Jini – Act Confident (archives)

When Jini walked into the dorm room naked, her room mate snickered.

Jini said, “Lynn Marie, it is not funny!”

The giggling co-ed burst into full laughter.

Jini stomped her foot, “It is not funny. Stop laughing!”

Lynn literally rolled to the floor laughing.

Jini stormed to her desk and sat down pouting watching Lynn make a fool of herself. Slowly the infectious laugh from Lynn got to her. Jini smiled. But still insisted, “Getting inspected is not funny.”

Lynn was on her back slamming her feet and fists on the floor as she laughed uncontrollably at her roommate.

Jini’s smile turned to a giggle. She dove on Lynn wrestling her. “Stop laughing!”

Soon both nude girls were laughing and rolling over each other.

Panting and exhausted from laughing and wrestling, Lynn said, “So tell me what happened.”

Jini said, “I really thought I could do it. Everything we learned in class said, ‘Act confident and people assume you are suppose to be doing whatever you are.’ At least that what Professor Higgins wanted us to believe when he gave out the assignment.”

Lynn said, “You should have taken my suggestion.”

Jini laughed and stood up motioning with her hands showing her nude form, “And how would that have been any different?”

Lynn said, “Nude by choice, not stripped.’

Jini flopped to her bed, “You’re right.”

Lynn dove to the bed on top of Jini, “I keep telling you, ‘I’m always right!'”

Jini laughed and kissed her room mate. Lynn was right more than not, although her ideas are crazy.

Jini said, “So anyhow, for my ‘act confident’ project, I theorized I could walk across campus wearing normal clothing yet not get inspected. Even Professor Higgins thought it was a great experiment. I told you how he used my idea for the next lecture. So, I was put to the challenge. I had to follow through today, of all days.”

Lynn stroked Jini bare breasts causing both girls’ nipple to perk. Jini tried to ignore Lynn’s touches as she continued with her story.

“So, according to the theory, I should have been able to walk right pass the inspectors wearing my top and jeans, but only if I remained totally confident that I was suppose to be wearing jeans. My confidence would project on the inspector, and he would simply let me pass.”

Lynn’s hand slid towards Jini’s pussy. “Clearly either you weren’t projecting or he wasn’t receiving.”

Jini sighed as Lynn’s finger slipped through to touch her clitoris. “You’re exactly right. Worse, I got the assignment to figure out which it was and report on it next class.”

Lynn sat up, “You mean, you got inspected on your *way* to class?”

Jini covered her face. “Yes! Totally embarrassing, too! Everyone knew my project, and when they saw me naked, they knew I failed.”

Lynn kissed her room mate. “You did not fail! I will not have you talking about my best friend that way!”

Jini laughed and kissed her room mate, again. “Thanks. But at the time, I did feel like I had. Everyone was just joking around with me, even Professor Higgins. He said, ‘Well, that is one beautiful outfit the inspectors won’t strip from you.’ I had to tell the story in class. That is when he gave me the assignment for next class. I didn’t need another report due this week!”

Lynn played with Jini’s tits as she said, “So go on. Tell me about the inspection.”

Jini took a deep breath and began, “So, I’m walking to class behind the library by the woods. Admittedly, I was half-chicken to walk across the open lawns. I mean, does any girl get away with wearing jeans during the day?” No answer was necessary. Jeans were beacons for the inspectors. Everyone knew it, too. That’s why Jini selected them for her paper. She didn’t realize the professor would put her theory into practice. “So, I was hurrying to get to class. I figured if I could arrive intact, I’d met the challenge. It wouldn’t matter if I got inspected on the way home. I knew that was a risk.”

Lynn said, “So why did you bet me that you wouldn’t?”

Jini said, “Stupidity. I wanted to be right. I figured if I made it to class, I’d have the same chance of making it back. But nope. I got stopped on my way to class. The inspector was nice and all.”

Lynn asked, “Cute?”

Jini laughed, “And cute, but when he stopped me, I knew I was in trouble. I pretended to act like everything was perfectly normal. Then he demanded I strip. Taking off my sweater was easy. I hoped that seeing I was wearing a bra would make it more believable I’d never dare to wear panties under the jeans.”

“I tried the trick of just unzipping my pants to show him thatΒ  I was not wearing panties would be enough.”

“But he demanded I take them completely off. He had me posing for several minutes. Fortunately, very few people use that back path. I think that might annoy the inspectors when they can’t gather a crowd. He did seem particularly annoy with me, too. Even though I was naked, I was still attempting to project my confidence towards him. That’s when he said, ‘I’ll be keeping these items of clothing for your hearing. I yelled, ‘What for?’ He pointed to my landing strip.”

Lynn’s hand traced Jini’s thin muff patch. “I told you to shave it off before your experiment.”

Jini said, “I know. You were right, again. But I got so many compliments on Muff Day that I was seriously thinking of going bottomless ’til the semester ended.”

