Pretty Girl of the Day, May 4, 2017

Today’s pretty girl is showing off one of the most popular styles at the College – a sexy top with a lacy skirt just the right length to feel decent while still showing off her adorable little bottom.

When a girl first comes to the College, she is often reluctant to wear such a short dress. But, as you can imagine, longer dresses make it hard for the Inspectors to see which girls are violating the Dress Code by wearing panties. So naturally, the girls wearing longer dresses need to be stripped naked to verify they are following the Dress Code. Some girls find this embarrassing, so after being forced to attend a few classes completely naked, they start to realize that showing their bottom in public isn’t such a bad thing after all.

It’s a process.

12 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, May 4, 2017

  1. HarryS

    This is absolutely disgusting. A skirt flies up, and, ugghh! a nasty panty! The view is totally ruined! Except for a degenerate, perverted panty fetishist, who prefers seeing a filthy panty to enjoying a girl’s beauty.
    Panties (why plural when there’s just one panty?? unless she’s wearing two) are unhealthy, unsightly and a waste of good money better spent on better things, or invested (the millions, billions wasted on panties, most of which are made in China, which persistently threatens to nuke God’s most favored country, the *U*S*A*) in productive industries.
    Don’t they know that a panty crotch is a superhighway for fecal bacteria? Normal movement of the girl’s nether parts drags the crotch of the panty back and forth from her anus to the entrance to her holy temple? Only sacrifices of semen should be brought into her temple. NOT excretions. Microbes, many though benign or beneficial to the intestines are hostile and downright dangerous to the girl’s holy temple. Many vaginal (“vagina” is from the Etruscan for “tunnel (to the temple”)) infections result from filthy panties doing their dirt smearing rectal dirt on the gates to her temple (her sweet flower petals, her labia minora). Also filth causes urethritis and bladder infections. Nothing should go into the holy temple but fresh, disease-free semen delivered to the cervix (the entrance to the girl’s holy of holies) by a freshly-washed, certified disease-free semen applicator (“penis”).
    Further, if her escort (“date”) gets in too big (heh!) a hurry and doesn’t notice the nasty panty, especially likely in worship sessions conducted on dimly-lit van floors and pallets on floors of professors’ office storage rooms, the dirty crotch panel can be dragged into her previously pristinely clean tunnel of love, chafing abrasions in the lining of her tunnel and on the shaft of her escort’s semen applicator. Aacckk! And all she sought was to raise an “F” or “D” to “B-” by personal exam out of the stressful environment of a classroom!
    The currently popular fad (I hope!) of hair removal should be banned from campus. Let the pedophiles find prepubertal split crotches elsewhere. The hair around the temple entrance is there for a purpose: to beautify and aromatize it. Nothing prettier than an ample thicket, a double moustache separated by a pleasant smile.

      1. Alessia

        I hope he does not think so. 🙁 I have no pubic hair yet, but I think that if I will get some when growing up, I will shave for sure. I like my skin to be smooth and soft. I wish I had enough money to attend your American college. 🙁 I still didn’t understand much about the ispections the post is talking about, but here in Italy people doesn’t accept nudism when being outdoor. I wish I lived in the town the college is located into, so that I wouldn’t have much troubles with getting out naked or mostly. 🙂

          1. Alessia

            You are so cute. Thank you! 🙂 What kind of clothing style do you actually use? 🙂

          1. Alessia

            Thank you John! 🙂
            I was grown in a nudist family, so you can understand my enthusiasm for nudity 🙂

  2. insecurelydevoted

    Not everyone likes a nice clean puss!! But I love it and I love being controlled as I’m soooo close!!!


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