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Ms. Winters’ Medical

Summer Winters heard the letter box flap sound and rushed down the stairs in great anticipation. Sorting amongst the usual post and junk mail there was an envelope with the college emblem on it. This was the letter she had been waiting for. Upon opening it, she was overjoyed with the contents. It announced that following on from her successful interview she had been offered the lecturer position she sort.

She could not have been happier. It was widely known that the college rarely had positions available and on the odd occasion when they where, they were highly sort after and one had to be the very best of all the candidates to be selected. Summer read the letter further to see that the appointment was subject to her passing a medical which was also mentioned at the interview.

Thinking passing wouldn’t be too much of a problem as she was fairly young, fit and healthy; she telephoned the number in the letter to schedule an appointment which was set for Friday.

The day of the medical arrived and she entered the campus for the second time. Getting herself checked in she was directed to the doctor’s office where she waited outside to be called in.

The first time she had been to the college for the interview, it was pretty quiet as most of the students were in lessons.  This time, lunch had just started so the halls were abound with students. While waiting, she saw a young female student wearing what looked like an inappropriately short skirt walk right passed her and accidently dropped a book just beside her. The girl bent over to pick it up and Summer was shocked to see that the girl did not have any panties on underneath her skirt. Summer could clearly see her vagina while she was bent over. Another girl passed by who was wearing a longer skirt, just above knee length. A male student who looked like he carried more authority than most of the others stopped the girl beckoning her to one side. Because of the hubbub of the lunch time students, she couldn’t make out what was being said between them but she could see the male student was referring to her skirt. To Summer’s surprise after a bit of dialogue the girl lifted up her skirt and the boy got down to look. He nodded as though satisfied with what he saw then after more talking he proceeded to slide his hand up her leg and rub it all over the girl’s vagina. Summer could not believe what she was seeing.

During her interview, it was mentioned that some of the rules and regulations this college had were unique but they weren’t fully explained to her and she didn’t ask many questions about them because she was informed everything she needed to know would be made available to her once she secured the new position.

“Is this one of those unique rules I’m witnessing?” she thought. Summer realised that all the other students who passed by did so without paying any attention to what just happened between this boy and girl. She continued to observe as the boy then inserted a finger into the girl’s vagina and after a moment pulled it out and held it up to the light rubbing his fingers together. Seemingly satisfied by what he saw, he gave her a nod and she was on her way. “How bizarre!”

The doctor’s door opened.

“Ah! You must be Ms. Winters. Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far then the college has most certainly decided to welcome you to the fold!” the doctor said.

Summer thanked him and he welcomed her into his office. It was quite a plan one, consisting of the usual anatomical charts on the walls, a simple chair next to the doctor’s desk, an examination table and weighing scales in the corner. There was also a small store cupboard in the room.

“My name’s Doctor Stevens,” he said, shaking her hand. “Ready to get started?”

“Indeed.” Summer replied.

“Great! Please get undressed and jump up on the examination table,” Dr. Stevens said.

Looking around there was no screen to get undressed behind and no gown to wear either.

“I don’t have a gown,” Summer said, trying to be polite. She thought he must have just forgotten to provide one.

“Oh, don’t worry. You will not be needing that. This will be a full medical anyway,” Dr. Stevens said casually.

Summer didn’t know what he meant by ‘full medical’ but anyhow, she didn’t want to be naked in front of a total stranger and started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

“I’d rather have a female doctor do the medical,” she said.

Dr. Stevens face became serious, “That wouldn’t be very ethical. A same sex doctor could unwittingly help you cheat the medical which goes against everything we doctors stand for. Here, male candidates always have their medicals performed by female doctors and vice versa.”

Summer was perplexed. This seemed very odd and made little sense to her.

Dr. Stevens could see her reluctance and said with a friendly smile, “Just put your things on the chair. You can leave your bra and panties on for now.”

The ‘for now’ part of his sentence went right over Summer’s head. Seeming as she didn’t have much choice, she slowly undressed while the doctor created a new file for her on his tablet computer. She then sat on the exam table ready.

For the next 10 minutes Dr. Stevens performed the stand routine medical tests; checking her breathing, blood pressure, weight, height, etc. – all the usual stuff. Entering the various results on her file, Dr. Stevens stated, “I’ll also need a urine sample.”

