Crysta Interviews Girl on Steps (archives)

Crysta Interviews Girl on Steps

The girls met in their room, and got themselves ready for dinner. The “panty patrol” officers generally go home toward the end of the evening, so Donna wasn’t too worried. They’re the guys, generally, although there are some female officers, who inspect the girls to ensure they’re following the dress code.

Crysta was naked, flipping through her clothes, trying to decide what to wear. “I think I’ll cover up my bottom this evening.”

Donna was surprised. It only took Crysta a couple weeks to become comfortable walking around campus with at least part of her ass showing. Of course, she rarely went completely naked below the waist. She enjoyed wearing a “loin cloth” to cover her pussy while fully exposing her ass. And she had a big selection of “baby doll” dresses that almost covered her bottom. Donna was jealous of the way Crysta was so comfortable showing off this way, and wished she could bring herself to do it. But whenever she even thought about going bottomless in public, she started to get visibly excited. Once, she resolved to go to her civics class wearing only a crop-top. It was one-item day, and a lot of the girls decided to wear just a top. But while she was dressing, her pussy got completely red and juicy — a clear violation of college rules. So she chickened out and wore a minidress instead.

“Why the sudden burst of modesty?” Donna asked.

“You know I’m on the school paper?” Crysta asked. It was a rhetorical question, but she saw Donna nod. “So I went out today to interview students about the dress code. I’m writing a piece about the code, and whether it helps us dress more modestly, and stuff. As I passed the physics building, I saw a girl waiting on the steps. She had arrived way early, and was just waiting outside, enjoying the warm weather.”

“Yeah, it was a nice day today.” Donna had picked out a cute miniskirt. She really loved it, because the fabric was incredibly stretchy and almost completely sheer. As a miniskirt, it was about 10 inches long, and left absolutely nothing to the imagination. But since it is so stretchy, Donna liked to bunch it up, which made it a lot shorter, but also much more opaque. In other words, she wore it as a 3-inch micro-miniskirt. Trouble was, she didn’t have any top to go with it. She toyed with the idea of cutting it in half, and wearing one half as a top, but then both the top and bottom would be sheer, so why even bother? She could just as well go topless, and then, at least, her bottom be nicely covered. That’s what she decided to do. She busied herself adjusting her micro-miniskirt as Crysta continued her story.

“She was sitting on the steps with her legs apart, leaning back and enjoying the day. She was wearing a black minidress with a green top section. When I approached her, I saw her pussy was glistening in the sun. Either she had been touching herself, or she had been having some sexy thoughts.”

“Or maybe she was embarrassed showing her pussy, like I am,” Donna suggested.

“I thought of that,” said Crysta, “but she didn’t try to hide her pussy. I sat down next to her, and rested my hand on her leg. If anything, she relaxed further at my touch.”

“Did you take full advantage of the Code of Conduct?”

Crysta laughed. “It wasn’t like that. We were just two girls, sitting down together. Sure, I might have gently touched her pussy as we talked, and she stroked mine. But it wasn’t anything sexual.”

Donna moistened at the thought of the two girls stroking each others’ pussies. She scrunched up her skirt around her waist, so she could sit cross-legged on her bed. She wasn’t shy around Crysta. Later, she would arrange her skirt more modestly. That’s what she loved so much about this skirt — its versatility.


