Pretty Girl of the Day, March 2, 2016

Today’s pretty girl goes clothes-shopping.


“I like to get completely naked before I go to the mall,” she says. “I know some girls wear a top when they’re looking for a bottom to buy, or they wear a short skirt when they’re looking for a top, but I find that’s too limiting. What if I see a nice top, and I’m already wearing a top? I don’t want to risk a Dress Code Violation just because I didn’t plan ahead.”

Of course, this girl is talking about the so-called “Carry Violation”, which happens if you’re stopped while carrying clothes which, if worn, would result in a Dress Code Violation. The reason carrying such clothes is against the rules is┬áto prevent the kind of cheating in which girls take off items of clothing when changing classes, and then put them on again when they reach their destination.┬áMaking the carrying of clothes against the rules is a good rule, which most girls appreciate, because they’re following the rules, and so they don’t want to see any girls cheating. Having to go shopping in the nude is a small price to pay for making the Dress Code fair for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, March 2, 2016

  1. base

    Great image showing how stores eliminated their dressing rooms in favor of more floor space for clothes, or perhaps more chairs for the men who sit and wait for their wives, girlfriends, or both to pick out a new outfit to wear.

  2. lover_mystery

    It’s essential that girls are free to wear whatever they want, as long it is in accordance with the dress code. Nevertheless, they have to be careful, not to offend against the rules. Especially when trying on clothes, it could happen quickly. To prevent it, a girl searching for tops only may enter the shop topless or in reverse, when searching for bottoms, she should do it bottomless. Anyway, a violation can happen quickly, when for example the new top is too long. Instead the girl should leave any clothes and go only completely naked for shopping. Not only that she will not get in danger to offend against the clothing-rules, but it would save a lot of time. Maybe a storekeeper doesn’t like, that girls enter his shop naked, not because he is prudish or similar, but because he fears that a girl walks in naked, tries on clothes and afterwards leave the shop, but non nude. That means he suspects, that some girls may take the chance to steal clothes. Although this is crime and not allowed, the community has to take care, that he has peace of mind and is not in danger, that ‘accidently’ a former naked girl leaves his shop clothed. As said above, girls are free to wear clothes, so to require them to enter the shop only naked is no option. Instead, any girl, wearing clothes, that wants to leave the shop should be required to take off any item and give them to the shopkeeper and let him approve, that she isn’t stealing. He will carefully search for security labels and then returning it back. Accompanying boys or other male customer will appreciate it and patiently watch the procedure.


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