Pretty Girl of the Day 12/26/2012

From the time I was a little girl, my mother never dressed me in underwear.  From my mom’s point of view, it was just simpler to dress each of her girls as simply as possible.  I remember growing up being allowed to pick out a single item each day to wear.  In the warmer weather, I would wear pants or shorts, but for school, I had to wear a dress.  Being the youngest of four girls, I learned that a big girl always wore a dress, and the shorter the dress the cuter she looked.

As a kid, I was happy playing with my friends wearing just a skirt or pants, but after a certain age, my mom made me wear a top outside in public.  Sometimes, she told me my top was just too short, and I had to wear something longer.  At first, she just needed the top of my butt covered, but when I started dating boys, she insisted on covering at least half my butt.  She didn’t want me to send the “wrong message” to my boyfriends.

All through high school, I longed for the good old days of playing outside without worrying about covering my boobs or pussy, but, sadly those days seemed to be gone for good.  Of course, I pushed it as far as I could, wearing tops that unzipped, and “accidentally” unzipping it, and I liked to wear a stretchy top that I could pull half-way down my butt long enough to get out the door — boys liked it when I wore that one!  But it was never the same as when I was little…

…until College!  Finally, at College, I can wear a single item of clothing, like a skirt maybe, and no one is there to tell me I can’t do that.  Or, if I want to wear a tiny little top, and unzip it, I can do that!  Honestly, I’m so excited to be at College, where I can dress like a little girl, that sometimes I have an orgasm just walking to class!  I hide my excitement as much as possible, but sometimes I can’t help touching myself.  And if a boy just happens to see me doing that, and feels the need to “teach me a lesson”, I just bend over, and learn my lesson.

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