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Donna’s Story

It’s been a while

Hi, all… yeah, it’s me, Donna. I know, it’s been a while, but I’m back now, at least for a little while. Dick very kindly let me use his userid to write to you all, just so I can let you know what’s been happening for the past few years.

Some very sexy stuff has been happening, both to me and all around me, and I’m looking forward to telling you all about it. But first, dear readers, let me apologize in advance for this: I won’t be sharing any photos of my adventures; I’ll be sharing them verbally (that means using words (don’t get me started about verbally vs. orally, exit double parenthetical remark!)). Why? Well, the photos of my actual friends got me in trouble with said friends, and the photos I found on the internet, while adorable, are poor facsimiles of the real thing. In short, dear reader, (too late, I know) your imagination will conjure images far more delicious than I could post here.

Do you know me? Soon you will…

Not all of you know who the heck I am, so let me start by giving you a very brief history…

I arrived at the College a few years ago knowing nothing about life outside my little town and my school, and wearing a top, a cute little skirt, and a pair of panties. A thong, actually, because my skirt was short enough I didn’t want my underwear to show.

My parents and my little brother came along to help me move into my dorm, called, well, I can’t remember the actual name of it, but everyone called it “Bodacious” Hall, due to its reputation for housing the most beautiful girls. And boys, too, of course. The rooms alternated girl-boy, and the bathrooms and showers were available to all genders equally.

My room was on the third floor, right near the top of the stairs. When we got there, all of us huffing and puffing from the stairs, we saw for the first time my beautiful roommate, Crysta, just lounging on one of the beds, wearing a tight halter top. She introduced herself, and shook all of our hands. My mom elbowed my dad, and he cleared his throat and looked at the floor. Did I mention that Crysta’s breasts are on the large side?

After the awkward silence, I asked, “Did you already claim this bed?”

She nodded and got up from the bed. “And the bottom two drawers of the dresser.” She bent slightly at the waist, and my brother’s eyes widened.

“Don’t stare,” cautioned my dad.

Crysta laughed and patted my brother’s head. “It’s okay. You see, girls aren’t allowed to wear panties at the College. Didn’t Donna tell you?”

My brother grinned at me, and I blushed. I took off my thong, and handed it to my mom, who stuck it in her purse.

“I hate to tell you this, Donna, I know we just met, but…”

I was already turning crimson with embarrassment. “What?” I said, with more than a hint of exasperation. My skirt was short enough to show a little cheek, which is fine most of the time, but not if I’m going commando.

Crysta laughed. “There’s another rule you should know.” She paused when I sighed, then giggled so adorably, I just couldn’t stay annoyed. “No overlapping. It means you can’t tuck your top into your skirt like that. In fact, you can’t even wear those two items of clothing together.”

My mind was racing. What kind of rules are these? Did Crysta just make them up to goof on me? Then I noticed my mom was laughing. I put my hands on my hips. “What,” I said.

“Honey, honey…” She gave me a little hug. “I didn’t want to tell you, but there’s a Dress Code at the College, and, well, like Crysta said, it’ll take some getting used to.”

“When were you going to tell me?”

My mom didn’t say anything. Oh my god! She wasn’t going to tell me. She was going to let me discover it on my own.

“Donna, relax,” said Crysta, who was now hugging me and stroking my hair, and smelling really terrific, by the way. “Just choose one.”

“Choose one?”

“Yeah,” she continued, stroking my hair, and then gently untucking my top. “If you ask me, I would say you should wear just your top.”

“What?” My mind was reeling. Even on “bottomless day” in high school I wore panties.

“Are you shy about exposing your pretty bottom in public?” She patted it innocently through my skirt, but then locked eyes with me as she slid a couple fingers between my legs and up my butt crack. “No clenching,” she whispered in my ear.

I relaxed my cheeks. “Oh!” I wasn’t expecting her to touch my asshole. Then I remembered her question. “Yes,” I admitted. “I’m shy about exposing my bottom.” And even more shy about exposing my pussy, I thought to myself.

“Then take off your top. Like I said, it’s your choice.”

My heart was beating fast. My parents and my brother were staring at me, waiting to see what I would do. “Fine,” I said, trying to pretend it was no big deal. I took off my top, and put it in my drawer of the dresser.

“There,” said Crysta. “Not so hard, was it?” She stroked my small breasts and fingered my nipples, whispering in my ear, “Not hard at all.” My nipples were hard, of course. I hoped my dad didn’t notice.

I’ll be honest, and tell you I wasn’t comfortable being topless in front of my brother and my parents. But as we made a few more trips to the car, I slowly started feeling okay with it.

When I was completely moved in, and my parents were standing around awkwardly, Crysta motioned to me. “Come here, you,” she said. She surprised me with a kiss on the lips. “Let me fix this.” I watched as she lifted the waistband of my skirt almost up to my belly button, leaving barely enough fabric in front to cover my pussy. And the back barely covered any of my butt.

Right away, my mom said how pretty my skirt looks when I wear it around my waist instead of my hips. My dad and my brother agreed. Crysta just beamed at me, grinning.

“Is there a mirror?” I was so scared my pussy was showing.

Crysta opened the closet door, revealing a full length mirror. I was so relieved! The skirt was exactly crotch-length, not a millimeter longer or shorter. Crysta stood next to me, smiling from ear to ear. Her top was considerably shorter than mine, completely exposing her pussy. I was ready to brave the Student Center, topless in public for the first time.

So now you know me. Or, at least, you know one of the important things about me. I need for my pussy to be covered when I’m in public, but it’s okay if my adorable little breasts see some sunlight. And maybe you guessed that Crysta is the opposite. She needs to cover her sexy boobs, but doesn’t care quite so much about keeping her pussy covered.