Pretty Girl of the Day, November 12, 2013

Today’s pretty girl was a bit surprised we wanted to feature her in her black dress. “This old thing?” she said as she came down the stairs. “I don’t wear it very often, because it’s too—”

“Too sexy?” we asked.

She laughed. “No, honey, it’s the opposite! This dress is so long, sometimes people think maybe I’m wearing panties under it. Even from the back it’s hard to tell.”

“It’s a pretty dress, though.”

“Why thank you!” She leaned in and spoke softly: “I think so, too. I would so hate to lose it.”

“Lose it?”

“You know.” She looked both ways as if not wanting to be overheard. “In an inspection,” she whispered.



“How would you lose it in an inspection? I mean, you’re following the rules, aren’t you?”

She dropped her dress, letting it cover her pussy. “Have you ever seen a girl get inspected for over an hour? I have. The poor girl was following all the rules. But she was wearing a dress that was a bit longer than most other girls’ dresses. The inspector explained that it’s really hard to tell if girls are following the rules if they wear such long dresses. He offered to cut six inches off the bottom of her dress, and let her go, but she refused. She said how much she loved the dress, and how it would ruin it to just chop it up like that.”

“Well, if it was anything like the dress you’re wearing, I can see why the girl would have said that.”

“It was exactly like this dress, as a matter of fact. It was this dress! And the girl was me!”

“Oh, my god! How did you manage to keep him from ruining your dress?”

“Well,” said the pretty girl, “the first thing is I offered to take it off.”

“Of course,” we said. “That’s what any good girl would do when she’s inspected.”

“Uh huh, so I took it off, and handed it to him. I was really glad there weren’t that many spectators. It was early in the morning, and the few students that were out and about were too busy to stop and watch. I’m still very shy about being naked in public, you see.”

“The only way you can get this dress back in one piece,” said the inspector, “is to agree to waive your five-minute inspection, and plead guilty to indecency.”

“I have to plead guilty? But I’m not indecent!”

The Inspector picked up the dress with one hand and his scissors with the other.

“Okay, okay! I’ll plead guilty!”

“And you’ll waive the time limit?”

I didn’t have much choice. “Okay,” I said.

“Turn around, and spread your legs, please,” he said.

I saw a couple boys, and maybe one or two girls, who had stopped to watch my extended inspection. I turned around, and spread my legs.

“You have a pretty ass,” said the inspector.

I found the remark highly inappropriate, but I didn’t want to piss him off, so I said “Thank you.”

“Do you mind if I touch it?” he asked.

“Of course not,” I said. I knew better than to tell an Inspector not to touch me.

He began stroking my butt cheeks, letting his fingers slip between them, and he pushed gently on my back, indicating he wanted me to bend over. He kicked my legs apart, making me almost fall over, but I kept my balance.

“Relax,” he said as he made gentle circles around my asshole with his fingers. I tried to relax, but between my legs I could see a dozen or more people had gathered to watch my inspection. Each time he dipped his fingers into my pussy, I could feel it open wider. He rubbed my whole pussy from clitoris to vagina, and then spread my pussy juices all over my thighs and cheeks. The harder I tried not to get excited, the more excited I got. I was afraid I would cum in front of everyone.

“Have you ever been raped?” asked the Inspector.

Of course I had been raped a few times since arriving at the College. Like so many girls here, I wore a skirt that was a little too short, and maybe I had it pulled up a little too high. I do that sometimes with really short skirts, because I feel funny letting the top of my butt crack show. So when I was in line at the cafeteria, when a boy wanted to touch between my legs, I didn’t try to stop him. I didn’t want him to touch me between my lips, though, but he did. He told me he was playing a little game, which was to touch my clitoris every time I flinched. Then he touched my wet vagina, and I was naturally surprised, so he ran his fingers all the way between my lips, and under my hood where he fondled my hard clit. Then while he was still touching my clit, he put the middle finger of his other hand right inside my asshole, which made me clench my cheeks.

“Relax,” said the boy.

I relaxed my cheeks, and let him finger fuck me until I couldn’t stand it any more. “Please,” I begged him, “Stop or I might cum!”

“I’ll make you a deal,” said the boy. “Give me your little skirt, and I’ll stop touching you.”

“But then I’ll be naked,” I said.

“Not completely naked,” said the boy. “I’ll let you keep your top.”

I could tell I was visibly excited—dripping wet, in fact—so I was running a real risk of being raped if I didn’t get this boy to stop touching me. And if I were raped, then I might end up completely naked, so I weighed my choices, and decided to give up my little skirt.

The boy took my skirt, and kept his word. When he hugged and kissed me goodbye, I could feel his dick was hard. “Thank you,” I said.

I felt awkward wearing just my top. I kept wanting to cover my pussy with my hands, but I knew that would just bring more attention. It was even hard to walk, especially the way my lips were so swollen and red. My friends had all gotten their lunch and left, and now I was late for class, so I decided to leave the cafeteria, and just go to my class. I didn’t get more than a few steps out of the cafeteria before a boy ordered me to bend over. I instinctively ran across the grassy lawn, but he was faster than me. He pushed me, and I tripped, ending up on my hands and knees. He hiked my top up over my head, and pushed my legs apart so far I fell forwards onto my elbows. I braced myself as he pushed inside me, three or four times before grabbing me tight with both arms, and grunting like a cave man.

