Pretty Girl of the Day, November 15, 2013

I’ve been a bad girl. I really don’t know what came over me, but yesterday I went out in public wearing an illegal combination of clothes. You see, I wore this top, and I also wore a little black skirt. I’m deathly afraid of inspections, because I’ve seen other girls get inspected, and I feel so embarrassed for them.  I don’t think inspections should be so public, especially considering what the poor girls have to do when they’re inspected.

It’s not fair that some Inspectors just look like regular college boys. I was walking right behind a girl once, who was ordered to spread her legs and touch her toes by an Inspector. She did it, of course, but not fast enough, apparently. Blocking traffic, she spread her legs, and bless her heart, she bent right over, and touched her toes. It must have been hard for her, because she was wearing a cute sundress, do you know the kind? It had elastic around her little tits, but the rest of it was free flowing. The poor girl was really embarrassed, I could tell. She tried to keep her dress in place as she bent over, but as soon as she let go of her dress to touch her toes, it billowed down around her face. The Inspector made the poor girl spread her so wide her vagina opened up, and we could all see how wet it was. The poor girl was on the verge of cumming, just from embarrassment, apparently.




So here I was yesterday, wearing this cute little top, and a skirt that was short enough to show off my– well, it was plenty short. So when I was stopped, it came as a big surprise. I couldn’t believe I was being inspected! But I did as I was told. I removed my skirt, and then my top. I spread my legs, and bent over, and let him check my vagina. Can you believe some girls carry an extra pair of panties there? I was relieved when he finished checking me, and began straightening up, but he pushed my head down, and spread my legs even farther apart. Between my legs, I could see the upside-down faces of a dozen or more of my classmates. I wanted to tell them to go away, I so wished my asshole and pussy weren’t so, well, out in the open, you know? But then I remembered the Inspections I had seen. They were always so fun to watch — when it’s someone else who’s being inspected, that is.


So there I was, bent over, with everyone looking at me. I tried not to get excited, but it was no use. “It looks like you’re asking to get fucked,” he pointed out. I knew it was true. According to the College Code of Conduct, any girl who displays sexual excitement in public is essentially offering herself for sex. “I bet there are some boys here who would like to fuck you,” he said. I really wanted to tell him it wasn’t fair. That I was excited only because he was forcing me to display my most intimate areas to the whole world. I’m one of those girls who is turned on by the embarrassment of public nudity.

“Please, no,” I begged. I know it’s wrong to beg an Inspector, but I really didn’t want to get raped. Sure, girls get raped all the time, and I know it’s the proper punishment for the crime of showing excitement, but I begged anyway.

Luckily, my Inspector showed me some mercy. “I’ll tell you what, little girl,” he said. “I’ll let you pick anyone you like from the crowd, and all that person will have to do is fondle your breasts. Your job will be to avoid cumming. If you can do that, I’ll let you go without citing you for indecency.

“You’ll let me go?” I asked. It was a good deal.

“Naked, of course,” he said, “but yes, I’ll let you go.”

“Okay,” I said. I didn’t have many options. I picked out a pretty girl I knew from one of my classes, and the Inspector called her over.

“Now, honey,” he said to the girl, “I want you to straddle this pretty little girl, and reach behind her, like this– No, it’s not working. your skirt is too tight. You’ll need full freedom of motion.”

The girl took the hint, and removed her skirt. “I’m so sorry,” I whispered to her. The poor girl was naked from the belly-button down.

“It’s okay,” she said as she positioned herself against me, her legs spread almost as wide as mine. The Inspector guided her hand over my butt and between my legs, forcing her to bend over me. He made the girl fondle my breasts until my nipples were hard. As she worked on me, the girl’s arm brushed up and down against my asshole, vagina, and vulva. The harder I tried not to get excited, the more excited I got. Making things worse, the girl was getting excited, too. I could feel her hot pussy rubbing against my back, The Inspector told her she had to make me cum first, and if she came, she wasn’t getting her skirt back. So the girl pulled out all the stops. She only pretended to fondle my breasts while sliding her whole arm up and down against my wide open and sopping wet pussy. She moaned as she squatted, letting her pussy juices run down my neck and onto my face. She gave up all pretense of fondling my breasts, instead using her whole hand to fondle my pussy, while frequently inserting fingers first into my pussy, then into my asshole. Then she grabbed my butt and started licking me all over. She licked my asshole, then stretched a little further, and stuck her tongue into my pussy. Then She practically forced me to my knees so she could lick my vulva from bottom to top, paying special attention to my clitoris the way only a girl knows how.


