An explanation of Inspections (archives)

An explanation of Inspections

Crysta flipped through the College Magazine, looking for an article she wanted to show Donna. There were so many pretty things along the way, she kept getting side-tracked.

Oh, look at this sweater. She showed Donna the magazine. Doesn’t she look great in it? I have a sweater just like that.


“What do you wear with it?” asked Donna.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, as a bottom. What do you wear as a bottom?”

“Why not just wear the sweater?” Crysta asked.

“With no bottom?”


“You would wear this sweater with no bottom?” Donna couldn’t believe it, even from Crysta, who was one of the more daring girls on Campus.

“Well, this girl is obviously not wearing a bottom, and she looks pretty good, don’t you think?” She held the magazine up for Donna to take a close look.

“But it’s just an ad. They wanted to catch your attention, so they have the girl model the sweater naked.”

“She’s not naked. She’s wearing a sweater! Can’t you see that?” Crysta shook her head with disbelief, still flipping through the pages of the magazine.

“Oh, this is a pretty dress,” she said. Donna took a close look. It was another see-through dress. The College Magazine was full of them, and they’re quite popular on campus. The college officials like them because, first of all, the girls look really pretty in them, but the official reason is that the more transparent a dress is, the less likely the girl wearing it will need to be inspected. The Dress Code is a complicated set of checks and balances, with the overall aim of keeping the girls decently attired. A big part of it is that girls aren’t allowed to wear panties under their dresses, because if they did, then they would be tempted to wear dresses that are too short. By prohibiting panties, though, the girls have to wear dresses long enough so they won’t be embarrassed if, say, the wind blows, or if they have to walk up a flight of stairs.

This would be fine, except that once in a while, a girl might think she can get away with wearing panties. So, unfortunately, it’s necessary to have Inspectors on campus to pick out suspicious-looking girls, and make sure they’re not violating the Dress Code. This is where it gets interesting. A girl will be singled out and forced to stand in an open area, in full view of the other students. The inspections are as much a deterrent as anything, so they are quite public. Often the girl will begin crying, because she knows what humiliation is about to befall her. Sometimes she will beg to be let go, or try to make a bargain with the Inspector. This is all very entertaining to the other students, who pause to watch, which, unfortunately for the girl, only adds to her humiliation.

After she has cried for a while, she will usually begin to strip on her own. If not, the Inspector will help her out of her clothes. The purpose of the inspection is merely to determine whether a girl is following the Dress Code, and so if the girl is innocent, she is not supposed to be unduely humiliated. She may be forced to remain nude for no more than five minutes, while the Inspector examines her clothing to ascertain whether the code has been violated. During this time, the girl is required to refrain from becoming sexually excited. At the inspector’s discretion, he may restrain the girl using handcuffs, leg irons, or similar measures, but only if he deems her a flight risk. During this time, the girl’s fellow students may console her, if they wish, by stroking her gently.

Innocent girls should be released from restraints, be allowed to put their clothes back on, and be free to go about their business. But if a violation should occur then some or all of the girl’s clothes are taken into evidence, to be used against her in a hearing to determine whether she was decent or indecent.

To encourage the Inspectors to pick out the girls most likely to be in violation of the code, an incentive program is used. Sometimes, the incentive program is improperly termed a “quota”, but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Still, the incentive program has the desired result: the inspectors target the girls who are most likely to be in violation, and these girls are stripped and humiliated. Even if they are innocent, they stand as a daily reminder to the other girls to not only follow the Dress Code, but avoid even the appearance of violating the code.

So what is it about some girls’ attire that triggers an inspection? The most common violation, it seems, is still wearing panties. Other common violations include wearing shirts so long they count as dresses, or wearing bottoms in conjunction with pubic hair. Like panties, pubic hair covers a girl’s intimate areas, enabling her to wear shorter dresses and still feel modest. So, to discourage pubic hair, girls sporting it are prohibited from wearing any bottoms at all, not even a dress. Any girl who wears a long dress or any kind of pants is a possible suspect, because she may be hiding panties or pubic hair under such clothing. So girls have learned that the best way to avoid being inspected is to wear dresses so short, or so transparent, that their adherence to the Dress Code is manifest.

For this reason, the College Magazine is full of ads for “baby doll” dresses and see-through dresses like this one.


Girls like dresses like these, because they meet the dress code in an unambiguous way. School officials like them because — well, let’s face it, the girls really look pretty in these dresses — but the official reason offered by the Inspectors is that see-through dresses help enforcement.

There’s another slightly more subtle reason girls like these dresses. Since a girl’s privates are fully visible through the dress, she has less to lose if she ever is inspected. If an inspector is ever crazy enough to pull over a girl in a see-through dress, all she really has to do is lift it up to show him she has nothing to hide.


It’s an odd system, but it works, and the important thing is that everyone is happy with it.

This is to let you know a new clothing store will be opening at the mall soon. Our name is The Royal Emperor’s New Dress Store. Only the richest students can afford to wear the clothing from The Royal Emperor’s New Dress Store. Each item is custom made to fit like a second skin in full compliance with the campus dress code. Only the chic-est students can fully appreciate the fine linens from The Royal Emperor’s New Dress Store.
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