A New Chapter – Forward

A New Chapter – Foreword

(Sorry, boys and girls, no sex in this story, just a pretty girl at the bottom.)

Donna and Crysta’s college life was really special, wasn’t it? Do you remember that fragile, vulnerable little Donna who entered Bodacious Hall for the first time, wearing all those extra clothes? Within a year, she turned her shyness into excitement, daring herself to wear the sexiest clothes. The “College Pride Days” she dreaded so much at first, such as “topless day” or “naked breakfast day” turn out to be the most exciting and fun for her. Then, in her sophomore year, when a new crop of girls came to the school, she saw herself in some of them. She remembered how scared she had been to wear just a t-shirt, with nothing under it, and so she was able to comfort them, and turn their fear into excitement. Then, in her junior and senior years, Donna first became a preceptor, then moved off-campus with Crysta.

Now, it’s time for the girls to start a new chapter of their lives. Crysta wants to stay at the college, and enter a graduate program in psychology, while Donna wants to try to make it in the “real world”. The “real world”. What a shock! Even in this College town, the general public isn’t as accepting of nudity, or even partial- or near- nudity as were those inside the gates of the College Campus.

To mark the girls’ new chapter, I’m going to turn over the reins. Instead of telling stories about the girls, I’ll let the girls tell their own stories. Donna is eager to share her stories, so we’ll start with a few of her stories about making it in the real world. Crysta, well, she is still a bit timid. Not about nudity, of course, but about telling her stories. She keeps saying she doesn’t have anything interesting to say. Maybe will see about that.

So, then, without any further ado. (What’s “ado”, anyway?) here is Donna to tell her first story about making it in the real world, kind-of. (I’ll leave it to Donna to say kind-of what — kind of a real world? kind of making it? We’ll see.)

Here’s today’s pretty girl…


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