A New Crop of Students

Was this Donna’s second or third year teaching CP class? She had lost count already. Donna was still just as drop-dead gorgeous as she was in College, and now with added maturity, she managed the organized chaos in her classroom as her kids settled their new routine.

“Settle down, people.” She doesn’t call them kids, or worse yet “children”, because, although they are very young, they’re all over 18, which is a requirement for the CP class, because the girls all have to consent to being raped, which is a big part of their preparation. I know It seems like an oxymoron that the girls all consent to being raped, because if they give their consent, isn’t it just consensual sex? But it all comes down to the timing. You see, the girls give their consent at the beginning of the school year, but the sex itself can happen any time, often when the girl isn’t expecting it, and usually in front of her classmates.

As the kids settled into their seats for homeroom, Donna finished up some administrative work. “Cindy, I still don’t have your consent form.”

“My dad doesn’t want me to sign it,” Cindy said, looking cuter than ever in a bright red t-shirt that came half-way down her adorable little butt. She was one of the first girls this year to start coming to school wearing just a top, so her reticence was a little surprising.

“I’ll give you a little more time, honey,” Donna said, “but at some point, I’ll have to start punishing you, do you understand?”

“Settle down, everyone,” Donna repeated. “I just have a few announcements before we get started today. There have been some complaints about the Stocks. Girls, come on now, you know the rules. No underwear is allowed in the Stocks. No panties, no bras, not even a thong. If you’re sent to the stocks, and you happen to be wearing underwear, just take it off, please, before locking yourself in.”

“Blue jeans?” asked Doreen.

“Very funny, Doreen.” Everyone laughed, because of course you can’t wear pants in the stocks, but it seems Doreen didn’t know that when she showed up for her punishment last week wearing jeans and an adorable little crop top. “But that does bring up another point I’d like to mention: Boys, please be respectful of the girls who are being punished in the Stocks. It’s fine to stroke their legs, if you like, but only up to their lips. Please don’t feel between their lips or inside their vagina. If you need to lift their skirt to make sure they’re not wearing underwear, that’s fine, but please put it back when you’re done. I feel sorry for the girls whose dresses are pushed up past their tits, or whose skirts are left lying on the floor next to them. It’s embarrassing for them, especially when they get sexually excited.”

“I know the knee pads at the Stocks are a couple feet apart, which some girls find a little embarrassing, because it opens them up more than they would like, you know, especially if they’re wearing a short dress. So, boys, if you see a girl whose vagina is wet and open, go ahead and stroke her inner thighs, if you like, but be gentle, because she might cum, and this is embarrassing for some girls. By all means, bring her to the brink of cumming, but then switch from her inner thighs to another part of her body before she cums. But you should avoid putting your arm between her legs to rub her belly when she’s about to cum, because she may suddenly arch her back in order to rub her pussy on your arm to get the release she needs to cum. Instead, you should gently rub her butt with the palms of your hands, spreading her cheeks if you like, and make little circles around her anus without touching it directly.”

“My last comment before we leave the topic of the Stocks is this: Please remember that some of the girls in the Stocks are as young as 16 years old, so please don’t have sex with them, even if they beg you to finish them. Feel free to loosen or remove their clothing if they ask you to do so, and bring them right to the brink of cumming, if you like, but don’t fuck them, and don’t even help them to cum, even if they beg you. It’s a better, more meaningful punishment for the girl if she’s forced to put her butt in the air with her legs spread wide, and beg in vain to be finished, while you all watch her suffer.”

It got very quiet in the room. Though everyone understood that it was helpful to use girls’ physical sexual needs against them in this way, it was sobering to hear it explained so starkly. “Listen, girls, it’s not that bad, honest. We punish you this way to toughen you up. We all went through it. I went through it in College, without the help of a CP class like this one. Okay, I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m not supposed to tell you. I’m in a competition with two other teachers to wear the sexiest clothes to school. The loser will have to go in the Stocks, along with whichever girls are being punished that day. I really feel bad for those other two teachers, because they didn’t go to the College, and they’re not used to wearing crotch-length dresses without any underwear, which comes naturally to me. So my plan is to play along, you know, to make them step up their game a bit, but then I’ll let them win. You know that sexy wife-beater of mine? The one that just comes down to the top of my butt crack, and is so thin you can see my nipples through it? Well, that’s what I’ll be wearing on Friday when the loser is announced, but I’ll be wearing it with a skirt, you see, just to make sure the loser is me. Then I’ll take off the skirt before accepting my punishment. I really think it will be fun for the boys, because I’ve been really good lately — no sex at all, you see. So when I’m completely bottomless in the Stocks, it will just take a gentle touch to my inner thighs to get me really excited.”

