want any special treatment. So if Val has to take off her panties, I’ll take off my sweat pants. Or if she has to take off her dress, I’ll take off my shirt. And if Val agrees to walk out of this classroom partially naked, I’ll do the same. I love you, Val.” Greg sat down in Val’s seat, and Val sat on his lap.

Emily spoke first. Her idea was to strip girls in pairs, for solidarity. It’s hard for a girl to be the only one completely naked, so whenever a girl is forced to strip in CP class, she can pick a partner, who will also have to strip. The boys liked this idea, and some of the girls thought it would be nice to have a partner, but there were some flaws with the idea. For example, what would stop other girls from always picking me, and forcing me to be their naked partner? When she was done, there was polite applause. Although she was relieved to be done with her speech, there was still the matter of taking off two items or asking me to pick a single item to remove. I was leaning toward asking her to remove her stretchy blue singlet as a first step toward stripping her down to her underwear, but she beat me to the punch. She removed her bra and thong, laid them on my desk, and then sat down.

Next up was Madison. Her main selling point was giving girls the opportunity to quit any stripping game without having to take off all her clothes. Any girl wearing a top and a bottom may preemptively remove her bottom (all her bottoms if she’s wearing more than one) and quit the game at that point. To address a possible objection, she explained some ground rules, which impressed me. She had clearly given her plan some thought. For example, to be eligible to quit the game, the girl’s top must be belly-button length, not longer. Or, to put it another way, her top must be waist length, not hip length or longer. Also, the girl who quits the game gives up her right to wear a bottom for the rest of the day, and must come to school on the next school day bottomless (or naked, if she chooses) to reclaim her bottom. A scenario where this can really help a girl is if she begins a stripping game wearing a sports bra, skirt, and a thong. Suppose you lose your skirt, while there are two other girls still in the game who have both lost their tops. You know they’ll play to the bitter end while all you have covering your cute little bottom is a tiny little thong. In the next move, you could lose your top like those other girls, and be moments away from being stripped naked. So the option to quit just by removing your thong suddenly looks pretty attractive. Madison got a hearty round of applause, and then blushed as she suddenly realized the stripping is next. She took off her panties, and then paused. I was curious to know if she would fish out a bra from under her peasant top, or even take it off, but instead, she removed her skirt. This was a bold move, because her peasant top wasn’t even long enough to hide the fact she was completely shaved. Still, she gave a good presentation and sat down with confidence.

Greg was next. He got up, and walked to the lectern with Val by his side. He started his speech by asking Val to please remove her panties. She hesitated, but Greg insisted. Eventually, she began doing as he asked, getting them down as far as her knees before Greg patted her pretty behind and told her he was just making a point. “Do you think Val pulled down her panties just because she’s my girlfriend?” The fact is, every girl in this CP class is required to disrobe as directed by any authority figure, including their male classmates. It’s in the student handbook. Go and look. If I asked Val to remove her dress, she would do it, because she’s a good girl and she follows the rules. Well, these rules are no good, and they’ll have to change. Let’s face it: every girl loves to wear sexy clothes, but she doesn’t want to remove them just because some guy tells her to. No longer will all girls be required to strip. If I’m elected as your class president, any girl who doesn’t want to strip, doesn’t have to. Under my leadership, as many as half the girls will be completely exempt from any requirement to strip during CP class. Here’s how it will work: At the beginning of class, the girls will be assessed, and the ones wearing the sexiest clothes, as judged by her classmates, will be exempt from any need to strip during CP class. The requirements for ‘sexy’ are subjective, sure, but there are some obvious pitfalls to avoid. No panties, obviously. Also, any top long enough to cover your belly button should not be worn with a bottom. And speaking of bottoms, you should not be ashamed to show a little cheek. That said, the six to eight girls wearing the sexiest outfits should be completely exempt from being stripped during CP class. He smiled at the class, and they applauded enthusiastically.

“Well, it seems like you made a good impression, Greg. Now, it’s time for Val to strip. I guess it’s up to you to choose for her: would you like her to remove both items of clothing, or would you prefer I pick one?”

“Listen, Donna, I know I agreed to match Val, item for item, meaning if she has to take off her panties, I’ll take off my pants, too. But honestly, I would prefer to keep my pants on, so if you pick, can you make Val take off her dress instead of her panties?”

But Val had had enough. “Fuck you, Greg, all you can think about is yourself! If you want me to go around topless just so you can keep your pants on, you can forget it! I’m taking off my panties, regardless of what Donna says, and now you just have to take off your pants, too!”

I laughed and said, “Alright, you too. I agree with Val, and I think she’s suffered enough. Val, go ahead and take off your panties. Now, Greg, the stripping isn’t over. After you take off your pants, you get to pick any item of clothing on any girl in this room, and she has to remove it. It’s fair game to go up to a girl and check to see what she’s wearing, if you like.”

Greg walked around the room with a shit-eating grin on his face. He made one girl stand up, and raise her arms while he slowly lifted her tight dress, revealing a complete lack of underwear. “I could confiscate this dress right now,” he said as he removed it from her thin body. The dress was so thin and flexible he was able to roll it into the shape of a donut, which he placed around her neck. “But if you agree to wear it as a necklace all day, I’ll let you keep it. Deal?” The poor girl nodded, and as long as I saw her that day, she kept her word. I have no idea when she put the dress on again. Did she go home on the school bus still wearing it as a necklace?

Greg made a few other stops. One girl was wearing a cute belly shirt and a micro-mini-skirt. He made her take off the skirt so he could see if she was wearing any underwear. She was not. Then he made her take off her shirt to find out if she was wearing a bra. She was not.

“I can pick any item of clothing on any girl in this room, and make her take it off, right?”

I nodded.

He was still grinning as he came over to me. “Your panties,” he said. “Take ’em off.”

I started laughing, then I realized he was serious. So I pulled them down, and handed them to him. No big deal; I can do without my panties for one day.

“Your turn,” said Greg to Madison.

With a glint in her eye, Madison faced me and said, “Your skirt!”

“Now, come on,” I said to Madison. “Really?”

Madison just stood, facing me, her hands on her beautiful hips. I unfastened my skirt, and walked over to her with it. I wasn’t happy about losing my skirt, but I still had my top, and it kinda covered me, I guess, so I resigned myself to spending the rest of the day bottomless.

“Your top, please.” It was Emily, with her hand out. It was a bitch to unbutton, but I managed.

“Very funny, everyone,” I said.

Just then, the bell rang, and all my students vanished, leaving me naked and alone in the front of my own classroom.

* * *

By the way, in case you were wondering, Greg won in a landslide. Something about including their teacher in stripping games swayed the students in his favor. Go figure.