Pretty Girl of the Day, October 15, 2016

Continuing our theme from the past few days, today’s girl’s dress is the Perfect Length.

“I love this dress,” she says. “It’s a comfortable tank-top style, coming to within a couple inches of crotch-length, which is long enough for me to feel decent in around the College, but short enough to feel sexy at the same time.”

Do you feel shy or embarrassed that your dress doesn’t quite cover your pussy?

She laughs, “Sure, maybe a little. I have some other dresses that are an inch or two longer, and when I’m standing, they do cover my pussy a little better than this one. But when I’m sitting down, I think it’s just as easy to see up my dress. Besides, here at the College, it really doesn’t matter much whether people can see up your dress. Everyone knows the girls don’t wear panties, here, so it’s no big deal.”

How about off campus? Would you wear that dress?

“Mmm, let me think. Well, I’m not sure if I’ve ever worn this particular dress off-campus, but, well, I guess it would depend on the circumstances. If it was just an impromptu thing with a couple of my girlfriends, and I didn’t have time to go back to my dorm to change, then sure, I would go out in this. Why not? I think the townspeople are used to seeing girls from the College.”

Thanks so much for this interview! We think your dress is the perfect length!

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