“Ok, sure,” Summer replied.

He took a plastic beaker and tissues from his desk draw and handed them to her. He continued entering notes but then stopped and looked at her.

Summer thought she was expected to provide the sample afterward, once she had gotten dressed again and been to the bathroom.

But, he was still looking at her expectedly.

“What, now?”  Summer asked incredulously.

“Yes please. Then we can move on.”

“But there’s nowhere for me to go…”

“Oh, just do it in the beaker in the corner. It’s large enough to contain a bladder of your size.”

“But… I…” Summer didn’t know what to say. She was a bit embarrassed to pee in front of him.

Dr. Stevens turned back to his tablet typing up more notes and started humming to himself. It was clear she wasn’t going to get out of doing this now. She went to the corner, pulled down her panties and peed in the beaker.

Finished, she wiped herself, pulled her panties back up and handed him the beaker before sitting back on the table.

“That sounded like a nice healthy tinkle,” he remarked cheerfully.

Now she was more embarrassed with him referring to her peeing but she was thankful he didn’t actually watch her while she was doing it.

After dipping a few different test strips in the liquid, Dr. Stevens announced with a smile, “Good! Everything’s fine here.”

Summer was pleased with that result and every bit happier that it now seemed her awkward medical was nearing the end. She couldn’t wait to get dressed again.

“And when does your period usually start?” he asked.

“My period?!” Summer exclaimed.

“Yes,” Dr. Stevens said nonchalantly, “Beginning of the month? End of the month? When?”

“Summer was stunned. She wanted to say so many things but none of them would come out her mouth”.

Sensing her apprehension to answer, Dr. Stevens said, “I have to note these things in case something happens then we have clearer information on your medical file to find out what’s going on. It helps to be able to rule out the normal things.”

“That didn’t make much sense to Summer either and she really didn’t want to answer but reluctantly said, “Around the 6th…”

“Ahh! Good to get it out the way fairly early in the month, eh?” Dr. Stevens said with a little laugh.

Summer wasn’t in the joking mood. She was finding this whole medical highly embarrassing and a bit humiliating now.

“Right, just some final measurements to take, then your arousal test and you’ll be free to go.”

“Arousal test?!” Summer thought. She was just about to ask what that was when Dr. Stevens said, “Please remove your bra.”

“What for?” she asked.

“I need to measure you of course,” he said casually.

“You’re going to measure my breasts? Is that really necessary for a medical?”

“Yes, we find here the more your colleagues know about you the better everyone gets on. We become like one big family of faculty members.”

“Excuse me?!”

“Hmm? Oh! Once your medical is finished, presuming you’ve passed, your file is allowed to be read by all the other faculty members. That really is the best way for you fellow lectures to get to know you in such a short space of time.”

Summer was astounded. “I don’t want everyone seeing my personal information such as my breast size!”

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that. Maybe I wasn’t clear. It’s all very confidential. Only the faculty get to see your file. Not the students. No, that wouldn’t be very good at all.”

“Look, I really object to this,” Summer said defiantly.

“Oh. Ok. That’s fine. But then I can’t pass you for the medical as I won’t have completed it,” he said.

“But….” Summer was lost for words again.

She really didn’t want to do this but on the other hand knew that it was an incredible opportunity to work at such a prestigious college. On top of that, the pay was a lot higher than average. Her friends would think she was nuts for turning this down despite the potential embarrassment she may be subjected to with the other women and men reading her medical file.”

“Ok Summer, if this is what must be done to secure such a great opportunity, then let’s get it over with as soon as possible,” she told herself.

She slowly undid her bra.

“Good girl! That’s the spirit! We have certain methods at this college that have proven themselves to work exceedingly well. They really are for the best. You’ll no doubt become accustomed to them.”

Dr. Stevens did the standard bust measurements and marked her bra size on her file. He then got a ruler from his desk, lifted up her left boob and proceeded to measure her nipple.

“What are you doing?!”

“The measurements,” he said matter-of-factly, as if that would explain everything.

He then measured the diameter of her areola.

“Wait! Wait! Are all these measurements really necessary?!”

“Yes. Like I said, the more your colleagues know about you the better you’ll get on with them.”

He measured her other boob and returned to typing in the file.