Lynn squealed with delight, “I think you should, too!”

Jini said, “Might be a problem. Once I got served with the hearing notice, I figured if I shaved, the inspector would lack the evidence to hold my clothing.”

Lynn pulled her hand back, “But if you get caught, you’ll be in big trouble!”

Jini said, “That’s the best part. He had no witnesses. My bare pussy against his word. If I act confident to the judge, he’ll believe me.”

Lynn said, “Might want to rethink that. So far, acting confident as only gone wrong for you.”

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Wow. This woman has wonderful breasts :). I think an interesting experiment would be for her to walk around naked, projecting confidence, in an area where that is not normal, in order to see if the confidence trick works any better in that situation πŸ™‚
Comment By B At 6/4/2008 11:33 PM

Or test the confidence trick walking across campus whilst visually aroused
Comment By B At 6/4/2008 11:37 PM

Oooh, yes, try that last one, please!I’m sure word would leak of the experiment, and large groups of boys would be certain to be around…
Comment By college boy At 6/6/2008 10:19 AM

I have to find another project that will demonstrate that confidence alone will cause others to react differently than normal. Would appearing nude and making others think it is normal work? Perhaps, but around campus and this town it happens far too often to be a complete surprise to anyone.

The problem with becoming sexually aroused is that physical signs over-shadow your air of confidence. No one sees your shoulders square, your stride long, your head up. They see erect nipples and dripping pussy, and we all know what that leads to on campus.

I might try a different approach to the confidence/arousal idea. I could go to different off-campus and masturbate as if it were normal. See if anyone says a word. Perhaps ask for directions with my fingers working their magic. I’m liking the idea already, and I’m not even off-campus yet!

Comment By Jini At 6/7/2008 2:58 PM

Oh, but Jini…I was so looking forward to you trying that experiment…so I could be there when you did, of course! Few things in college life here are as enjoyable as a girl wandering around visibly aroused…she sometimes doesn’t make it a few feet before having to accept being penetrated in one or more of her young, tight holes, and sometimes this is repeated, making any attempt to move across campus very time-consuming, to be sure, and also wearing on their pussies and assholes, but hey…
Comment By college boy At 6/9/2008 4:36 AM

Ah, yes. Jini, I really think you should try that experiment. But don’t tell anybody, just do it and see what happens… Actually, I think you should just experiment in general to find out what you can get away with. Cum to think of it, you’ll probably find you enjoy the experimentation a great deal, and spend more and more of your time walking around campus nude and visibly aroused, if only because you enjoy the experimentation so much… πŸ™‚

I’ve been wondering, though… what do girls do in the case that their obvious arousal and eagerness for sex results in them becoming pregnant?

Comment By b At 6/10/2008 2:45 AM

Boys will be boys.

I am a college student, and I do have some brains. Please give me credit for that much. I do need a project that is doable with the expectation of success. Believe me, I get plenty of sex whenever I need it. Girls will be girls, too, and we know a thing or two about pleasing a female.

Pregnant? I do not know of any girl on campus not taking birth control pills. It would be reckless not to do so. The greater concern is STD. Health checkups are required for continued admittance. Since the campus clinic is open for all students to perform screenings and treatment, it has not been a problem at all. Those with a STD are monitored to ensure they do not spread the infections. Those disobeying the doctor’s orders will find themselves expelled.

Comment By Jini At 6/10/2008 7:10 PM

That raises an interesting point… how do girls who get std’s keep from spreading them and still follow the dress code?
Comment By b At 6/10/2008 7:51 PM

I must say though Jini, you have great breasts πŸ™‚
Comment By b At 6/10/2008 7:52 PM

when is this site going to be updated?
Comment By carlos At 6/25/2008 1:36 PM

updates are not scheduled. a few different authors post when they write new stories. I have some in the hopper, still working on them. Others are probably proof-reading or wait for the muse to hit them.

enjoy the older stories – click the link to all the posts. enjoy re-reading some favs from years ago.

Comment By base At 6/27/2008 9:35 AM

3 thoughts on “Jini – Act Confident (archives)

  1. someone

    Jinis Problem was to be over confident. Confident that no inspector would look behind the library. Confident that the landing strip would go unnoticed. This was acting confident with pronounciation on acting.
    You can only be confident, if you know you play by the rules.

  2. Johann

    I suggest to not shave that landing strip off befor the hearing. You can get in serious trouble for doing so. Moreover Jini should appear to the hearing naked and confident, presenting her pubic hair to the jury and admiting she did violate the dresscode.
    She will be asked to suggest a punishment for her. It sould be something along the line of “keeping that landing strip for the remainder of the semester – and therefore wearing it as the only bottom – to remind herself and all others of the incident.

    1. Anonymous

      I think this is good advice. She should not trim it, confess she was in violation, and confess she considered trimming. This will be very likely to result in a verdict like you said.


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