Katie’s Friends (archives)

“Katie Sue Askerman, what are you doing!”

Katie spun around. the voice was all too familiar. Her best friend from home, Mary Sue Miller was standing with her hands on her hips staring at Katie. Next to Mary was Patty Sue Jackson. For years together, they pretended to be sisters, all named Sue. Throughout the seventh grade, they insisted on their teachers calling them Sue. Best of friends, but separated by colleges.

Mary attended another college across state, and Patty was at a community college to save expenses. Katie was enrolled here, and she purposely kept the dress code quiet from her best friends. Who’d believe her? Besides, she knew it would be trouble. Mary was a wild one.

Katie said, “What are you two doing here?” It sounded wrong, so she rushed to hug her friends. “I mean, weren’t we meeting at home this weekend?”

Mary said, “We were until I got the day off from classes. I swung home and convinced Patty it would be fun to surprise you.  Seems we caught you playing some sort of strange game. Why is everyone wearing next to nothing?”

Patty said, “I still say that one girl was wearing nothing!”

Katie took her friends by the arms, “We have to hurry. You’ll need visitor passes from the Administration Office, and they will be closing soon.”

Mary pulled to a stop. “I’m not moving one more inch until you explain how our sweet, little, innocent Katie started wearing babydoll lingerie IN PUBLIC!”

Katie said, “I’ll explain, but we have to get to the Admin Office.” She managed to keep pulling Patty along, but Mary was being stubborn.

Stubborn until Mary realized the babydoll top was all that Katie was wearing. She hurried to catch up to the other two, “No panties? you?”

Patty turned and looked down, “Oh my! Just who is this girl?”

Just as they arrived at the Administration Building, Katie saw the clerk close  and lock the door. “Wait! I need two visitor passes!”

The elderly woman looked at Katie and said, “Should have thought about them a few minutes earlier. We’ll be open Monday morning.”

Katie sat down on the bench outside the office, “Crap! We have got to get you two out of here right away. Where did you park?”

Mary said, “By your dorm, but what is going on? I’ve never seen you like this. Did you join a sorority without telling us?” Just then, a co-ed with a scarf tied around her breasts and neck and not wearing a thing more walked passed the trio. Mary said, “Bottomless? They let you walk around bottomless here?”

Katie knew it was too late. Inspectors loved Friday afternoons. Catch a girl breaking the Dress Code on Friday, and you could strip her through Monday evening hearings. Plus, so many girls tried to dress up for the Friday night parties, that they often disregarded the Dress Code.

Katie explained to her disbelieving friends all about the Dress Code. Fortunately, the brochures were right there on the wall in the Administration Building. Katie went on to explain, “Without Visitor’s badges, you two will be treated like any other student here. If you disobey an inspector’s order, they can call on other students to forcibly strip you bare.”

Patty said, “Well, I’m not wearing a bra, and I guess I could slip off my panties to my purse as we walk across campus.”

Katie said, “Still a problem. Your blouse is long enough to be called a dress. It touches your hips. And those shorts are like inspector magnets. Plus, if they spot your panties in your purse, well, it does not matter if you are wearing them or carrying them.”  Patty looked shocked, but she wasn’t shocked by what Katie had said. She was staring at Mary.

Mary was naked in the hallway of the Administration Building. She tossed her bra and panties to the trash can. Mary then said, “Anyone got a pair of scissors?”  Patty dug their her purse to find a pair, and Mary snipped the bottom of her polo shirt off. She then grinned. She tossed her skirt to the trash can as well. She slipped on the polo shirt as a top, and the bottom half as a skirt that she managed to make ties. It was a very short skirt as Patty pointed out. Mary laughed, “Look at what Katie is wearing and tell me I’m showing more.”

With that, Patty had Mary cut the blouse to just below breast level. She then snipped the shorts crotch away to make it into a skirt.

Katie was dumbfounded. “you know it is too late to turn back, right? I can’t believe you did that.”

Mary said, “Sue, if Sue can do it, then this Sue can, too.  Right Sue? You with us Sues?”

Patty jumped up and said, “Sue, I’m going wherever you and Sue are going.”

Fortunately, the walk across campus was uneventful for the trio. They did see one girl get inspected, but Katie kept her two voyeur friends moving to avoid unwanted attention.

Back at Katie’s dorm room, the trio found Jessie, Katie’s roommate, sitting at her desk naked.  Jessie greeted the friends with a warm embrace, adding, “Katie talks about you guys all the time. It is like I know you already.”  The girls laughed since Katie had told them all about Jessie as well. Well, except for the going naked part.

Jessie said, “Not usually, but I got inspected by some pinhead. He claimed my panties and socks were a violation. He had to use two guys to stretch my socks above my knees. So he took my outfit for evidence and issued me this citation to appear at court on Monday evening. All weekend!”

Katie gave her roommate a hug. “I’m sorry. It is so unfair. I’ll be with you at the hearing. I promise.”

Mary stood up and without even touching it, her skirt fell to the floor. “Opps! I guess I ruined this shirt.” With that, she tossed her top off as well. Standing naked in the room, Mary said, “If Jessie gets to go naked all weekend, I can, too!”

Patty giggled. She stood up and slipped off her cropped blouse. “I guess I could go topless.” Mary glared. Patty said, “But I’m starting to like this as a skirt!”

Mary said, “Well, then wear it home on Monday, but until then…”

Patty laughed, “Naked!”

All eyes turned to Katie. She knew there was no sense in arguing. She lifted off the babydoll. “It doesn’t hide much anyhow.”

Mary said, “All right! The trio plus one are ready for anything!”

Jessie said, “Katie was right. You are crazy in the best of possible ways!”

Patty said, “Are we going to spend the whole weekend in the dorm?”

Mary said, “Not a chance! If it is legal to walk around outside naked, I’m doing it!”

Jessie and Katie explained how it wasn’t quite legal, but tolerated. When they mentioned even in town accepted nudity as a condition of the college policy, Mary and Patty were racing each other for the door!

It was on their walk that the two new girls learned about consenting to be touched and what would happen if they “consented” for sexual intercourse. Patty was not happy, but Mary seemed too excited by the news.

Jessie mentioned, “That’s only on campus. If we go off campus, they can’t touch us without us saying it alright.”

Katie said, “Lots of guys assume, so be sure to speak up for everyone around to hear.”

Mary asked, “Does moaning count?” The other girls laughed.

The weekend had official begun!

That was a delightful story, base. I only wish my college were like yours, not so much so I could be naked, but to see so many other girls partly or fully naked. At my college, all the girls who wear really short skirts also wear panties, or at least a thong. Every time I think I’ve spotted a girl going commando, she bends over far enough for me to see she’s not quite brave enough. Don’t get me wrong, I play for the pink team, but the sight of a naked girl in public excites me nonetheless. Thanks again for the great story.
Comment By Linda At 7/29/2009 12:28 PM

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