A New Chapter – Donna goes on a job interview

The help-wanted ad said the local high school was looking for a “College Prep” teacher to prepare College-bound seniors — both boys and girls, all at least 18 years old — to be ready for the College Dress and Conduct Codes. I asked Crysta how she thought I should dress, and she just said “be daring”…

“Bye, Crysta! Wish me luck!”

I don’t know if she heard me. My stomach was full of butterflies. Why did I wear this dress? What dress, you want to know? I’ll tell you: it’s my “glove dress”. I know Dick has mentioned it to me in the CCC blog, but I’ll remind you, just in case you forgot. Just let me get in my car, first. I think the neighbors are watching me. I’m getting excited just sitting in my car, I feel so naked! It’s only barely a “dress”, I’ll tell you. It’s a pair of white gloves that go all the way past my elbows, and they’re connected to each other by a thin sheet of white fabric, When I keep my hands by my sides — either sitting or standing — then I’m actually pretty decent, from the front, anyway. But from the back, well, I’m pretty much naked. And if I try to do anything, then, well, it’s very compromising. That’s what makes it so exciting!

I arrived early for my interview, so I was surprised to see the Principal’s waiting room packed with candidates for the job, mostly women, all dressed in their best business suits. One by one, the Principal called the candidates into his office. Some interviews lasted mere seconds, with the rejected candidates bursting from the office saying things like “that guy is crazy!”. So it was with great trepidation that I finally had the chance to greet the Principal. He offered his hand with a smirk, which I kind of liked, actually. I think of this dress as kind of a game, almost like a strip-tease game. People do things to me on purpose to make me lift my hands, and then, as coyly as I can, I raise my hand. “How do you do?” I said, blushing.

“Clean shaven, I see.”

I laughed. “Do you like my dress?”

“It’s very nice,” he said. “Did you wear it at the College?”

“Every now and then, sure but not very often. It’s kind of a high-maintenance dress, if you know what I mean.”

He raised an eyebrow. “High maintenance?”

I’m pretty sure he knew what I meant, but I explained anyway. “Well, it’s just that the dress leaves a lot of skin uncovered, and, well…”

“Oh,” he said, “The fondling.”

What a relief! He understood. But it wasn’t just the fondling that made the dress hard to wear. Should I explain further? Probably not.

“…and the constant threat of rape,” he added.

“Yes!” I was so glad he understood. So few people outside the College experience truly understand the constant threat of rape we face there. It’s not like the boys are mean or anything; after all, it’s part of the rules. We girls choose to wear very little clothing, mostly to avoid being Inspected, and also because it’s the norm there. And so, it’s quite common for a girl’s pussy to show, and if she happens to get a little excited, well, that’s against the rules, and the punishment is…  “And one more thing, unique to this dress that makes it a little tricky at the College…”

“I bet I know what it is,” he said. “It’s the ‘access’ rule — when you’re being fondled, you’re not allowed to cover yourself up with your hands, or push your fondler away.”

“Exactly,” I said. “…and in this dress, if I lift my hands to allow the fondling (which I’m required to do), I expose more of my body.” I blushed when I realized I was lifting my arms to demonstrate, giving the Principal a little glimpse of my adorable little breasts.

“I know how hard it must have been to get over your natural shyness. Without any CP training, you were thrust into the world of the College, and subjected to humiliating Inspections, where you were forced to strip naked, and even to masturbate in front of your fellow students. I bet it took you a few weeks before you realized that you could avoid Inspections just by wearing shorter dresses, or just by going bottomless…”

“Months. And I never felt comfortable going completely bottomless. Even to this day, I’m a little shy about my front. I like to keep it covered.”

“Your breasts, too?”

I laughed, and clutched my breasts, “No, I don’t mind letting the twins out to play every now and then.”

“Good,” said the Principal. “You seem to have a very healthy attitude; very well adjusted. Do you have any questions for me?”

“Okay, sure,” I said, taking a deep breath. “Let’s start with the CP cirriculum. Can you go over it with me?”

“What would you like the cirriculum to be?”

“Are you giving me carte blanche to design the CP program?”

“Carte blanche? No. But I would like to hear your ideas.”

