Dress Code Advice for Girls (archives)

I have received word of some unfortunate grumblings on the part of some of our beautiful co-eds, as a result of simple misunderstandings of the Dress Code.  Much of this dissatisfaction centers around the length of your dresses and skirts.  Naturally, you want to feel comfortable in your clothing, and this will make you happy.  And, as I often say, there’s nothing finer in the whole wide world than a happy girl.  As I walk about the campus, the thing that brings me so much joy is your smiling faces, and so I’m writing this memo to you so that you will remain cheerful.


Some of you, I’m told, feel embarrassed by the voluntary inspections conducted by our trained staff to ensure you are adhering to the Dress Code.  Please don’t be embarrassed.  Certainly, some of you will be asked to remove your clothing before your fellow students, but you should feel no shame in this.  The purpose of the inspection is, as you well know, to verify that you are not wearing panties or a bra.  As you know, a girl who is permitted to wear panties will come to rely on them to cover her cute little bottom, and so she will tend to wear shorter skirts and dresses than she would wear if she went “commando”.  Certainly, some of the embarrassment you feel results from the entertainment value to your fellow students of the public inspections.  Indeed, inspectors are given wide lattitude to confiscate your clothing, should you hesitate to follow his orders.  The mild embarrassment you feel serves as a deterrent to other girls who may be tempted to flaunt the rules, and, naturally, inspectors maximize this deterrent value after stripping you by forcing you to do such things as spread your legs, bend over, and the like.


Please do not be overly concerned about these inspections.  There is a very simple way for you to greatly reduce the likelihood that you will be inspected.  You see, if your dress or skirt is sufficiently short that you are clearly not in violation of the Dress Code, then it is unlikely that you will be inspected.  The best way to avoid inspection, then, is to wear a very short dress.

Trust me, girls, I see your dilemma.  You want to be in compliance, but you don’t want to be inspected.  You want to wear decent clothing, so that you feel comfortable and modest.  Yet you know you must wear a dress that is as short as possible, so you are not likely to be inspected.  For this reason, I am providing this tutorial in proper clothing selection, as a public service to you girls.


A girl at play is a wondrous thing to behold.  Naturally, if you intend to play, you should be careful to wear a dress that helps you feel decent.  As you can see, the girl pictured next is wearing a dress slightly longer than necessary, so that she will feel comfortable at play, and not expose herself unduly.


By wearing such a long dress, she feels comfortable assuming various positions without worrying about decency or modesty.  For example, to sit comfortably while drawing with chalk, she spreads her legs, knowing her dress is long enough so she will remain fully decent.


When crawling along the pavement, the dress is long enough to cover a decent portion of her sexy behind, leaving a delightful mystery for anyone who might chance to see her.


It is important for girls to play.  So it worries me to think that perhaps the Dress Code might indirectly cause girls to refrain from playing, for fear of exposing themselves unduly.  So I would like to reassure you that all your fellow students understand the nature of play, and will not take advantage of you.  Since none of your classmates are wearing panties, either, it will be common for accidental exposure to occur on a playground.


Clearly, the girl pictured above is fully dressed.  Yet, she is unabashed during play, which is the way you should feel, too.  Take special note of the smile on her face.  She is not the least bit embarrassed to be showing her booty on the jungle gym, which is absolutely the right attitude.


Still, the girl pictured here is a bit shy, which prompted her to wear a fairly long skirt.  On the swing, below, you can see that the skirt is quite a bit longer than necessary, covering almost all of her pussy.  Just another inch longer, and she would be seriously risking inspection, as her pussy would have been completely covered.


As you have read along thus far you might be worried that you will have to go essentially “bottomless” in order to avoid inspection.  The poor girl, pictured below, is contemplating just this dilemma.


Although her little butt is perfectly rounded, and just about the cutest ass on campus, it’s not necessary for her to dress this way just to avoid inspection, especially if she might feel uncomfortable dressing this way in public.  Don’t get me wrong, though — if you feel comfortable wearing only a shirt, please feel free to do so.  I’m sure very few of you will be this brazen, but there is no restriction against dressing this way, and you will certainly not be hassled by inspectors.

However, you should take heart!  Such an extreme form of dress is hardly necessary.

As you can see, the girl pictured below is very decently dressed, and not exposing any part of her pretty body that she doesn’t want you to see!  Although she is panty-less, this fact is kept safe under her skirt.


Even when she bends over, her skirt continues to cover her decently.  As you can see from this extreme pose, her asshole remains fully covered, as do the majority of her nicely rounded cheeks.


If you are used to wearing panties, then the Dress Code may take a little getting used to.  For example, when you are wearing a short skirt or dress, you should keep your legs together when you sit, to minimize the chance that a passer-by might look up your skirt causing you embarrassement.  For example, this girl is able to feel comfortable and modest in her short skirt.


Let’s face it, girls.  To reduce your chance of being inspected, you should get used to having your pretty body on display from time to time.  If you are the least bit shy, then you may have an inner struggle at this prospect.  One way to resolve it is to do your clothes shopping in lingerie or sleepwear departments.  For example, this nightgown is perfect for campus wear:


Covering her completely, this lovely little dress helps her feel sexy at the same time.


As she moves, the dress follows her curves, and keeps her sexy body sufficiently covered to help her feel modest and confident.  Below, she is pictured, showing how the gently scalloped back of her dress covers her little bottom, more or less.


Like the girl pictured above, many of you girls like to leave just the bottoms of your cheeks bare, as in the following example.  This skirt covers most of her bottom, exposing just a little bit of her cheeks, which most of us would agree, is a cute look.  It has the additional advantage of allowing her to demonstrate clearly that she is following the Dress Code.


Here is another example of a modest dress, which nonetheless would allow an inspector to see that she is clearly in compliance with the Dress Code.  As you can see, the girl pictured below is sitting on the back of her dress, which shows that is plenty long enough to cover her bottom, allowing her to feel modest and confident.  In fact, this girl feels so decent in her minidress that she doesn’t hesitate to spread her legs, knowing that most people will not glance between them.


In summary, I want you girls, especially those of you who are on the shy side, to look carefully at all the beautiful girls pictured in this memo, and take note that none of them feels the least bit embarrassed about the way she is dressing.  The best evidence is that they are happy to bend over or spread their legs apart, because they feel so comfortable knowing their skirt or dress affords sufficient decency.  I hope this has helped you feel comfortable and confident.

Thank you so much for your kind attention to this important matter.


Dean of Students

It’s great to read of you again, Richard!
Comment By AsusDVD At 6/30/2008 6:25 AM

Always wonderful to read the advice from the Dean himself.

The original problem was girls wearing short skirts because their panties hide their modesty. Some see the rules as defeating the original purpose of the Dress Code, but not me. I see it as a perfect solution – there’s no reason to be modest! Modesty and decency is all in the mind. If all girls learn this lesson, their education is nearly complete.

Comment By base At 7/2/2008 7:22 PM

Thanks for the memo. Getting the rules refreshed as well as the reasoning behind the rules, is needed from time to time.
Comment By Grinch At 7/6/2008 8:02 AM

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