Crysta watched Donna’s every move as she adjusted her skirt, and sat on the bed. She particularly enjoyed the way Donna’s adorable little tits jigged as she moved, her firm nipples extending slightly upwards. She longed to bite one of those nipples, and she knew Donna wouldn’t mind, but she restrained herself. “I asked her what her name was. She said Wanda. I told her about being on the paper, and the story I was writing about the Dress Code. She was happy to pose for a picture. After I took it, I asked her if it was OK to put the picture in the paper, even though her pussy was showing. My pussy is showing? she asked, surprised. I showed her the picture in the camera. She shrugged her shoulders, and said, yeah it was OK to put that in the paper. Lots of girls wear short dresses, she said, as she stroked my pussy. And there’s really no hiding your pussy in a short dress. I was wearing an even shorter dress than her at the time, so I had to agree, although I kept my legs together to minimize the view. I wanted to see if I could get her to spread her legs apart even wider, so I stroked her inner thighs, starting from one knee, moving up almost to her pussy, then jumping over to the other leg. This is such a teasing move, that girls almost always spread their legs apart even wider when I do this. Wanda was no exception. I had her leaning back on the stairs with her legs just about as wide as they would go. Her pussy was throbbing and juicy. She practically begged me to finish her, but I still wanted an interview. I asked her more questions about the length of her dresses, and about modesty. Every time it looked like she might cum, I stopped touching her, and let her cool down, just a little. Finally, she offered to give me her dress if I would just finish her. Can I keep it? I asked. Between her whining and begging I wasn’t sure of her answer. I asked her if she minded going to her class naked, and she said yes, but even that was better than being tortured this way. So I let her take off her dress, but I kept torturing her. It was so much fun. I sucked on her breasts, and kissed her as I kept stroking her thighs, skipping nimbly over her pussy. Every time I got near her pussy, her naked pelvis lunged skyward, begging for contact. Sometimes I “slipped”, and touched her pussy gently. I watched it quiver, she was so close to orgasm. As it got closer to class time, more and more students came up the steps past us. Many of them kept on walking, but some paused to watch us having sex together. Finally, a boy stopped, and said he would have to rape me, because I had visible sexual excitement. I said, you mean you need to rape Wanda. She was clearly more exited than me. The boy said, her too, but you first. Apparently as I had been standing over Wanda, kissing her and stuff, my pussy had been visible under my short dress, and I suppose some of Wanda’s excitement spilled over to me. I felt my pussy, and sure enough it was wet, so I told the boy he might as well go ahead. I bent over Wanda, facing my ass to the boy. He didn’t even bother to pull his pants down. He whipped it out through his zipper. I relaxed both my pussy and asshole, not knowing which one he would choose. I was happy that he picked my pussy. Since it was already wet, he went in easily. Wanda’s legs were still far apart, and as the boy pumped away, I licked Wanda’s pussy, and drank her juices. As people gathered to watch, I got more and more excited myself. As I neared climax, with blood rushing in my ears, I heard Wanda, as if she were in the distance. She let out a scream as she came. As she screamed, the boy kept pumping, and I kept licking. Wanda tilted her pelvis up, opening her asshole to me. I licked it, and all the way along her perineum to her pussy, again and again as she screamed. I was so close to orgasm myself, it felt like one more pump would do it. As I started to cum, he pushed softly but firmly. He pushed himself all the way inside me as that wonderful feeling spread over me. The boy was cumming too. He pulled partway out, and pushed even harder. Oh, Donna, that felt so good, I can’t describe it. The boy pushed harder with each thrust, and he held my ass close to him. As he was cumming, he felt my belly and my breasts with his strong hands. Finally, he was done. He pulled himself gently out of me. I turned around, and put my arms around him. Girls don’t ordinarily kiss their rapist afterwards, but this boy did a really good job on me. I kissed him for about a minute before he pulled away and muttered something about being late for class. He was about to go into the building with his dick still hanging out of his pants, but I told him about it, and so he tucked it in. But I guess he didn’t have the same sense, because he neglected to remind me that my babydoll dress was still around my neck. My tits were showing, Donna, and you know I never like to let the twins out in public, but I was still floating from the sex. I turned around to say goodbye to Wanda, but she was gone. I still had her dress, so I guess she went naked to her class. Oh well, I had my picture and my story. It wasn’t until I got back here that I noticed my dress was around my neck. I must have paraded the girls all through campus without realizing it!

Crysta looked at her roommate, and saw she had dispensed with the skirt altogether. Donna lay naked on the bed, letting Crysta’s words wash over her as she gently fingered her pussy. She imagined the way Crysta teased Wanda, stroking her thighs but bypassing her throbbing pussy. She imagined the way Crysta licked the poor girl, from her asshole to her pussy, as she stroked her own soft skin. Donna was clearly on the verge of orgasm herself. “Relax,” Crysta said. “Let me take over.” Donna relaxed, put the bottoms of her feet together, with her knees splayed outwards. She put her hands up over the head as she lay, vulnerable, on the bed. Crysta knelt over her sexy roommate, letting her hair raise little goosebumps on Donna’s otherwise smooth skin. “I’ll finish you, if you agree to go out naked, tonight.”

