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Ms. Winters’ Medical Participation

New tutor, Summer Winters had been at the college for a week now and she was loving it! Things had turned out to be quite different to what she expected when she was going through her medical ordeal 10 days ago.

Following her medical on that Friday, which she found truly fraught with embarrassment and humiliation, she went home dreading turning up the following Monday with all the other staff members having read her medical file with some very explicit details about her body. That was all she could think about while she was sitting at home that weekend which made her cringe constantly and to try and take her mind off the situation, she stuck her head into some of the college introductory materials for new staff members which explained things like the history, funding and ideals of the college. There was a note on one of the booklets that read: ‘…for more up to date information please visit the staff intranet.’ She remembered that she had been given access to that, collecting her credentials from the admin office after passing her medical.

Getting her laptop, she navigated to the site and logged in. Scrolling through, she read various bulletins about upcoming events, scheduled meetings and the like but then saw the link for staff profiles. Curiosity got the better of her. Summer looked through the list until she found herself. Upon seeing the link to view her medical file, the feeling of dread set in once again. She really didn’t want to but she did. She opened the report and the full embarrassing horror came flooding back to her. She was astounded at was written on the file: the size of her breasts, lengths of her nipples, diameter of her areola and their specific colour – a ‘soft pink’. Acute details about her vagina were there for all to see and she could not believe he had even detailed the way her vagina tasted stating that it had a fairly sweet taste. The doctor had even noted that the colour of her anus matched her nipples.

Summer was absolutely shocked. She didn’t know what was worse, the information everyone could read or the video link she clicked on which showed her completely naked, legs spread wide apart in stirrups and her pulling faces that looked like she was grimacing and smiling at the same time as she reached the heights of orgasm while the doctor stimulated her. This was the most humiliated she had ever felt.

Disheartened, clicking back the way she came she ventured across the profile of another tutor, the girls’ gym instructor Miss Jayne. Summer looked at the medical file link. It felt wrong but she was curious. Was there as much detail about Miss Jayne as there was herself? Clicking the link, Summer read through Miss Jayne’s file.

‘Bra cup size 36D. Left and right nipples inverted. Both breasts sporting large areola of 60mm in diameter. Areola colour – light caramel brown.’

She read further down. ‘Period usually around the 22nd of the month. Labia majora very small – vaginal opening easily visible even when legs are not spread particularly wide apart. Tip of clitoris protrudes slightly from under hood without any manipulation. Visible portion of clitoris (with hood pulled back) 7mm. Anus darker in colour than areola – a more coffee brown.’

Summer continued to read through Miss Jayne’s medical file which, just as her own, did indeed go into great detail about her body and her various states of arousal. She finished the section about her passing both the clitoral and internal stimulation tests and then spotted the side notes the doctor made: ‘Note: Anus visibly contracts multiple times during orgasm. Vaginal juices taste tart but not unpleasant. Slight creaminess in composition.’

Summer then clicked the video footage link. She saw Miss Jayne in a similar position to herself: on the examination table completely naked in a semi upright position sitting with her legs splayed open each one in stirrups. She could not look away as Miss Jayne was building to an orgasm while the doctor pleasured her with a vibrator. As she peaked, Miss Jayne screwed up her face and opened her mouth in an ‘O’ shape before letting out a sudden grunting moan then slumping back against the exam table.

Summer closed the laptop. On one hand she was flabbergasted and didn’t feel comfortable reading or watching anymore. On the other, she felt a bit better that it appeared all the staff had their highly detailed medical results file and video footage up on the intranet for the other staff members to view.


Monday morning eventually came, the first day of her new position and by lunchtime, her fears and anxiety fizzled away. Everyone was so nice to her, welcoming her into the faculty. All the staff were polite and professional and really helped her to get settled in and Summer realised that she really didn’t have anything to worry about. There was a real friendly atmosphere and camaraderie between all the staff members and she needn’t have been embarrassed about the other tutors being able to read her medical file as none of them really mentioned it and on the occasion when one did, it was only ever in a supporting manner.

