Pretty Girl of the Day, June 25, 2018


Today’s pretty girl would like to talk to all you high school girls out there who have heard some scary things about the Dress Code here at the College.

The first thing I want to say is yes, you’re right to be scared. I don’t want to downplay your honest emotions. Do you remember your first high school “health day”? It was hard choosing whether to wear panties or a top, wasn’t it? I spent the weeks leading up to Health Day being just plain mad at my principal and my homeroom teacher because of the awful choice they gave us. But you got through it, right? And so here at the College it’s kinda the same thing. Each day, you’ll put on some clothes, and it won’t be ideal, but you’ll get through it.

After a while, you’ll learn to relax, like I do.

Now that I’m used to not wearing panties, if a boy sits down next to me, and starts running his hands up my legs, I just relax, and close my eyes.

When I first came to the College, I was so self-conscious even about such simple things as bending over. I remember when I was on line in the cafeteria, and a boy came up behind me, and gently separated my butt cheeks, I was so surprised, I let out a little yip. But then he reminded me to relax my cheeks, and everything was fine after that. He was so sweet, that boy. I almost came when he asked me if it would be okay to take off my skirt. His pants were already off, so I just kissed him as he undid my skirt. We were both so ready, it only took him a couple pushes, and he was done. My skirt disappeared, of course. That’s pretty common when girls are raped here at the College. But the funny thing is that the boy’s pants also disappeared. I felt bad for him, because boys aren’t used to being bottomless in public except when they’re raping a girl, so I asked him if he would sit down with me and some other girls from my dorm, and he agreed. I guess I satisfied him, because it took us a good 10 minutes to get him hard again, and another 10 minutes taking turns sucking his dick before he came again.

So, yes, girls, it can be a little scary here at the College, but after the first couple times you’re raped, it gets a lot easier. Remember, the boys are just doing their job to teach us girls the lessons set before us by the College. We girls can sometimes be weak, and we make mistakes, like wearing underwear, or a skirt that’s a little too long, and it’s up to the boys to keep us in line. So they’re just doing their job when they ask you to strip naked in public, and you need to be a good girl and do as they say. When a boy fondles you, relax, and let him have his way. Naturally, try not to get excited, but, well, it happens, and after you’ve taken off some of your clothes and given the boy complete access, it’s hard to hide your excitement. It’s all part of the process here at the College — a process for girls to remain as decent as possible while at the same time allowing the boys to have full privileges to inspect us, touch us, and, if necessary, even rape us.

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