Inspection — Shyness (archives)

Inspection — Shyness

Shyness during an inspection normally works against the girl. Although Inspectors like it when a girl begs and pleads loudly to keep her clothes on, because this draws a crowd, if a girl quietly whimpers or if she is slow to take off her clothes, then the Inspector is likely to assume the girl is hiding something.

In this case, the girl complies with the Inspector’s request to remove her shirt, but she is shy about showing him her little titties. This reluctance makes the Inspector suspicious that she is hiding some violation.


So he takes her shirt as evidence of the alleged violation, and makes her take off her pants as well. Now the girl is faced with another problem — she is still shy, but she can’t effectively cover up her tits and pussy with just two hands, so she focuses on her pussy. The irony is that she is now showing her tits, which is all the Inspector wanted to see in the first place. If she had complied quickly with his request, without being so shy, then she could have kept her pants on.


As it is, the girl is left with no clothes at all. The Inspector assumed she was in violation, confiscated her clothes, and took off with them, leaving her naked.


After some time, as the realization that she would have to make the best of her nudity sunk in, the girl’s shyness gradually wore off. This is typical. The naked girl goes about the rest of her day’s business, and typically waits until the next morning to put on some clothes.


No, no, no. The inspectors do not take a girl’s clothes unless he feels there was a clear violation of the Dress Code. He will be present at the hearing to demonstrate the violation. Imagine his embarrassment if he is overruled all evening and teh girls are given back their clothing. Nothing could be worse than being an inspector and having that taken away for abuse of power.

Officially, we only confiscate clothing of those in violation of the Dress Code. Yes, inspectors will ‘trick’ the girls into showing them what he needs to verify, but always, the clothes are returned if no violation is present.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/26/2007 2:14 AM

Some days I will wear a long skirt or jeans just to have the inspectors ask for me to remove them to show I don’t have panties. Some girls think the inspectors want screamers. I’ve heard the inspectors say this is not true. I take a different route…

I gladly remove my clothes, but rather than be shy I start singing. I do tunes from school musicals. I get a bit theatrical. I make sure the crowd is enjoying not me being stripped, but my performance.

I live by the motto, ‘The whole world is my stage!’

Comment By Nancy Newdsome At 10/26/2007 2:19 AM

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