Pretty Girl of the Day 1/3/2013

Pretty Girl of the Day 1/3/2012

Note from the Dean of Students: Today’s pretty girl grossly violated our Dress Code, and she will be severely punished–I mean–rehabilitated for her infraction.  Part of her rehabilitation includes preparing the following public service announcement, directed to all the girls at the College, and also any high school senior girls who may be thinking about our College for the coming year.

Her statement follows.

Let me start out by saying how sorry I am!  I know I should have known better, but it was the end of the semester, and I just had a lapse in judgment.  It was a late fall day, the sun was warm, but there was a chill in the air, so I wore denim shorts, a rasberry top, and a cute little white short sweater.  I knew the sweater was questionable, but I reread the rules for wearing coats in cold weather, and I convinced myself it qualified.  As it turned out, the sweater was the least of my violations of the Dress Code.  I really messed up big time.

You see, girls, the idea of the Dress code is to avoid overlapping clothes the way I did, because in certain circumstances, it’s possible to wear clothes that are just too cute for school!  I really don’t think I misused my clothing in this way, but consider a girl who wears a really short dress, and a pair of really cute little shorts under it — the kind that volleyball players wear, form fitting, sexy, and pushed into her butt crack so it looks like she’s got nothing at all under the dress.  That is, unless a gust of wind lifts her dress, or she gets out of a car, or…  You get the picture.  This girl might not wear such a short dress if she didn’t have the shorts to keep her covered “just in case”.  Do you get it?  By overlapping her clothes, she’s able to dress way sexier than she would ever dare otherwise, and this is a distraction to other students.

Consider another example:  A thin top that’s just a little too thin for a girl to feel comfortable wearing by itself.  Quite honestly, that was my situation, if I really stop to analyze my motives for wearing this sweater.  You see, when I take off the sweater, my nipples show clearly through my respberry top, and I feel a little embarrassed.  So by wearing a sweater over my top, I’m able to wear a top that’s a tad sexier than I would otherwise wear.  Again, this is a distraction to other students, for which I’m very, very sorry.

I honestly thought the top and shorts was fine for the dress code, but it was pointed out to me that the top is really too long to wear as just a top.  It’s more like a very short dress, as evidenced by the fact that it overlaps my shorts quite a lot.  I should have looked at myself in the mirror that morning before stepping out the door with overlapping clothes.  If I had, I would have considered two options: removing the top, or removing the shorts.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that removing the shorts would be the better option, because my top is (almost) long enough to be completely decent even without anything under it, whereas if I removed my shorts, I would be totally topless.  But when confronted (in an unfortunately public way) with this choice later in the day, I opted to remove my top, because…  Well, that has to do with something I suddenly remembered as I contemplated taking off my shorts.  (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

I really thought I was going to get away with just wearing my shorts for the rest of the day.  I apologized profusely to the Inspector, and I think he bought my explanations for the sweater (cold weather outer wear) and the top (didn’t realize the extent of overlap with my shorts), and I thought he was going to let me go without even a writeup for indecency.  I really would have been happy going to the rest of my classes dressed only in my shorts, and I think it’s a cute look for me, do you agree?

But then, he asked me to take off my shorts–just as a formality, he said.  Blushing, I said, “oops”, as I took them off.  Can you see what I forgot?

Yes, I was wearing panties.  I know it was wrong.  Can you believe me when I say I completely forgot I was wearing panties?  The truth is the shorts are a little rough on the inside.  There’s a seam, right in the middle.  Who would put a seam right in the middle of a pair of shorts?  I still thought I would get away with it, because the Inspector seemed to buy my explanation that I forgot about the panties.  I told him I would just wear the panties for the rest of the day, and could he please forget about all the other accidental violations?  I really wished I had been a good girl and left my panties at home, because I think I look really cute wearing nothing but shorts, but here I was in my panties, begging to at least keep them on.  Obviously it’s the only thing I’m wearing, so I’m (finally) in compliance with the Dress Code.  Can I just wear my panties for the rest of the day, please Mr. Inspector?

He laughed, and said he would think about it, which made me feel better, but then my spirits fell when he asked me to take off my panties.

“As a formality?” I giggled, and he laughed, too.

“Yeah, as a formality.”

I guess in retrospect I shouldn’t have been surprised that an Inspector would ask me to take off all my clothes, but when I was there, stripping in front of all my classmates, I was really, really embarrassed.  I didn’t think there would be a problem, though, because I really was completely naked under my panties.  I put my legs together to hide my pussy as much as possible, and took them off.

I told the inspector I had never been inspected before, and I honestly meant it, but as he pointed out later, that wasn’t entirely true.  On several occasions I had been in some “mass inspections” where all the girls strip naked and take turns placing their clothes on an automated mechanism that somehow determines if they were in compliance with the Dress Code.  (Some girls think it just weighs them; others think it measures their total surface area.  I think it just randomly accuses every twelfth girl of indecency.  The real criteria are a trade secret of the College.)  Usually, the girl is able to pass through the turnstyle, and pick up her clothes on the other side.  But sometimes the mechanism judges the clothes to be in violation (never telling the girl what the violation was) and the machine “swallows” the clothes, leaving the girl to go on her way, naked.  Luckily, my clothes were never swallowed by the machine, but one time a skirt was stolen by a girl who must have needed one, because it was missing when I picked up my clothes.  Even though I had a top to wear, that was an embarrassing day!