So fast forward to today and Summer has been at the college for a week and she was now well accustomed to its ways. What seemed like the most ridiculous rules and regulations at first made the most perfect sense to her now. Especially the ones regarding the female student dress code. She now understood and valued the very important job the dress code inspectors did.

As she walked the halls it suddenly occurred to Summer that she had not seen Dr. Stevens since her medical and she wanted to thank him for being patient and trying to put her at ease throughout her examination by him. She had been too obsessed with her own hang ups to realise this and she wanted to apologise for being so difficult.

Passing by the doctor’s office, she knocked on the door.

“Hello! It’s Ms. Winters here, Summer Winters,” she said from behind the door.

“Oh, come in,” she heard a female voice say.

Opening the door she saw what must have been a female doctor but her attention was immediately taken by the naked man sitting on the examination table. In a fright at seeing Summer, the man rushed to cover his exposed penis with his hands.

Summer was a bit at a loss, “Didn’t realise you were busy! I can come back later! I was looking for Dr. Stevens anyway.”

“He’s not here today. I’m Dr. Reilly,” she said extending her hand. She then added, “Congratulations on your appointment here. It’s not often vacancies come up. You must have made quite an impression with your interviewers!”

“Thank you…,” Summer said, shaking her hand. She was still distracted by the naked man on the table. “…Yes I was aware that it was rare for openings here.”

“Indeed,” Dr. Reilly continued, “There were two; you’ve secured one and it looks like the other will be taken by Mr. Scott here.” She gestured to the naked man who was still trying to cover up his modesty with his hands. He was looking quite glum and couldn’t look at either woman in the face, keeping his eyes to the floor.

“He has to pass his medical first of course but things are going well so far,” Dr. Reilly said.

The doctor realised Mr. Scott hadn’t made any attempted to engage in the conversation and said to him, “Well? Aren’t you going to greet Ms. Winters? You are likely to be colleagues.”

He lifted his eyes to meet Summers’ and the shame and humiliation of his nudity in the presence of two fully clothed women was written all over his face.

“Hi,” he said meekly with a very week smile.

“Hello!” Summer said brightly, trying to be cheerful. She could relate to how he was feeling only too well having been in his situation just over a week ago. Searching her brain she was trying to think of something positive to say to him, “What would make him feel better? How do I convey to him everything will be absolutely fine and that there really is no reason to feel embarrassed by his nudity?”

She became stuck as she realised when in his position there was nothing anyone could have told her to make her feel better and she’d probably be helping him best by leaving so that he’d only be naked in front of one woman not two.

“Ok then,” Summer said, “I’ll catch up with Dr. Stevens another time.” She turned to leave.

“Can you spare 10 minutes at all?” Dr. Reilly asked. “I’m a little behind in all my duties and wondered if you could help me finish Mr. Scott’s medical faster. I’d be eternally grateful… and owe you a coffee!”

Summer actually was free and didn’t have any classes for an hour but looking at Mr. Scott she could see he was cringing at the thought of her presence for any longer.

Trying to think what was best, she decided that he would feel better being naked in front of two women for a shorter space of time than one woman for an extended period.

“Ok, yes. I can help.”

Mr. Scott let out a grimacing groan under his breath.

“Great! I’ve just got to take a few more measurements, then his arousal test and one other sample. I’ll do the measurements if you could just note down everything on the computer.”

Mr. Scott’s ears pricked up at the sound of the arousal test. He had a quizzing look on his face but was too embarrassed to ask anything out loud.

“If you’ll please stand up Mr. Scott?” Dr. Reilly asked.

He reluctantly did so, still trying to shield his dick and balls from the two women.

“There is no need to be shy,” Dr. Reilly told him in a reassuring manner, “You’re amongst colleagues here. Well, once you pass which I’m fairly confident you will. Please place your hands by your side.”

He really didn’t want to but reluctantly uncovered his dick letting his hands fall away and Summer couldn’t help but look.

“Thank you,” Dr. Reilly said, pulling a ruler out of her pocket. She crouched down and began taking some measurements.

