Pretty Girls of the Day, August 1, 2017

As the vice principal of our high school, I take great pride in our physical education classes. The classes are an excellent way for students to improve their physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, due to budget cutbacks, we had to eliminate gym uniforms for the girls, but they are by and large quite enthusiastic about doing gym in their underwear. And that’s why I’m dedicating this “Pretty Girl” column to all the pretty girls of our high school, and to their gym teacher who motivates them to perform their best.

Like many progressive high schools, underwear (bras and panties) are optional for girls. And, to protect the girls from embarrassment, teachers are no longer permitted to strip girls naked as a punishment; girls may only be forced to strip down to their underwear. And now that the girls are taking gym class in their underwear, many girls have gone back to wearing panties, and some have even started wearing bras as well, which is nice to see.

The gym teachers tell me he’s noticed the girls are quite fond of their panties. Or perhaps they are embarrassed to take them off. Either way, the girls’ panties are a great motivating force for good, he says. Merely threatening to make a girl take off her panties is often enough to make her perform at a higher level in gym class. And if that doesn’t work, well, she just has to take them off, that’s all. This isn’t done to embarrass the girls, but rather to encourage them to work harder in class.

Our high school is one of the only ones in the area that allow girls to wear panties as their only bottom. Many girls take advantage of this rule, and wear cute tops that show off their pretty bellies, without any bottom other than their panties. Ordinarily, this doesn’t cause any disruption in class, But when a girl loses her panties in gym class, this can be a big deal, especially if she depends on them as part of her outfit. You see, once she takes them off in gym, they stay off. She doesn’t get them back. So, as you can imagine, some girls work very hard to keep their panties on. And if they do have to take off their panties, they might even cry a little. Some girls cry because they’re worried that their top is too short, and they might be embarrassed in their other classes later in the day. What if I’m called to write something on the blackboard? Will their classmates laugh when they see my completely bare butt? Even things as simple as walking up the stairs or drinking from a water fountain can worry a bottomless girl.

One by one, the girls are forced to remove their panties. Some of them are embarrassed about it, or worried about being bottomless for the rest of the day, but most of them are stoic. They all continue their gym class, even if they’re naked, because they’re good girls.

After removing her panties, this girl returns to exercising.

For some of the naked girls, losing their panties is no big deal. Maybe they came to school this morning wearing a top long enough to feel decent without anything under it. Or maybe they even wore a cute little skirt that doesn’t even need panties.

At the end of class, the girls line up to be dismissed. Most of them had lost their panties. Some of them look pretty annoyed, while others took it in stride. But all of the girls vowed to work harder in gym next time, in hopes they won’t be stripped naked.

After being dismissed, the girls had a nice shower, and got dressed.

Of course, the girls missed their panties, and wished they still had them to put on, but most of them took it in stride. This girl, for example, had the good sense this morning to wear a dress long enough for her to feel decent.

Here she is at lunch…

…and on the playground.

While I’m on the subject of our playground, one of its very nice features is the rock climbing wall. As you can imagine, a girl who climbs this wall knows her fellow students will be looking up at her, watching her, to make sure she gets to the top safely. So, to feel decent, a girl naturally prefers to wear panties. But on days when her panties are taken away from her, it’s good to have a dress long enough to feel decent.

Here’s a closeup of her face, so you can see her look of concentration as she carefully tests her footholds, confident that her dress is long enough to hide her lack of panties as the boys look up at her in admiration:

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