“Naked?!” Donna curled up in a fetal position. “No, let me wear the skirt. That’s all I ask.” Then she begged. “Please?”

Crysta could never resist Donna’s begging. “OK, but I get to adjust it for you.”

Donna thought about it. This wouldn’t be easy. Who knows what twisted ideas Crysta had about adjusting the skirt. “You promise you won’t be mean?”

Crysta paused before answering. Then she laughed. “OK, Donna. I won’t be mean. I promise.”

Donna relaxed again, and let Crysta bring her to climax. She closed her eyes and luxuriated in the feeling as Crysta licked her all under. It was a soft, sweet orgasm, which played itself out, and lingered as Crysta kissed Donna softly on the lips. She got up, and looked for her skirt. It was in Crysta’s hands.

“I’ll let you know when you can put this on,” Crysta said.

“You said you wouldn’t be mean!” Donna objected.

Crysta stroked Donna’s nipples, making them into little hard-ons. “I promise I’ll give it to you before too many people see you naked,” she said.

Donna thought about it. Well, that wouldn’t be too mean. She decided to trust Crysta. This was an odd reversal of roles. Crysta was wearing a light blue minidress that covered her completely, almost half-way to her knees. And Donna was naked, longing for the skirt that would cover her pussy, but very little else. She kind of liked the switch. The girls walked out of their room. Donna was feeling very exposed in the hallway, but resisted begging for her skirt. No one was around, so she relaxed, and walked next to Crysta to the stairway. Half-way down the stairway, they passed a boy, but Donna hid from him by interposing Crysta between them. Once they were outside, there were quite a few people around, but it was starting to get dark, so they didn’t seem to notice Donna. When they got to the bus stop, Crysta sat down. “I thought we were going to the caf,” Donna said.

“No,” Crysta said, “I want to go into town. Have a seat.” She patted the bench next to her, but Donna remained standing, the shadows playing delightfully on her firm breasts.

“I would rather go to the caf,” Donna said more forcefully this time. Crysta knew the reason. There were always one or two naked girls at the cafeteria, but in town, just about all the girls wear at least some clothing.

“Don’t worry, Donna. I won’t make you stay naked for long. Just sit, now. The bus will be here soon.”

Donna reluctantly sat, crossed her legs, and folded her arms in an effort to hide her nudity. The bus came right away. It was packed, unfortunately. There was one seat near the front. Crysta offered it to Donna, but she didn’t want to be separated from her friend, especially while naked. So the two girls kept walking toward the back of the bus. Crysta stood behind Donna, and put an arm around her belly. Donna tried to turn around to face Crysta, but Crysta turned her back around to face the front of the bus. A few people turned around to look at Donna, but most minded their own business. “Spread your legs apart,” Crysta whispered to Donna. Donna didn’t do it. “Spread ’em, or else you won’t get this skirt before we enter the restaurant.” She spread her legs apart. Crysta rubbed Donna’s belly, and gradually moved toward her breasts. She let go of the hand rail long enough to stroke Donna’s asshole with her other hand. Donna held on with two hands as Crysta used two hands to stroke Donna’s inner thighs, asshole, and pussy.

Donna whispered, “please don’t make me cum in public.” It was bad enough that her pussy was wet.

“As soon as you cum, I’ll give you your skirt.”

“That’s mean!” Donna said, her legs still spread apart, and her pussy now glistening with moisture. “You promised you wouldn’t be mean.”

The bus lurched to a stop, and the girls got off before they had a chance to settle their argument. “Give me my skirt now. The sidewalk is crowded.” She didn’t think she would have to stoop to begging, but apparently she was wrong. “Please give it to me,” she whispered in Crysta’s ear.