“Flaccid penis… 3.6 inches long. Scrotum in unaroused state hanging quite low. Left testicle hanging slightly lower than the right…,” Dr. Reilly turned to Summer, “That’s normal by the way, for one testicle to hang slightly lower than the other. If they didn’t, they’d be banging together like a pair of Clackers!” She gave a laugh then turned back to Mr. Scott.

“Ok now for the arousal test!”

“Wha… What?” he asked.

“We need to test how long it takes for you to become fully erect.”

Mr. Scott had the most confused look on his face. Summer was about to try and reassure him again but realised nothing she could say would make any sense to him right now. He just had to go through the process and would understand in time.

Dr. Reilly gave Summer a stop watch and asked her to start it on her say so. She took another tablet computer from the storage cupboard and tapped something on it then brought it close to Mr. Scott’s face.

“Ok Mr. Scott. I’d like you to view something on this tablet. If you look away before I stop it you will have failed the test. Now please try to resist any sexual desire you may feel. Ready Summer? Go!”

Summer started the stopwatch and Dr. Reilly flipped the tablet around to face Mr. Scott. A video was playing of a woman giving a man a very slow and sensual blowjob. She was sucking his cock as though doing so gave her immense pleasure. The woman then got up to straddle her partner and as she parted her pussy lips and slowly slid down his cock, the man gave a very satisfying moan as he entered her.

“Stop!” Dr. Reilly called. “Time?”

Summer looked at the watch. “43 seconds.”

“Hmm… Well done. Managed to resist an erection for 43 seconds while viewing explicit content. Great! You’ve passed.” she said commending him.

Summer added the erection time to his file and could see that Mr. Scott was even more embarrassed now that he had this raging erection and was still confused but he managed to pluck up the courage to ask a question.”

“I don’t understand… What is this test for?”

“Basically to see how easy it is for you go get aroused. Everything we do is for the protection of our students. Being a tutor at this college means you will likely encounter many situations where you are in close proximity to boys and particularly girls in various states of undress and we need to make sure that in those situations you are not turned on by the students. That would be highly inappropriate.
For instance, you may be tasked to cover for the girls’ gym class one day. With the ultra short and very revealing gym kits they wear or even sometimes, if they are taking gym completely nude, we have to be sure any tutor will remain professional and decent and not be aroused by their students. If you had reached full erection in a very short space of time, that would indicate you were a highly sexed male and not have been suitable to teach at this college. The longer you held off, the more decency and resolve you show. 43 seconds is very good!”

Summer could tell by the look on his face that none of this was making any sense to him.

“For the remainder of the medical, I will need you to remain fully erect. I will place this around the base of your penis and scrotum to help,” Dr. Reilly said.

She pulled out a silicone cock ring from her pocket and placed it over Mr. Scott’s dick and balls. Mr. Scott let out a groan as he felt the tightness of the ring around him. Summer couldn’t help but look on as she saw his dick swell even more, looking taut and veiny.

Dr. Reilly got her ruler once more and dictated to Summer, “Penis fully erect… 6.4 inches. Girth… 5.2 inches. Glands of penis fairly bulbous. Scrotum at full arousal now higher. Testicles tightly packed within.”

Summer could see the expression on Mr. Scott’s face. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

“Now the second arousal test,” Dr. Reilly announced.

Mr. Scott looked up with despair. This whole thing was so awkward for him he wanted to protest at more embarrassment but gave up.

Dr. Reilly went to the store cupboard and pulled out a strange looking contraption that Summer didn’t know what to make of but once it was assembled she could see it was a mechanical arm that supported itself on the ground. The doctor adjusted it to the height of Mr. Scott’s now throbbing cock and attached a Fleshlight to the end. She squirted some lube inside the Fleshlight and on his dick.

“I want you to stand still and resist the urge to thrust back into the masturbator, ok?” she instructed him.

She inserted the tip of his rigid cock into the Fleshlight and switched the arm on. It started moving forward and back, engulfing Mr. Scott’s dick in the Fleshlight. He let out a moan and his body almost went limp at the pleasure he could feel on his cock.”

“Remember, try not to thrust into it,” she sort to remind him.

