Pretty Girl of the Day, March 3, 2016

Like most girls, today’s pretty girl is happy to show you she’s following the Dress Code.


Some boys are embarrassed to go up to a girl and ask her if she’s wearing any underwear. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, because it’s a perfectly reasonable question. It would be odd if the girl didn’t immediately begin unbuttoning her dress. What is she hiding? As you can see here, this girl has nothing to hide. She finished unbuttoning her dress to show she wasn’t wearing a bra, then waited patiently for the go-ahead to put her dress back on again.

Sometimes, a boy might fondle her while she’s naked, which is perfectly reasonable. After all, it’s her own fault she’s naked, if you think about it. If she had been wearing a shorter dress, or a different style, it wouldn’t have been necessary to take it off just to show she’s in compliance with the Dress Code. By wearing an excessively long dress, she has to take it off to prove she’s a good girl, so there’s nothing wrong with a little fondling — it’s part of proving you’re a good girl, right?

And does a good girl become sexually excited? Not at all. Fondling is something that happens to all girls, and they should take it in stride. Of course, a girl has certain urges. If she hasn’t had sex in a while, then she might become easily excited. This is her body’s way of saying she’s ready for sex, which is the same thing as consent for sex, according to the College Code of Conduct. Good girls regard having sex forced on them by a boy as a result of this type of consent as simply an ordinary part of being a girl on the College campus. It happens. Every good girl knows she has already given consent to sex as soon as she becomes sexually excited.

Does that mean a girl wants to have sex in public every time she’s stripped naked and then fondled? Of course not. It is reasonable for a girl to regard having sex forced on them after they’ve been stripped and fondled as a kind of rape. But it’s consensual rape, because every girl has given her permission in advance as part of her College enrollment.

Is being raped a kind of punishment? Absolutely not. Girls are raped every day, even though they have done nothing wrong. This is something girls ask for, through their body language, and as a result of the choices they have made. It is perfectly natural for a girl to become sexually excited. That said, the College has an interest in minimizing the amount of gratuitous displays of sexual excitement by girls, so girls are encouraged to keep themselves covered up, especially when they are excited. In fact, this is one of the main benefits of fondling. By allowing fondling, girls are encouraged to keep themselves covered up. Should they fail to remain covered, then, of course they should have sex forced on this every time their body makes a public request for it.

Although a boy has every right to ask a girl whether she’s following the Dress Code, and a girl should be proud to show that she’s following the Code, a boy should not ask a girl to remove her clothing just so he can fondle her. But after she has removed her clothing, he is completely free to fondle her.

A boy should not fondle a girl just to make her excited. This would not be fair to the girl, since she has very little conscious control over her own sexual excitement. Moreover, she’s not allowed to resist being fondled, in fact it’s quite the opposite. When fondling begins, the girl must actively allow additional fondling by spreading her legs, relaxing her cheeks, and the like. It’s the girl’s responsibility to try as hard as she can not to become sexually excited.

If a girl happens to become sexually excited as a result of being fondled, and if her dress is short enough for her excitement to be publicly visible, then the boy has every right to give her the sex her body is asking for. Both girls and boys call this “rape” as a kind of short-hand, although it’s not really rape. It’s a kind of consensual sex that is not consciously desired by the girl, hence “consensual rape”. So, though we call it “rape” for short, it’s perfectly permissible, and agreed by all girls when they enroll in the College.

Do girls find it humiliating to be raped in public? Of course they do. For one thing, in preparation for raping a girl, the boy has the right to strip her naked. Every girl finds this degrading. For another thing, the boy can penetrate the girl either vaginally or anally, at his choice. Many girls find anal sex unpleasant, especially in public. So it’s natural for a girl to view being raped as a kind of punishment.

Is it bad for girls to view being raped, even consensually, as a kind of punishment? Not at all, if it helps girls follow the Dress Code more conscientiously. This means a girl should be proud not to wear underwear. She should wear dresses as short as possible, without feeling uncomfortable. A girl should be prepared to have her bare skin fondled. Most girls feel comfortable wearing a crotch-length dress, which leaves a portion of her butt and all of her legs uncovered, hence she should be prepared to be fondled in these places without becoming sexually excited. In particular, a girl should expect to have her inner thighs fondled, and she should spread her legs when this happens, which, if she’s wearing a tight dress, might cause it to ride up, exposing her pussy, and possibly even her asshole as well, to additional fondling. A girl should consider these possibilities each morning when deciding how to dress. Whenever a girl fails to properly consider her choices, and then later in the day she is raped, then it’s reasonable for her to view the rape as a kind of punishment. Even though, of course, being raped isn’t a punishment at all, as I’ve said already. It’s really just an incentive, designed to help girls make good choices.

I hope today’s pretty girl’s willingness to remove her clothing, just to show you what a good girl she is, has helped you understand how a girl should make good choices in accordance with the Dress Code.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, March 3, 2016

  1. lover_mystery

    Anyone enrolling at the college knows in advance the regulations of the CCC. A girl mustn’t complain if she is consensually raped as the CCC determines. It’s her task to prevent public arousal. Indeed, she has to take into account, that usually the boys will not search for a girl to rape her. Contrary, the boys can be affected much severe form the regulations. The girls should imagine that a boy, surrounded by lovely, scantily-clad or naked girls, will have much trouble to concentrate his mind to the lessons only. Unfortunately, some girls finds it hilarious to tease their male school-mates and to make fun on them, when they got confused and aroused. That is what the college tries to prevent. Girls should be more modest and maintain self-discipline. It’s not to the boys, if a girl lost her self-control. The CCC requires a boy, equal if he is volunteering or not, to support the girls and if necessary to rape them. A girl, that is asking for it, because she is visible excited is required to accept it, equal she doesn’t want or is good with it. The best way for the girl to handle a raping is to cooperate and enjoy it, when a boy fucks her.


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