So I lied. “No,” I told the Inspector. “I’ve never been raped.”

“A virgin, are you? Well, darling, that’s about to change!” He said it loud enough for everyone to hear. My face was already flushed from bending over, and I was already embarrassed with twenty or thirty people looking at my asshole and wide-open vagina. But now I could feel my whole body turn red with embarrassment.

“The only way you’re going to get out of here, honey, is by baring not just your pretty body, but your soul as well. You’re going to tell these nice people exactly what turns you on the most, and you’re going to beg them to do it to you. Then after you cum for them, you’re going to beg them to fuck you, do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Are you sure you understand? I’m not just asking you to just stand here naked for the people. I’m not just asking you to bend over, and show them how wet your pussy is. I’m not just asking you to cum in front of these people, so they can watch your vagina pulse open and closed for their amusement. And I’m not even just asking you to beg to be raped, and then afterwards tell me how much you enjoyed it. I’m asking you do do something even more humiliating than any of those things.”

I felt my knees buckle, but I kept my balance. Trembling, I said to the man, “I know. I understand.” I said that because I did understand, all too well. I was going to have to share my most intimate sexual fantasies. Fantasies I haven’t shared with anyone before today.

“A hood,” I said, still trembling.

“A hood? I should put a hood over your pretty head?”

I nodded, and waited to see what would happen. The inspector began rummaging in his things. It wasn’t long before the Inspector came back with my dress. He stood me up, and wrapped it around my head a couple times, and tucked it in. It was a very good job. I shook my head a few times to test it, and it was firmly attached.

“What else? Tell me about the sorts of things that happen here at the college that turn you on. Don’t hold back.”

I gulped. “Wearing a short dress turns me on,” I admitted. “Whenever I can’t feel it against my butt, I’m always checking to make sure it’s still there. When I’m wearing a tight dress, I get excited when I feel it riding up, and it feels so good, sometimes I don’t pull it back down, even if my whole butt is exposed, because I like that feeling of excitement. If I think someone can see up my dress, I get embarrassed, and this makes me even more excited. When I can’t stand it any more, I either pull my dress down or cover myself with my hands. If I can’t do that for some reason, like when I’m on a crowded bus and I have to stand, and hold on, then I get even more embarrassed, and that turns me on even more.”

“I’m not going to put you in a tight dress, so you’ll have to think of something else that turns you on.”

“Hear me out. I think you’ll understand when I’m finished.”

“Okay, but please get to the point as fast as you can, okay, honey?”

I nodded. “Well, there was this one time I was standing on the bus, hanging onto a strap, in a tight dress, and I could feel myself getting excited. The driver seemed to be in a hurry, so I had to spread my legs to keep my balance.”

The inspector smiled.

“No, really, I had to! Anyway, this made my dress ride up even more, which was really embarrassing. I could feel my pussy getting wet, which made it all the more embarrassing. To make matters worse, a boy, who was sitting, decided to start nuzzling and hugging my leg. I looked down at him and realized right away that my dress had ridden up far enough for him to see my pussy, but he was a perfect gentleman. He stroked my inner thighs, and only just touched my lips. His tenderness was so sexy! I spread my legs farther than I really had to, hoping he would touch my pussy, but he never did. I wiggled my hips with my legs spread wide, so that my dress would ride up even further. With my pussy fully exposed, and sopping wet, the boy continued just stroking my thighs, and occasionally my butt cheeks. I was so excited, my knees buckled, but I kept hanging on to the strap, so I didn’t fall on my naked ass! The boy saw this, and offered me a seat on his lap. Another boy might have raped me at this point, because I clearly deserved it, but this boy kept his pants on. I sat my bare butt down on his lap, keeping my legs spread so he could continue to touch me but he just wrapped his arms around me and stroked my belly, I was so close to cumming that I was leaking all over the boy, but he didn’t seem to mind. He just kept stroking my belly, higher and higher, beneath my dress, until he was almost at my breasts. I arched my back and tried to rub my pussy on his pants, I needed to cum so bad! I felt that if he would just touch my breasts then maybe I would cum, so I said to the boy, “I’m sorry, is my dress bothering you?” The boy said no, it was fine, but I really wanted him to take it off, so I said, “You can take it off if it’s in your way,” and I raised both arms and leaned forward to make it easier for him. “No, really,” he said, it’s fine. He stroked my belly right up to the bottoms of my tits, but no higher, and he stroked my whole back, right up to my neck, and down to the top of my butt crack, but no matter how much I moaned arched my back, or rolled my head, he would not touch my nipples or my pussy.”

The Inspector nodded. “So your fantasy is to be teased. You want to have your butt, belly, and inner thighs touched until you almost cum, but we won’t actually make you cum, is that it?”