“Okay. So. To summarize: the Stocks are used to punish girls. Girls are not allowed to wear pants or underwear in the Stocks, but they can wear a dress or skirt if they like. Boys are allowed to lift a girl’s skirt, and look at her pussy and asshole, but may not remove the girl’s clothing without her consent. Boys are allowed to touch the girl’s inner thighs, right up to their pussy lips. And boys may spread the girl’s cheeks, and touch between them, right up to her anus. The idea is to keep the girl at the brink of cumming without letting her actually cum, so you should touch her all around her pussy and asshole without actually pleasuring her. Tease her, make her squirm, and make her pussy dripping wet, but that’s it. Okay? And, most likely, on Friday, you’ll have your chance to do that to me, as well. I’m kind of looking forward to it, in a masochistic sort of way.”

* * *

“Any questions on today’s announcements? Okay, then, on with the game. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s a stripping game, of course. The idea is to strip as far as necessary, but no farther, because whatever clothes you take off this morning, you lose for good. So this is fair warning: When the game is over, some of you girls may be topless. Some of you may be bottomless. One or two of you may even be naked. This is very serious, because whether your topless, bottomless, or worse, you’ll be that way for the whole day. Think about it: you’ll be going to all your classes this way, and to lunch, and then you’ll probably be going home that way, as well. But don’t worry, most of you will only lose no more than one or two items of clothing, and so you’ll still be decent.”

“As a class, the girls will try to meet a minimum clothing goal, which is the sum of the points earned by each girl for stripping. Here’s how the points will work: a girl gets one point each for baring her Tits, Pussy, or Ass. And she gets a bonus point for getting either naked or completely bottomless. On the other hand, if she is wearing excessive clothing, such as underwear, she loses points. A long skirt loses one point, even if she’s commando beneath it. As a rule of thumb, a skirt or dress should show some cheek to avoid losing points. Any bush, no mater how neatly trimmed, is treated just like a pair of panties, which means even if she’s naked, she gets just one point for her tits, but no points for pussy or ass, and loses a point for the bush itself, ending up with zero points. Also, a girl with a bush doesn’t need additional clothing besides her bush, so any clothing is excessive, and points will be deducted accordingly.”

“In this class, we have 12 boys and 12 girls, so we’ll divide into 12 boy-girl teams. Each team will meet in private, away from the other teams, which will afford the girls the opportunity to strip completely naked, if need be, without any embarrassment at all. The boy will coach the girl on the strategy, balancing her need to wear a decent amount of clothing with the class’s need to meet their minimum clothing goal. Since this is your first time playing the game this year, I’ll set your goal at 6 points, which is easily achievable, if, say, six of you decide to go topless, or just two of you decide to go completely bottomless, or some other combination like that. Before I let you go, though, I should point out that at least two of the girls have bushes, maybe even three or four, I don’t know for sure. You won’t be able to count on these girls for any points at all, and unless they all strip completely naked, they’ll bring you some negative points which you’ll need to overcome. One last word of caution before I let you go to your private cubicles: If you don’t make the six point minimum, I’ll send you all back with a new goal, and you won’t like it, I promise! Now go, boys first, one per cubicle.”

