Pretty Girl of the Day 1/2/2013

I really didn’t want to participate in the “Pretty Girl” series.  Don’t get me wrong–I was flattered to be “asked” to be in the series, but I just wish it happened under different circumstances.

I needed to get away from the dorm for a while to do some studying, so I put on a dress I thought was pretty decent.

I was in the library, minding my own business, when some bitchy librarian saw me playing in the mirror.  She said my strap was down off my shoulder and she saw one of my breasts, but I think she was mistaken.  Lying, more like it.  In this picture, you can see my breasts are fully covered.

She muttered something about my dress being too short, and then wandered off.  I thought that was the end of it, and went back to making eyes at myself in the mirror, when a minute later she came back, this time with a Dress Code Inspector.

“See?” she said to the Inspector.

“See what?” asked the Inspector.

“See her breast?  It’s indecent!”

The Inspector asked me to bend over, and put my hands on the mirror so he could get a closer look at me.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.  “Is my dress too short?”

“Of course not,” said the Inspector.  “If anything, it’s a bit too long.  Can you spread your legs a bit?”

I complied right away, of course, but I didn’t like where this was heading.  Just about everyone in the library had stopped studying and started forming a ring of spectators around me.  I knew my dress was plenty long enough to cover me, but being forced to bend over like this made me feel…  well, vulnerable.

With everyone watching, the Inspector folded the back of my dress up, and asked me to spread my cheeks.  I did as he ordered, and closed my eyes as he rubbed my pussy, and used my own juices to lubricate my asshole, and then he proceeded to do a full cavity search, which, of course, turned up nothing.  With my dress pulled up around my waist, he turned me around to face the crowd of onlookers just so that I would be properly humiliated.

“Did I tell you to put your legs together?” he asked

Instead of answering, I spread my legs, and covered my face with my hands.  I prayed no one I knew was in the audience.

“I’ll have to ask you to remove your dress,” he said.

I knew better than to argue with an Inspector, so I did as he ordered.

“Sit down”

I looked at the chair, and felt my pussy, which was dripping wet.  I don’t know if other girls get excited from being humiliated this way, but I do.  So I didn’t want to sit in the chair.  Instead I knelt, covering my pussy with one hand.

“Did you hear me, young lady?  I said *sit*”

I thought about arguing with the man, but I did as he said.  Without being asked, I spread my legs, because I knew he would want the crowd to see my juicy wet pussy.

“That’s better.”  He fondled my breasts, lifting one, letting it fall, and then lifting the other, and letting it fall, to the titters of the audience.  “Your nipples are soft,” he said.

“Thank you?”  I honestly didn’t know if soft nipples were good or bad.

“I’m going to tell you how you can get your dress back.  Are you interested?”

I nodded.

“You’re going to make your nipples hard by touching your pussy.  Does that sound like fun?  And I’m going to watch you very closely, as are these nice people.”  He must have gestured to the crowed but my eyes were closed.

“If your nipples are fully hard before you cum, you get your dress back, and I’ll ignore your insolence, and I won’t write you up for indecency.  But if you cum first–and trust me, I’ll know if you cum–then not only will you lose your dress, but I’ll also write you up for indecency, and set you free.”

“You mean–naked?”

The inspector smiled.  “Yes.  Naked and highly sexually excited.  Do you know what happens to a girl wandering around our campus in that condition?”

I knew very well.  Every day, around lunch time, a sexually excited girl is thrown to the wolves, stark naked.  The poor girl is forced to interleave her fingers behind her head, and try to walk to her dorm or her next class.  She usually doesn’t get 20 feet before being assaulted.  If she’s lucky, some guy will just fondle her breasts — or her already wet pussy.  But more often than not, the naked girl is forced to the ground and raped.  She then has to get up, with her hands still behind her head, and continue walking.

I spread my legs wider, and began masturbating, and praying my nipples would sprout little hardons before I came.

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