Summer was completely lost for words again but as Dr. Stevens typed, he began to speak out loud what he was typing, “…left nipple… 6mm. Diameter of areola… 46mm. Right Nipple… 6mm, Diameter of areola… 44mm”

Returning to her, he held both her nipples with his fingers and gently squeezed them a few times.

“What are you doing now?!”

Dr. Stevens didn’t say anything. He was deep in concentration and carried on squeezing. He got his ruler and measured her nipples again.

“At semi arousal, left nipple… 8mm, right nipple also 8mm,” again stating out loud as he typed.

“Right, please remove your panties and lie on the table Ms. Winters,” he said plainly.

Summer was mortified. She was being asked to expose everything to this man who was likely going to type it all out for other people to read.

“It’s not much longer now,” he said with a reassuring smile. “Nobody really likes medicals. I can understand that but it’s all just part of the application process.”

Feeling more embarrassed now, she stood up and dropped her panties to the floor and lay on the examination table completely naked.

Dr Stevens came around the table and activated stirrups from underneath asking Summer to place her legs in them. With her legs spread quite wide apart, Dr Stevens started to examine her vagina. She didn’t know what he was doing down there as feeling huge embarrassment she had simply closed her eyes willing the whole experience to be over.

She was horrified when she felt him lightly pull at her labia and heard him say, “…labia majora, 29mm long, very small labia minora.”

After a pause she heard him say, “…clitoral hood completely covering the clitoris…” Then she felt him gently pull back her clitoris hood and say, “…clitoris fairly small, visible portion… 4mm.”

Now Summer was feeling very humiliated and every so often the thought that the other faculty members will see this information filled her with dread.”

Dr. Stevens positioned the table so she was in more of a sitting position rather than lying down.

“I will need to see your face for this last part,” he said. He got a small case from out his desk and continued, “Now we’ll perform your arousal tests.”

“My what?!”

“Arousal tests. A series of tests to gauge your sexual arousal. In this college, it is not unusual to see male and female students in various states of undress. Perhaps due do a dress code violation and the female having to remove an item of clothing meaning they’ll be topless or bottomless for a time. Or maybe you’ll be passing the gym halls and see the girls and boys partaking in their gym activities naked. You may even happen across a dress code inspector checking a girl over for wetness and with her failing the test he will be obligated to perform his duty and teaching her not to walk around with a wet vagina by having intercourse with her.
The point I’m making is that with all this frequent nudity around the college, we must protect our students and only hire staff that have high morals and a very high level of decency. We cannot have the lecturers looking lustfully at the nudity of our student’s and becoming sexually aroused. That would be completely inappropriate! We only hire staff members that have a high arousal threshold.”

Summer was bewildered at what she was hearing and trying to get her head around it. She was so deep in thought she completely missed Dr. Stevens getting a video camera and tripod from the storage cupboard and place it at the foot of the exam table focusing it on her.

He returned to the small case he had taken out from his desk and took an object from it that looked like a lipstick container. Clicking a switch, it started buzzing which broke her out of thought.

“I am now going to stimulate your clitoris. Please try to resist any sexual urges you feel,” he said plainly.

Before she could say anything, he placed the buzzing object on her mons pubis, just above her clit. Immediately a wave of pleasure spread though her making her quietly moan.

“This is so weird…,” she was thinking, “…but that feels so good!”

Summer had now seen the camera but her mind was too fuzzy with the blissful sensations in her pussy to say anything about it. Dr. Stevens moved the buzzing object in small circles around the area, gradually moving more and more over to her clit hood. He then began vibrating it lightly on her clit through the hood.

“Ohhhh!” she said aloud. This was now making her squirm.

“I did ask you to resist any sexual urges but if you feel yourself about to orgasm, please let me know.”

He continued using the vibrator on Summer’s clit hood gradually applying more pressure when he knew her clit wasn’t too sensitive to take it.

Eventually, it got her there, “Ohhhhh my! I’m going to… I’m going to cum!” she said in between breaths.

Dr. Stevens used his free hand to operate a remote for the video camera and zoomed the camera into her face and continued working her clit with the vibrator.