It wasn’t long before the girl gasped. I could see she was cumming, and I knew that would mean the loss of her skirt, all because I picked her out of the crowd. I lifted my head to hug her around the waist. I pressed my cheek against her, and stroked her sexy little butt. Her legs were still spread wide, allowing me to feel her sexy little asshole, and her still pulsing pussy. She was so adorable.

The Inspector said, “for cumming in public, you know your punishment, don’t you?”

“I guess I’ll just have to lose my skirt,” she said.

“I’m afraid it’s a bit worse than that,” said the Inspector. “Do you see the boys in the crowd?”

In horror, the girl saw that four or five boys had removed their pants and their underwear. “No, please, no!” she begged.


But it was no use. She fell to her hands and knees, and spread her legs. The boy slathered some lubricant all over the poor girl, and pushed himself into her asshole.

“Oh!” she said as the boy grabbed her around the shoulders and pushed.

“Relax, honey,” he whispered. She tried to relax as he eased into her. “That’s better.” The boy slipped his greasy hands under her top, and fiddled with her nipples, then grabbed her little breasts as he came. He pulled out of her and rejoined the crowd, leaving the girl crying on the ground.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, kissing her, and stroking her sore bottom as gently as I could.

“I’m okay,” she said as she got to her feet.

I watched as the girl’s adorable naked little butt disappeared into the crowd.

“Are you ready for your punishment, now?”

“Me? Why?” I was a good girl!

“Do you think I didn’t notice you came when that boy fucked your girlfriend?” I looked at the ground, sheepishly, but the Inspector lifted my chin with his finger. “I understand this is your first Inspection. Can you face the day stark naked? Maybe not. But you’re going to have to change your evil ways, do you know that? No more overlapping tops and bottoms, do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Now, little girl, here is your top. You can’t put it on, though. I want you to offer it to that boy, there, as a gift, do you understand?”

I looked up and saw the boy. He was completely naked, and fully aroused. “My top? As a gift?”

“Yes, honey. Offer your top as a gift to the boy. Then kneel before the boy. If you do everything just right, the boy will accept your gift. It will be a beautiful finish to your Inspection, for all to enjoy.”

I could barely walk, I was so scared and excited. I presented my top to the boy, then fell to my knees. I kissed his penis as I wrapped my arms around him. His buttocks were so firm and strong. I licked his penis, and gently took his glans into my mouth. I opened my mouth, and closed my lips around it as he pushed my head down. I wrapped my tongue around it, and slowly withdrew my head. My mouth filled with his salty cum, which I swallowed as I let his dick slip out of my mouth.  I hugged him with all my might, not even caring that he was still cumming–all over me! When he finished cumming, I stood up and hugged him some more. He was so sweet to me, stroking my hair gently, and kissing me tenderly.

“Thank you,” I said, not really knowing what else to say.

He laughed. “You’re cute. I’ll tell you what, honey. I think you’ll look really sexy wearing nothing but this top, and I think the Inspector will let me give this back to you, as long as you make me a solemn promise.”

“Anything,” I said.

“I want you to swear off all bottoms. No skirts, nothing. Can you do it?”

“For how long?”

“For the rest of the school year,” he said. “Nothing longer than this top. Ever. Can you do it?”

I nodded, still in the glow of the boy’s charm. He kissed me, and left. The crowd gradually dispersed as I put my top on.

Then as the gentle afternoon breeze brushed against my pussy, the realization of my promise hit me. No more hiding my pussy for the whole rest of the school year! Do you think I’ll be able to do it? Wish me luck!




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