Crysta didn’t want to be mean, but she still wanted Donna to squirm. “OK, but put your arms up and let me dress you.” Donna jumped at the chance. She shot her arms into the air, and stepped eagerly into the skirt. Crysta left it at full length, with the top exactly even with the top of Donna’s vagina. She smoothed the skirt, so it was fully sheer against Donna. It was almost as if she wasn’t wearing any skirt at all, but it was much better than nothing, so Donna was happy.

As they continued walking, they came to “Tops”, a favorite restaurant of the college students. “Let’s eat here,” Donna said.

“I don’t know,” Crysta said. “I never really liked this restaurant.” Donna knew why Crysta was timid. The gimick of this restaurant was that the waitresses are all topless, and every so often, they go around to the tables looking for a girl who is willing to take off her top. This is usually great fun, because girls go to the restaurant hoping to take off their tops, but they put on a big show of being reluctant to strip. There’s a lot of whooping and hollering, and then finally, the girl will take off her shirt. The waitress will climb up to the “wall of fame”, and put the girls top up there. It’s fun to watch the girls pretend to be embarrassed without their tops. They cover their tits with their hands, and make a big show of it, but in the end, you know they really love it. That’s why they keep coming back for more.

Finally, Crysta agreed to go in. The hostess wore only a thong with straps so thin they practically disappeared. The girls enjoyed watching her ass sway back and forth as they were led to their seat. Then, almost immediately, a big commotion arose in the center of the room. One of the waitresses, wearing only a short apron, was looking for a girl to strip. She went from one table to another, and each time, the girl she approached hugged her shirt for dear life. Then she “accidentally” spilled a glass of water on one girl, making her thin white shirt practically disappear above her gorgeous breasts. The girl got up, and screamed that the water was cold. The waitress apologized profusely, and helped the girl out of her wet shirt. The girl sat down, her breasts giggling with laughter, as the waitress made her way to the wall of fame. She held a hand behind her naked ass as she gingerly climbed the rickety ladder. But she needed both hands to pin the shirt to the wall, momentarily exposing her complete backside to the diners. As she covered up once again to make her way down the ladder, the topless girl went back to chatting excitedly with her friends. She had come to lose her top, lost it, and all was well.

Crysta and Donna both ordered the salad bar. Donna asked if she could scrunch up her skirt a bit, so it wouldn’t be so sheer for her trip to the salad bar. Crysta said she would be happy to do it, and motioned for Donna to stand up. Crysta scrunched and scrunched, to the point where the back of the skirt was like a rope that exposed her entire ass, and the front was so short it barely covered Donna’s pussy. Donna was reasonably happy with this, and went to the salad bar, happy that no one was looking at her pussy. From the front, anyway.

The girls sat down with their food, when another commotion began. A waitress went around the room looking for a girl to strip. She stopped at Donna’s table, and giggled her breasts to the delight of the crowd. At one table, a bunch of girls were getting up to leave. “Not so fast, girls,” said the waitress. Everyone laughed at the “deer in the headlights” look on the girls’ faces. They sat down in fear of losing their tops. One, wearing a minidress, seemed to attract the waitress’s attention the most. “Arms up,” said the waitress.

“I can’t” said the girl.

“Why not? Are you naked under that dress?”

“Exactly,” said the girl.

“Oh, that’s understandable, said the waitress.” The crowed said, “Ohhh” in unison, not hiding their disappointment — they were hoping to see the girl stripped naked. “But we need to be certain that you’re naked under your dress.”

“You won’t take my word for it?” said the girl, clearly upset.

“We believe you, but we just need to be sure. Just take it off so we can see you’re naked, and then put it back on, and I’ll find another girl to strip.”

The girl had a look of horror on her face. It turns out she was really wearing panties. She lied about being naked because previously she had seen a girl keep her dress for exactly the same reason. Now, not knowing what else to do, she tried to take off her panties without anyone seeing and kick them away. Then, her plan was to take off the dress in full view of the restaurant, accept the waitress’s apology, and leave quietly. But it didn’t work out that way. As soon as she got her panties down to her knees, the waitress grabbed her arms, stood her up and said, “What’s this! You lied to me!”

Everyone laughed at this. The waitress said, “You know what you have to do now.” The girl started pulling up her panties. “No, not that. You have to take off your top.”