Summer suddenly tensed up then the full force of an explosive orgasm hit her making her jerk and buck on the table while groaning loudly. Dr. Stevens switched the vibrator off and let her orgasm subside, not wanting to stimulate her clit anymore as it had undoubtedly become quite sensitive due to her orgasm.

“Good, you managed to resist for quite a while,” he said reaching for his ruler once more. He measured her nipples and clitoris again and said as he typed,” Clitoral stimulation test… Pass. Nipples at full arousal very firm. Nipple length at full arousal, left… 10mm, right also 10mm. Clitoris at full arousal, engorged with a noticeable increase in size, 7mm.”

Summer was panting from her orgasm which had made her totally relaxed but hearing Dr. Stevens talking about her like this again was making her shriek inside.

“What’s the camera for?” she asked.

“Oh, did I not explain?” He genuinely thought he had. “Again, it’s all part of your colleagues getting to know you. They may decide to want to see the video of your orgasm. Some refer to it as your ‘cum face’. I’ve never liked that term myself, but it all aids the familiarity of getting to know their new staff member.”

Summer was even more horrified at hearing this. How was she supposed to walk through the college with the staff having seen the uncontrollable faces she pulls while having an orgasm. The humiliation she was feeling was beyond belief.

“Right, final test.” Dr. Stevens took a second item of the box he had. This one was larger and thicker and looked like a more typical vibrator but hand a bulbous tip at the end of one side.

“I’m now going to stimulate you internally, particularly your G-spot. Again, please try to resist any sexual urges you feel,” Dr. Stevens instructed.

By now, Summer had given up trying to question or protest to the doctor.

Lubing up the bigger vibrator, Dr. Stevens spread her pussy lips apart and slowly slid the object inside her. To her pleasant surprise it was heated and felt quiet warm.

She was still trying to tell herself that she wasn’t ok with any of this but then he pressed a button and it started vibrating.

“Ohh my god!” she let out under her breath as the pleasurable sensations spread through her pussy again. He was gently thrusting the vibrator in and out of her, rotating it so that the bulbous part pleasurably rubbed against different parts of her vaginal walls. Then he manoeuvred it to press against her g-spot.

She inhaled deeply as that sent a wave of euphoric ecstasy through her. As he thrust it into her, he began to increase the intensity of the vibration which only increased her bliss. He also sped up his movements and she was now very wet and aware of the squelching noises the vibrator was making as it slid in and out her pussy.

As Dr. Stevens continued to pump away, she could feel her orgasm build again and eventually, she reached the point of no return and told him once more that she was going to cum.

Dr. Stevens quickly broke off to make sure her face was still in focus then began thrusting into her again but put his other hand on her mons pubis and began massaging her clit simultaneously. This sent her over the edge with intense levels of pleasure. She arched her back and came hard with a loud moan, her body involuntary jerking again and her limbs trembling.

Exhausted, she slumped back on the exam table.

Dr. Stevens wiped his hands that were mostly coved in her slick pussy juice and went back to typing his notes.

“Internal stimulation test… Pass. Ms. Winters resisted her second orgasm for quite some time. Notes… during this test, Ms. Winters exhibited profuse vaginal wetness… which has quite a fragrant aroma…” Pausing, he dipped a finger into her sopping pussy and put it in his mouth, sucking it he continued, “tastes fairly sweet too. She fully passes her medical with a higher that average arousal time and higher than average Time To Orgasm making her a perfect addition to the college.”

He stopped typing and said, “You can get dressed now Ms. Winters.”

Summer was wiped out having just had two very powerful orgasms but boy was she glad to hear that she could put clothes on again. And that she’d passed the medical.

Dr. Stevens sort to finalise some matters, “Right! In the event that you did pass your medical, the Dean asked me to notify you that you’d be starting first thing Monday morning. I’ll get your file and video footage published to the college faculty intranet so all your colleagues can start getting to know you!”

In the joyful rapture of her last orgasm she had completely forgotten about that. The humiliation started to set in again at the thought that all the staff will be reading extremely personal information about her body. She didn’t know how she would be able to look them in the eye.

She finished getting dressed and was about to leave.

“And Ms. Winters?” Dr. Stevens said lastly, “If you pass by the admin office, they will give you credentials to log into the staff intranet. If I were you, I would use the weekend going over your fellow lectures medical results file and video footage so you can start getting to know them too. Cheerio!”