But I digress… The point is that yes, I had been inspected, but never by a human inspector before.  And so as I pulled down my panties, I felt very self-conscious, and so I turned around.  I didn’t want the crowd to see my pussy.

“Hurry up!” said the Inspector.  “I’m tired of your lies and deceptions.”

“I’m really shy,” I said.  That was no lie.  Was it a deception?  No, I’m sure that’s the truth.

“I know you’re shy,” said the Inspector.  “And you’re really cute, so I can’t help giving you a lot of leeway.  But you’ve made a lot of mistakes today.  Your sweater didn’t fit the cold weather rules.  Your top covered most of your shorts.  You wore two tops and two bottoms, for Christ’s sake.  Are you sure you’re not overplaying the ‘shy’ card?”

“I’m really telling the truth.” (I almost said “this time” then thought better of it.)  “Do you realize I’m naked?  I’m scared to turn around with all these people watching me.”

“You will turn around, young lady, and you will do it now.  I’m completely fed up with you.  I’ll tell you what.  If you don’t turn around right now, I’ll confiscate your clothing and turn you loose right now, stark naked!”

“OK, OK!”  I took a deep breath, and faced my Inspector, and the public, completely naked.

“Just as I suspected,” he said.  “Yet another lie.  You’re still not naked.”

“What?!”  I have never been more naked in my life!

“What do you call that?”

“My pussy?”

“It’s a little furry, don’t you think?”

I gulped.  I knew I was unusual by not shaving.  In the evenings when the other girls in my dorm run around naked, I notice they’re mostly shaved.  Meanwhile, I like to wear panties or a baggy t-shirt because I’m shy, but I’m trying to be really honest with myself in with you girls who will be reading this.  I’m starting to realize that I’ve been wearing clothes in the evening just to hide my pubic hair.

The Inspector said, “I count seven violations, which are–”

“Wait!” I said when I recovered my faculties.  “Am I not allowed to sport pubic hair?”

“No, of course you can grow a bush, but it counts as a bottom.”

“So I could wear a top then?  But no bottom, right?”

“Yes, but you can’t wear a top long enough to count as a dress; mothball your raspberry top until you shave, honey.”

“So I can wear my white sweater then?”

“Hold your horses, sweety.  You committed so many violations today . . . . . .

1. Sweater covering another top
2. Top covering your shorts
3, 4 and 5. Panties under your shorts, and lying about them, and lying about having been previously inspected
6 and 7. Panties covering your bush, and lying about your bush

“Wait a minute!  I never lied about my bush.”

“When you took off your panties, you begged me not to make you turn around, claiming to be naked.  That was a lie.”

I had nothing left to say.  The Inspector was right.  All this time I had been brazenly violating the Dress Code by wearing bottoms and a bush.  I threw myself to his mercy.  “I know I’ve been bad, and I promise to be good from now on.  Can you take it easy on me, please?”

“Okay, honey, I’ll tell you what.”  He put down his clipboard and came toward me.  I dropped all the clothes I had been holding.  He pressed his chest into mine, and I thought he was going to kiss me, so I closed my eyes, held onto him, and…  I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I relaxed my cheeks.  I’m blushing as I’m writing this because it was so silly, but I thought he was going to rub my back all the way down to my my butt crack, so I relaxed it to be ready for him.  But he didn’t kiss me.  But his lips came within an inch of mine as he finished his thought.  I want you to get used to the idea that your bush is a perfectly cromulent bottom, so from now on, the only tops you can wear are your sweater, a sports bra, or any other top that’s waist length or shorter.

“Is that it?”  I knew I had been a bad girl; was my “shy” act working?  He seemed to be letting me off easy.

“No, honey, you were indecent and you know it.  I’ll leave you with your sweater, because it is cold, and I think you’ll be more comfortable wearing it than nothing at all.  But I’m still going to have to write you up.  I’ll be at your hearing, and I’ll put in a good word for you.”

He turned to go, but I was still holding onto him.  “Thank you,” I said, my lips practically touching his.  I took his hand in mine, and guided it to my pussy, which by now was throbbing with excitement.  He massaged me tenderly, and that’s all it took!  I wrapped my arms and legs around him as I came, and kissed him harder than I’ve kissed any boy.  I kept cumming as he supported my butt with his hands, one of which was flat against my throbbing pussy.  It felt like I came for five minutes, but maybe it was just a few seconds, I really don’t know.

So, girls, that’s my story.  I learned an important lesson that day.   A few lessons, really.   I learned that my bush is my friend.  It’s a bottom I carry with me whereever I go (although a close reading of the Code of Conduct reveals that a bush doesn’t protect against fondling, oh well 🙂  and so I just need to worry about wearing a top — or not! — which was another lesson: there’s no harm in going topless now and then as long as you’re sporting a bush, because that’s just like wearing clothing.  And NO MORE OVERLAPPING CLOTHING!  It has the potential to be just too sexy, and that would be distracting to the other students.  I get that now.  I hope I’ve been able to help my fellow girls.  Bye for now.

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