Donna had set up dividers along the back of the classroom making little cubicles, each with a blanket on the floor, but otherwise empty. All the boys went to a cubicle, and stood there on their blankets, waiting. “Now, boys, take off your clothes, and face the girls.” I have to admit I was astonished by this order. I had no idea I would be getting naked, too! But I did as I was ordered, and stood naked, facing the girls. I had a bit of an erection, but nothing too embarrassing. In fact, having a little boner just made my dick look bigger, so I was happy about it. Then Donna had little whispered conversations with each girl, after which she joined one of the boys. I was so happy to see my girl was Liz, an young and innocent-looking girl with brown hair, wearing a short skirt and a tank top. She greeted me warmly, cupping my balls in her hand, and putting the other hand around me. It felt natural to kiss her. Sweet, even. Then she stepped back, almost stepping out of the cubicle, gently letting my balls go.

“Come on back here, Liz,” I said, pulling her toward me, and back into the cubical where my full blown hard-on wouldn’t be seen by anyone but Liz and Donna, who was pacing back and forth, watching the goings-on in each cubicle. “Umm, is it okay if, like, I take off your clothes?”

She giggled, took my hand, and guided it under her little skirt. I started to say, “Good to know you’re not wearing panties,” but while I was still feeling her pussy, she wrapped both arms around me, and gave me another kiss, so what I actually said was more like: “Goolkgkkggg!” She jumped up, and wrapped both legs around me, a move that surprised me, and made me fall to the ground, almost bringing down the cubical walls in the process. We both laughed as we sat on the blanket facing each other, her legs spread wide over mine. She gave me a playful look as she rocked her hips up and down, her wet hairless pussy sliding against the base of my extremely hard penis.

“It’s time for you to get naked,” I said. I sensed that time was getting short, and I wanted to see what I had to work with. Unbeknownst to the girls, we boys had already gotten together and hatched a plan to help the girls win this game. Each couple was going to play their own stripping game — a game of chance, with an expected point value for each girl just a quarter of a point higher than needed.  We found out that as many as four girls had pubic hair, so we could count on them to have an expected value of -1/2, if we let half of them randomly keep just their top. That means the other 8 girls would need to have an expected point value of 1 1/2 so that the probability distribution of the twelve girls would peak at 10, which is 4 points more than needed. I took off Liz’s skirt, and was delighted to see her top was short enough to leave her completely bottomless, if needed: 3 points. Then I took off her top, and admired her adorable little breasts, each with its own little nipple hard-on. I kissed each one, then picked her up, and kissed her again, cradling her adorable butt in my hands. I would have loved to fuck her right then and there, but we had work to do.

“Liz, your skirt is really cute,” I said, “and I think it shows off your cheeks just fine, but I’m worried Donna might think it’s excessive, and dock you a point.”

“I’ll take it off, then,” she offered.

“That’s sweet of you, but it may not be necessary. Let’s assume the skirt is worth -1 if you keep it on. But if you take it off, your naked pussy and ass together are worth 3 points. So if we play a little game of chances, 50/50, then the expected number of pussy and ass points will be 1, do you see? It’s the average of -1 and 3. Are you willing to take the risk?”

Liz laughed, and said sure, she was happy to trust to luck. I wasn’t sure she was taking this seriously, so I reminded her that she had a 50% chance of having to spend the whole day completely bottomless. “And there’s something else,” I told her. “An expected 1 point isn’t enough. She really needs 1 1/2 points. So we’ll need to flip a coin again to decide if you can keep your top.”

“So there’s a 1/4 probability that I’ll be completely naked? I’m not sure I like that. I feel like I can get through the day as long as I have some clothes, you know what I mean?”

“There’s also a 1/4 probability you can walk out of here fully clothed. In fact, as long as we keep the probability of being stark naked equal to the probability of being fully clothed, and also the probability of being topless equal to the probability of being bottomless, then you keep the 1.5 expected points.”

“Okay,” said Liz, “I can live with a very small probability of being naked. You know, like 1/8, or something like that.”

“Sure,” I said. “Here’s how we can do that. If you flip three tails in a row, you get naked. But if you flip Tail, Tail, Head, then you get fully dressed. But if you get any head in your first two throws, then we flip one more time to see if you get topless or bottomless. Does that sound good?”

“I like it!” She flipped the coin. “Tails!”

She flipped it again. “Tails!”

“Okay, now, Liz, one more tail, and you leave here as completely stark naked as you are right now. That’s now a 50% probability. Are you sure you want to do it?”