“It’s not a top, it’s a dress,” said the poor girl, her panties still about her knees. The crowed booed and hissed. The girl moistened with anticipation that her pussy would soon be on view. Oh, how I wish I had just taken off the dress, she said to herself. Then, at least, my panties would be in place.

“You know the drill,” said the waitress. Everyone waited patiently while the girl built up the nerve to strip. Her panties still about her knees, she slowly lifted her dress over her head. The crowd clapped as the naked girl handed her dress to the waitress. The waitress started toward the wall with the dress, and the girl pulled up her panties. “Uh uh uh!” said the waitress. You pulled ’em down. Now you must leave ’em down. In fact, I want to see your panties around your ankles, and I want your solemn promise that you’ll leave them there for the rest of the evening. I want that to be your reminder of your lying.

The girl nodded, and lowered her panties to her ankles. She made her way out of the restaurant, taking tiny steps as the crowd cheered and clapped. “I bet she’ll keep her word,” Donna said.

“I bet not. As soon as she’s clear of the restaurant, she might as well pull up her drawers,” said Crysta.

“But she doesn’t seem accustomed to lying,” Donna said. “I think she really learned her lesson.”

“Well, it’s good to know that being naked under your dress is an excuse to keep your top covered,” Crysta said.

No sooner did Crysta say that, than a waitress started looking for her next girl to strip. She teased a number of girls before stopping at Crysta’s table. “Stand up,” she ordered. Crysta stood. “Is there any reason you shouldn’t have to take off your top?” The crowd roared with delight. As the evening wore on, the crowd seemed to get more lively.

Crysta gulped. In an odd reversal of normal custom, she didn’t mind showing her pussy in public, but she hated showing her huge tits. “I’m not wearing any panties,” she whispered.

The waitress bellowed for the crowd to hear, “She’s not wearing any panties!” The crowd cheered. “That excuse won’t work any more. Do you know why?”

Crysta looked scared. “Why?” she asked timidly.

“Guess what I found in the girl’s bathroom just a minute ago?” Another waitress held up a wicker basket with a dozen panties in it. “It seems that all you girls wearing dresses have taken off your panties, and ditched ’em in the john!” The crowd laughed. And, it seems, some boys began feeling under the dresses of their girlfriends to see whether they were among the pantiless ones. “It’s not fair to lose your panties just so that you can keep your top, is it?” The crowd hollered “NO!” in unison.

Crysta felt powerless. No one would ever believe that she really never had any panties on. Defeated, she took off her dress, and handed it to the waitress. “Can we go home, now?” Crysta asked after the crowd died down.

Donna was suddenly feeling overdressed next to her gorgeous naked roommate. “Let’s stay out a little longer,” she said, smiling. “Come here and sit next to me. I’ll keep you warm.”

After the waitress hung Crysta’s dress on the wall of fame, she stopped by the table to check on Crysta. “No hard feelings?” she inquired.

“No, it’s OK,” lied Crysta. She was mortified to have her tits on public view, but she made the best of it.

“See you in class tomorrow, Donna?” said the waitress.

“Sure, Sandy,” said Donna.

Crysta’s jaw dropped. “Why you…” she couldn’t make the words come out.

Donna just smiled, and enjoyed seeing her naked roommate squirm. “Do you want to shoot some pool?” she asked.

Oh, you meant that Tops. I was thinking of the other Topps. You know the one where you can only wear a top, and they cut dresses to length as a shirt.

I like that place better. After all, you are sitting down while you are eating, so being completely bottomless is no big deal. However, last weekend was the first time I went there for lunch. I was surprised to find that they remove all the chairs during the lunch hour to speed people up.

It wasn’t so bad having my bare butt in the air all during lunch. Lots of the waitresses play with your butt cheeks, asshole, and even your pussy as you try to eat. It’s further incentive to eat fast. Some waitresses are really good at making girls get sexual aroused. I left half my salad to avoid getting wet in public.

My friend wasn’t so lucky. She had an orgasm in front of the whole crowd. She also left most of her salad… and a large tip.

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