Ulya – Skirt Top (archives)

“Ulya, you can’t go to class like that!” Doris yelled seeing her roommate getting ready to leave the dorm.

Ulya said, “Why not? Don’t you think I look pretty?”

Doris kissed her roommate. “Of course. I think you’re beautiful, but I can’t let you go wearing just a skirt, not like that.”


Ulya said, “But why not?”

Doris said, “Well, first, your class is in a No Topless building. How did you expect to get pass the patrols?”

Ulya smiled. She had a plan. “Like this!” She turned and pulled her skirt up above her breasts. “Bottomless is allowed to get me in the building, and I’ll be sitting the whole time.”

Doris reminded her, “Cute ass, but what if your professor calls you to the front of the class for a question or demonstration.”


Ulya said, “Never happens. Professor Jacob likes to hear his own voice too much to let anyone else talk. He answers all his own questions. And if he does call on me, I’ll just pull my skirt down and answer the question topless. It’s like a day on the beach.”

Doris shook her head. “And the second part to why you can’t go wearing your skirt and be topless – turn around and look at me. Everyone knows you’ve been growing your bush for Muff Day.”


Ulya smiled. “But no one will see my bush with the skirt down. I wanted to surprise everyone.”

Doris said, “Up or off, but the inspectors will have you remove it if you wear it down.”

Ulya said, “Can you run my skirt back to our room? I’m going to be late for class, and the professor will strip me anyhow.”


images courtesy of Met-Art.com

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