I practically came just thinking about it. “Yes, that’s it,” I admitted. “And I’ll beg you to make me cum, but you’ll refuse to let me cum!”

“What if this treatment makes you so excited that you cum anyway?”

I looked down, because I didn’t know if I would reveal my most secret fantasy.

The inspector put a finger under my chin, making me look up at him. “Say it, honey.”

“If I’m teased that bad—so bad that I lose all control and end up cumming in public—then you’ll have to punish me.”

“Sure, honey. That’s when you’ll be raped.”

I smiled and nodded my head. “Yes, rape me.”

“Wait a minute! You agreed too easily! For a lot of girls, being raped is their most secret fantasy, but I think you have one more trick up your sleeve!”

“Oh, come on, please…” But I knew it was no use to beg. He would get it out of me sooner or later, so I told him: “My most secret fantasy is to be spanked.”

He laughed. “Spanked?”

The cat was out of the bag now, so I didn’t hold back. “Yes, the most embarrassing thing—and the most exciting—is to be spanked.”

“Well,” he said, “I never would have guessed that. Have you ever been spanked here at the College?”

“No, thank goodness,” I said. “The last time I was spanked in public was in high school.”

“In high school? I didn’t think that was allowed.”

Well, I went to a private high school, and they had some old fashioned ways. I was a good girl, so it was rare that I would be spanked. But there were some other girls who got spanked pretty often. I remember how a girl would tremble when she would be called to the front of the room for her first spanking. We would watch with eager anticipation as the girl fumbled with her skirt before taking it off, and then laugh if she still had her panties on. You see, a girl is supposed to take off her panties at her seat whenever she’s called up to the front of the room for a spanking. Then, she would spread her legs and relax her cheeks as a signal to the teacher that she’s ready to be spanked. Some teachers would stroke the girl’s bottom gently before striking it with a stinging blow, because they believe sexual excitement makes a spanking more effective.

I loved the spankings, because it was so much fun to see a girl beg and plead with the teacher and then be forced to strip, all the while pretending it wasn’t turning her on. Then one day, it happened to me. I remember the feeling of horror that came over me as I was called up for my spanking. I fumbled with my panties for a long time before getting them off. All eyes were on me as I picked them up off the floor, and laid them on my desk.

“Just your bra and skirt, honey,” said the teacher.


“We don’t have all day, sweetie,” he said.

“But I’m not wearing a—”

“It doesn’t matter!” he yelled. “You’re lucky I’m letting you wear your skirt!”

Another girl came over to me, and whispered that it would be okay. She unbuttoned my shirt, and helped me out of it. It seemed like slow motion as I walked to the front of the room where the teacher was sitting. He motioned for me to assume the position over his lap, so I did, but the class was laughing, so I looked up at the teacher.

“Did you forget something, honey?” he asked, stroking my hair.

I stood up. “If I take off my skirt, I’ll be naked.”

“All the girls take off their skirts,” he said, stroking my inner thigh. He let his hand slip all the way up to the top of my leg, under my skirt, before slipping it over my little butt. “Do you need me to help?”

“No, I can handle it,” I said. But I really couldn’t do it. I faced the class, and looked at their eager faces, barely registering that my breasts were completely bare, so focused I was on the fact that my skirt was very short, and it was the only thing standing between me and total public nudity.

Finally the soft, gentle girl who had helped me out of my panties came to the front of the room, and started stroking me gently. She stroked my belly, my breasts, and my lower back before gently easing her fingers into my skirt. She unbuttoned it, and fell to her knees in front of me as she gently took it off. She patted my muff sweetly, then went back to her seat, leaving me standing in front of my own class, stark naked.

My head was spinning as I stood before my classmates. When it slowly dawned on me that the whole class was laughing at me, I said “What is it?”

The teacher was laughing, too. “It’s customary to shave,” he said. “Are you ready for your spanking?”

He motioned to his lap, so I assumed the position. He patted my butt. “Relax, honey,” he said.

“Okay, I get the picture,” said the Inspector. “Since high school, your greatest fear—and your greatest turn-on—has been to be forced to strip, and spanked in a sexual way in front of your classmates. You’re more turned on by spanking than by a rape fantasy. And you’re more turned on by the prospect of being teased, than by direct stimulation of your vagina and clitoris. Well, today’s your lucky day. You will be teased until you beg for mercy. Then, for daring to beg for mercy, you will be spanked until you cum. Then, for the audacity of cumming in public, you will be fucked in the ass and in the pussy.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“You’re welcome, Donna” said Crysta, wearing nothing but a sheer baby-doll dress. “A bunch of us are going to breakfast, are you coming?”

I wiped the sleep from my eyes. “Sure,” I said. “Let me find something to wear.” I sat up in bed, and stretched.

“It’s one-item Wednesday, remember? And I’ve got your one item right here!” Out the door she ran, her beautiful butt only partly covered by her tiny dress.

I ran after her, stark naked. Crysta had picked out something for me to wear, and I knew I was going to like it. But I had to catch her first!

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