Pretty Girl of the Day, June 14, 2018

In our high school, we had “homeroom” for 30 minutes before the start of our school day. Even though most our classes were co-ed, homerooms were strictly all-girl or all-boy so that the girls could feel comfortable getting ready for the “flexible” dress code rules for the day. In the flexible system, we have different rules for different days, but we don’t find out about the rules until homeroom. Then, once we’re all settled, there will be an announcement. Sometimes, a particular homeroom class is singled out to dress a certain way. One time, for example, my homeroom was called out, and we all had to go topless for the day. Another time, all the seniors were asked to take off all their underwear. You know, fun stuff like that.

The idea of the flexible dress code was to help girls feel comfortable in any situation.  The exciting thing about each day is that the flexible rules for the day often depended on how you dress in the morning, but you never know which way it will go. Some days, the rules favor going commando, and other days, the rules favor wearing more items of clothing. One, day, for example, all the girls homerooms were told to strip down to their panties, and we had to put all our other clothes in our lockers. About half the girls wore panties that day, and the other half were naked. I, for one, wasn’t at all happy about spending the day in the nude, But then, just before the end of homeroom, the naked girls were allowed to go to our lockers and get a top to wear, Some girls were still quite bottomless, but luckily, I had been wearing a little t-shirt, which fit me perfectly, and covered me in exactly the right places.

Since you never knew what to wear, my strategy was always to dress as sexy as possible every day. For me, that meant very rarely wearing underwear, and wearing the cutest little skirt I could get away with.

Like this little skirt set. The bottom is the perfect length, I think, because my front is nicely covered, but my pussy is still accessible to me, if I’m bored, or to my boyfriend, if he sits next to me.

And from the back, the skirt covers just enough of my cheek to be almost decent, but not too decent!

One benefit of dressing this way is that on the days I have to take off my top or bottom, it’s really no big deal. I’m almost naked to begin with, so if I spend one day completely naked, who cares?

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  1. Fawley

    You guys had me worried. This is one of my favourite sites and I’d hate to see it vanish into thin air.

  2. Grinch

    Sorry, I don’t have a lot of time to fix problems when they come up every now and again. So it some times takes a while.

    But the good news is we have a very good offsite backup running continuously, so even if it’s down again some time, it will always bounce back.

    Also, is back and with new stories!


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