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Carli’s Outdoor Showers

Ever since I started my protest against violence, I’ve really started to enjoy the freedom of going naked. Life is so much simpler for me. Take for instance my morning routine. I no longer had to rush to the dorm showers and have other girls yelling for me to hurry up. Everyone is in such a hurry to get ready for morning classes or breakfast. Me? I crawl out of bed leaving me just enough time to walk to class and stop for a shower along the way.

Okay, the dorm have really nice hot water, if you are one of the first to get to the showers, then it turns cold. While the outdoor showers never get above lukewarm and can get cold fast, it is the sunshine that makes even a cold shower refreshing.

I do love playing around in the outdoor showers, too. I do tend to gather a crowd, and so while I’m playing, I can preach my message of non-violence. But since I’m heading to classes, I will avail myself of the extra towels by the shower stands. There are still too many idiots that try to claim I’m wet and therefore aroused.

So a quick dry, and I’m ready for classes, right? Well, the crowds are not all male. One gal in particular seems to enjoy my daily showers. She sometimes make it difficult to get to classes on time.

more about Jamie later. I have to run to class. That last kiss might have caused me to react that no towel could hide.