Pretty Girl of the Day, May 3, 2017

Hi, again, boys and girls, it’s Donna. Today, I want to write about in issue that comes up again and again in my CP class. I’ll use one of my prettiest students as an example, if you don’t mind. Her name is Victoria. Not VIcky, by the way. You’ve been warned.

One of the exercises like to do with my girls early in the school year is let them dress any way they like, as long as they’re wearing a top and a bottom. Then I invite one girl to strip down to just one item of clothing in front of the class.

I ask her to pick wisely, because she’ll have to spend the rest of the day wearing just one item of clothing. Faced with this choice, most girls remove their top. It’s understandable, because even though girls are typically shy about letting their classmates see their tits, they are usually even shyer with regard to their pussies.

Yet, if Victoria had chosen to remove her shorts instead of her top, she would have discovered that her pussy was nicely hidden behind the tail of her adorable little top.

So I asked Victoria again if she would be willing to take off her shorts instead of her top, and once again, she said no, she feels more comfortable wearing shorts.

“Really?” I was surprised. And, to be honest, I was a little annoyed at Victoria. You see, I myself was wearing just a top. A t-shirt, in fact. In a weird sort of way, I was annoyed that Victoria rejected my choice, you know?

So I made her take off her shorts.

Victoria cried a little, especially when I told her she would have to wait until the end of the day to get her clothes back.

At the end of the day, when Victoria came back to get her clothes, I asked her if she had learned her lesson.

“Well, I’m not sure,” she said. “For example, when I thought you would let me wear my shorts, I thought I would be embarrassed being topless. But when a girl is naked, people don’t seem to even notice her tits.” She laughed. “Seriously,” she continued, “everyone was really nice.”

“Would you want to go naked again?”

Victoria looked shocked for half a second, then laughed. “You’re kidding, right?”

I laughed, then said, “well, only partly.” Then something came over me. “I’ll tell you what. If you let me keep your clothes in my desk for a week, I’ll take turns with you. Here, let me give you my top.” I took it off, and handed it to her. “I’ll come to school naked tomorrow, and you wear my top, okay?”

She nodded. “But –”

“And then, the next day we’ll switch back. It’ll be fun. We’ll take turns being naked.”

A sly smile came over Victoria’s face. “Sure, Donna,” she said as she put on my top. “I’m looking forward to it.”

That night, I told Crysta about my plan to help Victoria get over her fear of being bottomless. “By alternating days of being completely naked with days of being bottomless, Victoria will come to value wearing a top, however revealing it might be,” I explained. “But Crysta, you should have seen the look on her face. I think she’s up to something.”

Crysta just smiled, and spread her legs. God, she’s beautiful when she’s excited. We made love until we fell asleep in each others’ arms.

The next day, true to my word, I came to school naked. I think this was the first time I voluntarily taught in the nude. All the other times were after I had been forcibly stripped by our assistant principal. I walked up and down the rows of desks as I talked, letting my students touch me if they wanted to. Most kept their hands to themselves, but a few were curious, so I stopped, and let them probe me as long as they wanted to. It was good experience for them.

Then, when I got to Victoria, I laughed. “Wow!” I said. “You look gorgeous! Stand up and show everyone, will you?”

She blushed, and stood up. She was wearing the most adorable fuzzy pink sweater that just barely covered her belly button, leaving her so scrumptiously bottomless, I was speechless!

“Wow, Donna, you’re wet!” said one of the boys. And he was right. I just spread my legs, and let him stroke me between my legs.

And then it hit me. Victoria was teaching me a lesson. She wore her sexiest top, because the next day she knew I would have to wear it! The little devil! I love her!


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