“Well, Like you, I always thought it would have been nicer if I had some experience, in a warm, nurturing environment, of being — well, slightly underclothed, let’s say — in front of my classmates, both boys and girls, before being thrust into the harsh world of the College. You know, to be immersed in it gradually.”

“Would you lead by example?”

I felt myself blushing. I leaned forward. “To be honest, I never wear underwear any more, and I really do like to wear short dresses, so yes, if it’s okay with you, I would like to adhere to the Dress Code, even in my high school classroom. I wouldn’t expect the girls in my class get on board right away, though. Maybe if one or two of them feel adventurous, I would reward them for coming to school ‘commando’.”

“How would you even know if they’re commando?”

I laughed. “Well, there are really just two ways to know for sure. One is for them to strip, and the other is for them to wear a dress short enough they don’t need to strip. Learning that the second way is easier, that was a painful lesson for me. I would like to make it easier for my girls.”

“What about the boys?”

“There’s been a lot of talk about how hard the College Codes are for the girls, but very little is said about the boys. They have a hard job, too, pun intended! Many boys are too shy to fondle a girl, even though it’s expected, and once she gets to the College, the girl isn’t even allowed to say no. And then, if a girl displays sexual excitement, this her way of asking to be raped, as you know, which then falls to the nearest boy to do it. It’s his duty. That means the boy is expected to take off his pants, or at least pull them down enough to do the job. Many boys are too shy to do this, especially when they have a gigantic erection. So it’s important to help both girls and boys feel comfortable about all the duties and obligations of the College Codes. It’s all about getting over some deep seated fears. For girls, it’s–”

“Would you allow fucking in your classroom?”

“All the kids are at least 18, right? So yes, as long as consent is given, I don’t see a problem with it.”


“I would like for the kids in my CP class to gradually and comfortably learn all the rules they’ll need to know in the College, and what better way to learn than by doing? For girls, the first thing to get over is being stripped in public. After that, they need to lose their inhibitions around sexual excitement, and then they need to understand that a public display of sexual excitement is an invitation for sexual activity.”

“So it’s okay with you that a girl gives consent to be raped just by getting excited?”

“No, of course not. She has to be excited and sufficiently naked that her excitement is evident.”

“What if the reason she’s naked is that you, as her teacher, forced her to strip?”

“This is part of every girl’s education — that feeling of entrapment. The poor girl is forced to strip, and then, while naked, she is fondled and gets excited. Unable to hide her excitement, she can’t avoid consenting to sex. It seems unfair, sure. But it’s not. Why did I force the poor girl to strip in the first place? Am I punishing her for doing something wrong? If so, then her conscious decision to do that wrong thing was the first link in a chain of events leading to consent. This is what I’ll be teaching my students — something that took me some time to learn, myself — that consent to be raped can begin with something seemingly innocuous, like not studying for a test, or failing to do your homework.”

“What if the girl is naked through no fault of her own? For example, wouldn’t you want to teach the girls what it’s like to be Inspected by staging an Inspection right there in your classroom?”

“Absolutely. But why would a girl need to be Inspected?”

“To make sure she’s following the Dress Code, of course.”

“Yeah, I know what you’re going to say. Girls shouldn’t fear being Inspected, because it’s needed to make sure rules are being followed, and there’s no shame in it, that the nudity is incidental to the purpose of it, and girls should just get over it. That’s what the College rule book says. But it’s bullshit. The Inspectors are there to make sure there is shame and humiliation in being Inspected. They’re mean to the girls, and with good reason. Inspections are supposed to be hard. They’re meant to be a deterrent. If every girl had to be Inspected, there wouldn’t be enough Inspectors or time to do it. And there’s a very simple way for a girl to avoid being Inspected — by wearing clothes that obviously comply with the Dress Code. That’s what I’ll be teaching in my class. Of course, some girls are shy, and inevitably there will be a girl who won’t be in obvious compliance with the Dress Code, and this would be a serious mistake on her part. And so, yes, she would be Inspected in my classroom, and it will be humiliating for her, no doubt. Especially at first. I’m guessing many of these girls have little or no experience being naked in front of their classmates.”

“So you feel Inspection is a punishment?”