As the machine stroked his dick, Dr. Reilly came close to Summer and said only so that she could hear, “It is a man’s natural urge to thrust back into the source of his pleasure. The longer he refrains from thrusting the greater his resolve.”

Mr. Scott was having a difficult time. He kept squeezing his face and gritting his teeth as the machine fucked him. Every so often he uttered little whimpering moans. Finally he reached braking point and began to thrust into the Fleshlight with greater moaning.

Dr. Reilly stopped the machine checking the number on the counter on it.

“Thrusting test passed with 57 strokes,” she directed Summer to take down. “That’s marvellous. Now I just need to take a sperm sample.”

He looked up in horror.

“There’s really nothing to be worried about Mr. Scott,” Dr. Reilly said trying to reassure him again. “You’ve been so tense throughout your whole medical. It really isn’t that bad.”

She removed the Fleshlight from him, putting the mechanical arm to one side. Venturing to the store cupboard again, she retrieved the video camera and tripod. While she was setting it up, Summer’s eyes were again drawn to Mr. Scott’s meaty cock standing proud. The cock ring was still on making him extra hard. His dick kept catching her attention especially as it kept bobbing up and down slightly of its own accord, gently moving to the beat of his pulse. Her gaze was interrupted when Mr. Scott asked, “What’s the camera for…?”

“I just need to record your moment of ejaculation. Specifically your… how shall I put it…? Some refer to it as your ‘cum face’.”

“What?! Why?” Mr. Scott was astonished.

“Were you not listening earlier? I explained that your medical file goes a long way for your soon to be colleagues to get to know you at a very quick rate. With so many faculty staff it would take forever to meet them all one by one and them really getting to know you. Giving access to these personal details lets them feel as though they know you very well without having met you in person that many times.

Mr. Scott was speechless and Summer could see that he still didn’t understand. She tried to offer her point of view, “When I had my medical and was told the same thing by doctor Stevens, I really didn’t understand and was too caught up in feeling embarrassed at being naked and disclosing such highly personal information. But being here a week, it really does make perfect sense. Over the course of the last week I’ve read through many of the medical files of the other men and women of the faculty and seen their videos. I really do feel that reading all their very highly detailed personal information has brought me closer to them. No one feels like a stranger to me, and I even feel like I know very well staff members I have not even met yet.”

“Exactly! Take heart in what Ms. Winters tells you. I couldn’t have put it better myself,” Dr. Reilly said to Mr. Scott. Then she paused and looked at Summer, “That reminds me. I’ve read your file and saw you have a very small clitoris like me. We should start a club… the Itty Bitty Clitty Club!”

Both Summer and Dr. Reilly laughed while Mr. Scott resigned himself to disbelief.

Dr. Reilly had finished setting up the camera making sure Mr. Scott was in focus. “Anyway,” she said, “on with the sperm sample.”

Dr. Reilly drizzled more lube on Mr. Scott’s taut dick and was about to take hold of it but then suddenly thought of something.

“I’ll also be performing a Time To Orgasm test but Mr. Scott has shown such great resolve, I am in no doubt it will take a long time for him to orgasm so it may take a little extra stimulation for us to get the sample,” she said to Summer.

She beckoned Summer to come over to give her a helping hand.

“Right, Mr. Scott. Tell us when you are about to orgasm and we’ll take the sample in a container.

Both women got on their knees and Dr. Reilly started her stopwatch then began stroking his dick in her warm wet lube covered hands. Immediately his body went lip again letting out a pleasurable moan.

Summer was instructed to help by massaging his balls. She gently cupped a hand over them and squeezed lightly. Even though she had become accustomed to most of the unique ways of this college, this still felt a little odd for her but hey, if this was the way this college conducted medicals and they’ve had lots of positive results, who was she to argue? She had now learned to take every new situation or rule that seemed peculiar to her in its stride with the full confidence that she will eventually see the wisdom of it later.

Summer continued to squeeze and fondle his balls and thought she could feel that they were heavy with cum and that he was probably aching for release due to all the previous stimulation. While she caressed him, Dr. Reilly continued to stroke and pump away, her luscious soft hands sliding all over his dick. Every time she went over his cock head he let out a louder moan.

