Pretty Girl of the Day, October 14, 2016

Today’s Pretty Girl wants you to understand the meaning of “perfect length”.

Like many girls at the College, today’s pretty girl is wearing just a t-shirt. In a perfect world, she would probably want to wear some sort of bottom, even just a pair of bikini panties, like she did in high school under this same t-shirt, but she understands that wouldn’t be allowed under the Dress Code at the College, because her top might overlap the panties slightly. In other words, a t-shirt like this one is too long to wear as a top; it must count as a dress, which means it must be worn by itself. She understands all this, and it’s okay with her.

A t-shirt is a dress. Fine. But some girls might prefer to wear a slightly longer dress, you know, one that covers a little more of her pretty little butt. However, doing so would increase the risk of Inspection without providing much additional benefit to the girl. When a girl sits down, even in a much longer dress, she runs the risk that her pussy might be seen. Moreover, because girls aren’t permitted to resist being fondled, a boy can get her to spread her legs simply by touching her inner thighs, which would cause a longer dress to ride up, especially if it’s tight. So a short dress like this t-shirt is actually an ideal length, balancing comfort against sexiness.

The perfect length.


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