Pretty Girl of the Day 12/27/2012

I wish I could wear panties on campus, and believe me, I’ve tried.  The last time I went out dressed like this, I don’t think I took two steps before I was stripped, raped, and sent naked to my first class.  You see, even though I’m a good girl, and shave every day, I guess there are some girls who wear panties to cover their pubes.

Oh, one other thing.  Some girls say you can’t wear panties on campus, but that’s just not true.  I’ve read the Dress Code cover to cover, so I know.  You can wear panties as outerwear, just not as underwear, so if I want to wear some sexy shorts, I just put on a pair of panties and call them shorts.  There’s nothing in the Dress Code that prohibits that.

So one morning, I went out dressed as you see here, and I guess the boys think I look cute in my panties, so they tease me, and I kind of like that.  They ask me to pull them down, and I giggle and say no, and then sometimes a boy will pull my panties down for me, and so I giggle and slap his hand away, but I know the boys think it’s cute if I pretend not to notice my panties are halfway down to my knees, so I give them a little show, all in good fun.

So I was wearing my panties, and a boy started teasing me, and I don’t mind telling you I was getting turned on.  He kept saying he needed me to “remove” my panties, and there was something about him that just made my pussy all juicy and warm, so I was really afraid to take them off because I didn’t want him to see me like that.  Then he said he was an Inspector, but I thought he was just kidding, so I put my arms around him, and kissed him because he was cute, but I didn’t take my panties off.  Then without warning, he ripped my panties off me, and threw me to the ground, saying I was in violation of the Dress Code.  It turned out the cute boy really was an inspector.  So I was lying on the ground with my legs spread apart, and my pussy in an uproar, and so he told me he was terribly sorry, but I was in voilation of the Code of Conduct, and so he had to rape me as I was clearly asking for.  I told him there was no way I was asking to be raped, but like I said, I’ve read the codes, and I knew what he meant.  Besides, he was cute, so I didn’t really mind.

Needless to say, when I walked into my first class — late, to boot — and stark naked, my professor wasn’t very happy.  “Young lady,” he said, “if you’re going to come to my class naked, the least you can do is be on time!”

Having been inspected, and then consensually raped is no excuse for being late, I know (’cause I’ve read the code!).  Girls who go out in public wearing “questionable” outfits should allow extra time for Inspection, I know, I know.  So I said nothing as I made my way to my seat.

“Not so fast, young lady!”

Oh, now what?  I wondered, but I wisely kept my mouth shut.  I soon found out what: he wanted me to “assume the position” which I quickly discovered was on my hands and knees, facing my pretty little butt-hole to the class.  Now, keep in mind, I had just been raped, so my pussy was still red and wet, and it might have been leaking a bit, I don’t really remember.  So if the professor had asked any of the boys to rape me, not only would I have to accept being raped, because my body is more or less advertising that I’m ready for sex, but also the boy would be duty bound to rape me, according to the Code of Conduct.  But instead of asking one of the boys to rape me, he asked me whether I would like to have my butt lubricated.

“Um, no!” I said.

“No problem,” he said.  “I’ll lubricate your pussy instead,” and sure enough, I felt his grizzly hand between my legs, which I quickly separated, and a big glop of some kind of lubricant was soon being worked between my legs, and between my lips, making them glisten all the more.

I didn’t hear the professor order any boy to rape me, but he must have motioned to one of the boys, because the next thing I knew, there was a naked boy mounting me, and let me tell you, he was ready for business.  He whispered, “sorry,” into my ear, which I thought was sweet, and then fucked me pretty hard.  I hate to admit it, but I did come, right after he grunted and gave a final push.  I thought it was cute the way he laid his cheek down on my back, and held my boobs as he pulled out, and slinked back to his seat.

“Would you like your butt lubed?” asked the professor.

“Do you want to lube my butt?” I asked, a bit peeved at the question.

“It’s up to you,” he said.

“Then no.”

I winced as he lubed my pussy again, this time sticking several of his fat fingers inside me, and slathering an enormous amount of the gunk between my legs, on my belly, and between my lips, taking great care to keep my asshole nice and dry.  Before long, another boy mounted me, and shoved his rock-hard dick inside me.  He wasn’t as gentle as the first boy, but he did finish faster, which was a blessing.

I was tired so I arched my back and rested on my elbows while the professor asked again if I wanted my butt lubed.

“Fine,” I said.  “Do what you want.”

“It’s up to you,” he said.

“I’m getting the picture.  Lube my fucking butt.”  I spread my legs wide, giving him full access to my butt hole.  He glopped the stuff onto my back, and worked it all over my cheeks, and between them, taking extra time to rub my pussy from vagina to clitoris and back several times.  I was just about to cum when he stopped.

“Are you good?” he asked.

I figured I was in for a nasty butt fucking, which I wanted to delay as long as possible, so I said I wasn’t sure.

Maybe he was pissed, or maybe he genuinely wanted me to be sure I was good and lubed, so he emptied the tube of gunk onto my back, and worked it all over me — back, boobs, thighs, pussy, and, yes, asshole, which he gave special attention: he squeegied a handful of lube up from my legs, and wiped it between my cheeks, and then proceeded to spread my butt hole open, and load it full of lube.  To signify he was done, he spanked me hard on both cheeks before tenderly massaging me between my lips.   I moaned, arched my back, and rocked forward and back to make him think I was about to cum, but he wasn’t buying it.  He continued to massage me from butt hole to vagina to clit and back over and over while I moaned and carried on, until I really was about to cum.  Then he left me there, on the edge of cumming while a big fat boy with a tiny little dick — thank God! — mounted me and fucked me in the ass.  As soon as he pushed his way into me, I came, and then he came, too, holding onto my tits like they were some kind of fucking life preserver, and then he went limp on me and started kissing me all over.

“Get the fuck away from me,” I said to the pathetic fat kid, who I noticed was as naked as me — ha ha! — as he slunk back to his seat.  Then to the professor, “can I go to my seat now, please?”

“What, are you kidding?  You’re a mess!  Get out of my classroom, and come back when you’re presentable.”

On my way back to my dorm room, glistening from head to foot, there were several boys who wanted to rape me, but I guess it was my worn-out look that sent them away without any further fucking, thank goodness!

So now, I’ve learned my lesson: panties are not good to wear on this college campus.  If you wear panties, you end up not only naked but fucked as well.  So today, I’ve decided to go out wearing the next best thing to panties: nothing at all!

Do you like my outfit?  (My heart is racing!  I don’t know what will be in store for me!  Wish me luck!)


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  1. base

    Panties are appropriate campus fashion. Just have to be more careful in selecting your panties. White cottons will draw inspectors like Yogi The Bear to a picnic basket. Sheer g-strings are a wiser choice. Some girls find crotchless panties allow inspectors to see that the girl is not sexual aroused in public. Having the right panties for the situation is a must.


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