Dr. Reilly looked up at Mr. Scott and said, “You’ve already proven yourself very decent with a high arousal time. I want you to really challenge yourself. Thrust into my hands but try to refrain from orgasming as long as you can.”

Summer could see once more that Mr. Scott was highly perplexed by this whole situation but no doubt enjoying having his dick jerked off by two women, he began thrusting with quite some force. He fucked Dr. Reilly’s hands with a look of determination on his face but then he suddenly stopped shaking his head and looking at Summer and Dr. Reilly with the most puzzled expression.

“Wait, wait… Is this really happening?” he asked. “Am I dreaming this?”

“Are you feeling okay Mr. Scott?” Dr. Reilly asked.

“Yes but… what’s going on here?” he replied incredulously.

“We are trying to take a sperm sample,” Dr. Reilly stated plainly. “I don’t see how else we would take one. Are you okay to proceed?”

“Yes but…,” Mr. Scott was lost for words.

This was the most bizarre day he had ever experienced. At times it had felt like one of the worst but right now it felt like one of the best. Unable to put his thoughts into a more coherent statement, he continued to force himself into Dr. Reilly’s hands which were still tightly wrapped around his cock.

As he thrust away, his grunting got louder and more frequent. Summer squeezed his balls a little more firmly which he seemed to like and eventually, he reached his threshold.

“Oh yes…” Mr. Scott moaned, “I’m going to cum….”

“Quick Summer, the beaker on the desk!” Dr. Reilly stated, stopping the stopwatch.

Summer was now slightly panicked by the doctor’s urgent tone. She dashed to the desk and picked up the beaker but her hands were slippery from the lube and as she returned to her previous position, she fumbled it. The beaker slipped from her hands, dropping to the floor and rolled away. She was about to get it but Dr. Reilly said, “No! It’s unsanitary now!”

Then Mr. Scott declared, “Ohhhhhh… I’m gonna cuuuuuumm!”

“Quick Summer, your mouth!” Dr. Reilly ordered.

Summer opened her mouth to say ‘WHAT?!’ but Dr. Reilly grabbed the back of her head forcing her mouth onto Mr. Scott’s dick. His cum exploded in her mouth.”

“Don’t swallow! I need the sample!” Dr. Reilly said anxiously.

Swallowing wasn’t the problem, with the complete surprise she was trying not to choke.

Summer could feel Mr. Scott’s cock pulsating in her mouth as more and more cum spurted into it.

Finally, spent from his orgasm Mr. Scott pulled out of Summer’s mouth and collapsed on the exam table. Dr. Reilly got a clean beaker and Summer spat his gooey cum into it.

Reality now returned to Mr. Scott. Feeling really awkward about what had just happened he guiltily looked at Summer and said, “Sorry…”

“It’s not your fault.” Dr. Reilly responded. “Nincompoop over here is the one that dropped the container!” she said, playfully admonishing her.”

Dr. Reilly could see that summer was frowning and playing with her tongue in her mouth and she kept sticking it out. The doctor cleaned her hands and got the tablet computer.

“Anyway, you’ve saved me a job. What does his cum taste like?” she asked Summer.

“Erm… sweet… and… tangy at the same time… I think.”

“Good.” Then Dr. Reilly typed on Mr. Scott’s report, “Mr. Scott has an extremely high Time To Orgasm time even with multiple stimulations. Other sperm sample results to follow once processed. Taste is sweet and tangy. Side note: The taster was Ms. Summer Winters. Mr. Scott experiences slight deliriousness when he is in a high state of arousal. ”

Summer could see that Mr. Scott was still confounded at this whole medical. He wanted to ask so many questions but every time he began to ask he fell silent in confusion.

“Right Mr. Scott,” Dr. Reilly concluded, “I’m pleased to announce you have fully passed your medical. I’ll get your results published to the staff intranet for the rest of the faculty to read. The admin office will grant you access before you leave and you’ll be able to start getting to know your fellow colleagues by reading their files too. Welcome to the college!”

Seeing that Mr. Scott still needed some encouragement, Summer said, “If you like, you can start with my file.”