“What choice do I have? If we change the game now, then all the probabilities are off.”

“That’s true, but I think it would be okay if I make this deal with you: Stop now, and I’ll give you just your top. It looks really cute on you, and it doesn’t cover your pussy or your butt, so you get a full three points for the girl’s team. I really think you should do it, Liz. Otherwise, you might end up naked.”

“Okay,” said Liz. She grabbed her top, and walked out of the cubicle as she put it on. Sure enough, it looked so adorable on her, just covering just her belly button, and resting so sweetly on the small of her back. I was so proud of her! I knew it was a tough choice for her to agree to go bottomless for the rest of the day, but I was happy that I talked her into it.

Like little partly-clad soldiers, the girls exited their cubicles, and faced their naked coaches. “Now, for the moment of truth,” said Donna. “As it happens, I made up all that stuff about points. However many clothes the girls took off would have been fine. It would have even been fine if the girls didn’t take off any clothes. But now, I have a really big surprise for you boys: However naked the girls are, that’s exactly how naked you’ll be for the rest of the day! And I talked to all of your parents, and they agreed to keep the same degree of naked while you’re at home, and when you come back to school. So now, boys, if you talked your partner into getting naked, then you’ll both have a chance to see what that feels like today. Dick, I was very touched by the negotiations you and Liz conducted. It was so sweet that Liz made sure to be wearing something, just so you wouldn’t have to go naked yourself.”

“You did that for me?” I almost cried as I put on my shirt.

Liz ran over to me, and kissed me, crying. “I was so worried for you, Dick,” she said. She followed me to my seat, lifted my shirt, and sat on my lap, facing me, easing my dick into her and breathing heavily against my neck as she hugged me. I kissed her softly as I came, letting my middle finger slip down her crack, gently stroking her asshole as she came, too.

7 thoughts on “A New Crop of Students

  1. William G. Gruff

    In a perfect world Donna’s students would line up to shag her once she’s in the stocks, despite her suggestions.

  2. Alessia

    I have some questions:
    1) What is the minimum age to attend the school?
    2) Is it a comprehensive school? Because in Italy we have separated middle school (10-12 years old) and high school (13-17 years old) before university (18+), but this college seems to include girls from 18+ but also younger, since in the article I can read 16. What is the age range of girls attending the school? Like 13-22 years old or so? Sorry for my confusion. 🙂
    3) What are the rules on arousing related to age? I’ll be 13 soon, but I developed sexuality around 11-12. In the article I read that only 18+ year old girls are allowed to have full intercourses, while younger like 16 or earlier just to get brought close to cum or to get cumming, but not allowed for full intercourses. Is it something like 12-17 year old girls can only arouse or cum while 18+ can have full intercourses?
    4) What is the dress code in relation to age? Using tops as dresses is something common among the whole 12-22 years old age range or something reserved to the 16+ girls only? If I got it correctly, it should be applied to any age, with full intercourses being the only difference between the youger and the older.
    Sorry for the so many questions, but I am still learning a lot about this American college and I hope one day I might transfer from Italy to America to attend it. 🙂

  3. John Babbs

    This is a fantasy.
    No one can participate until they are 18 as far as I know.

    In this group some people pretend they’re young when they are actually older… not to deceive but to create a fantasy story.

    This is only for people 18 or over.
    No one under that age should be here.

    Please confirm you understand this.

    1. pubilius

      I completely agree with John.

      It is a complete turnoff to suspect a very young teenager is thinking the rape punishment is something she would like.

      These stories are fictional. FICTIONAL.

      Some commenters are also posting from a fictional standpoint, but their characters are just one-dimensional. They merely repeat the same sort of idea over and over and over.

      The internet is wide open for anyone to come here and read the articles or look at images that are freely available elsewhere on the interwebs. Nothing we can do about them coming here to look. However, participation? Come back when you are 18 years old AND have the maturity to understand fiction versus reality.

      1. William G. Gruff

        It’s more fun if a reader thinks the punishment is horrifying, got it. Damn people think I’M a bad guy.


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