“A punishment? No. But a deterrent, yes. Listen, if a girl wants to think of being Inspected as a punishment, she wouldn’t be far off the mark. Of course, to give my kids a well-rounded education, all the while I’m forcing a poor girl to strip naked in front of her classmates, I will tell her to stop crying, and that an Inspection is no big deal, yada, yada, yada. Why would I do this? Because it will only make her feel worse. After she’s naked, and I make her spread her legs and bend over, it’s almost guaranteed she’ll be sexually excited, even while she’s balling like a baby.”

“Is that the kind and nurturing environment you meant earlier?”

“Of course I would hug her, and smooth her hair, and let her catch her breath. If this was her first time exposing her sexual excitement to the class, I would ask her if she’s okay, and ready to be raped. For her first time, I think I would give her the choice of being raped or else some other punishment, like spending time naked, especially outside the classroom.”

“Oh, so you would let girls leave your classroom in the nude?”

D’oh! “Maybe I should ask if that would be allowed in the school.”

“Honestly, I don’t think it would be a problem. We have a very simple Dress Code, which has served us well so far. Essentially it’s that a girl’s skirt or dress has to be long enough that her underwear isn’t visible.”

“so no cheeky dresses?”

“I didn’t say that,” he said, winking. “Seriously, I don’t know if they’re wearing a thong, and it’s not my job to check.”

“What happens if their underwear is visible?”

“That’s up to the teacher. Some teachers make a girl take off her dress or skirt if it’s too short. To me, that makes sense, because it shouldn’t be a big deal for her to just strip down to that underwear that’s showing anyway. Other teachers make her take off her panties, which doesn’t make much sense to me, because it’s not the presence of panties that’s the problem, it’s the shortness of the dress or skirt.”

“But you hinted a minute ago that girls go without panties just to comply with the letter, if not the spirit, of the dress code.”

“Exactly, so these teachers that make girls take off their panties are just enabling this kind of skirting-the-rules behavior.”

“What about a girl wearing panties and a short dress, but no bra? When a teacher makes her take off her dress, she’ll be topless. Is that okay?”

“All I can say is maybe she should have thought more carefully before getting dressed that morning.”

“It seems harsh.”

“This, from a girl who thinks it’s okay to force a girl to choose between nudity and rape.”


“So, to summarize your ideas, you would like to teach the four pillars of the College Code of Conduct — Dress, Inspection, Fondling, and Consensual Rape — by gradually imposing these rules on your students, so they learn at their own pace, and become comfortable with the rules, is that right?”

“In a nutshell, yes,” I agreed.

“And you’re okay with the idea of forcing your students to go out and attend other classes, still following the four pillers of the College Code, right?”

“Indeed, I feel the girls should get up in the morning, and dress according to the Code, and that they should live the Code at home and on weekends, too. They should immerse themselves in it, and only then will they really become comfortable with it.”

“And you intend to lead by example, right?”

I gulped. Did I fall into a terrible trap? Hopefully not! “Of course,” I said, feigning cheerfulness.

When the Principal stood up, I saw he was no longer wearing any pants. “Stand up,” he said. Of course, I stood, spreading my legs automatically. I raised my arms, fully exposing myself to him, and he took full advantage of me. I felt his fingers stroke me gently, starting from my clitoris, gently inside my outer lips, and pausing ever so briefly at the rim of my vagina before moving on. I shuddered as he stroked my perinneam, then gently rim my butthole before moving up my back. I tried not to tense as he stroked my belly, then gradually relaxed as he began gently kneading my soft tits. I spread my legs wider, and closed my eyes as he pushed into me, and hugged me so tight he lifted me right off the floor. “Hmmmff!” he said as he came inside me. “You’re hired,” he said. “You start Monday.”

Pretty Girl of the Day, November 5, 2015

This girl likes to have fun, and she follows the Dress Code despite the cold.



Although she agrees that the Dress Code isn’t ideal for cold weather, wearing a top as a dress without any bottom becomes second nature after a few weeks at the College.



“I sometimes leave the College for the weekend and forget to put on a bottom,” she says, adding that her parents and friends back home are all very supportive of her new bottomless styles.

“Sometimes my boyfriend gets a little embarrassed when we’re out together, and my butt isn’t all the way covered,” she admits. “But then there are times he finds it convenient the way I dress.”

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