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The girls wrestling team is doing quite well this year. The popularity of this sport among the student body has increased considerably since the rules regarding the uniform were changed.


In past years, the uniform for girls has consisted of shorts and a top. Starting this year, the uniform was changed to a string bikini bottom with ties at both hips, and a top that ties behind the neck and across the back. Points are awarded for the first girl to remove the other’s top and bottom. The girls really love this rule change, because it allows them to get naked much sooner than in years past.


The wrestlers have always known that wearing clothes puts them at a disadvantage, because the clothes provide a hand-hold for the other player. To gain an advantage, then, it is necessary to do without the uniform. For additional advantage, girls grease their bodies, so they are too slippery for their opponent to grab ahold of.

Some wrestling tactics are simplified by the lack of clothing. For example, the “pussy pull” is a common way for the dominant wrestler in any given position to take advantage of the other girl — a sudden wave of sexual excitement can often disable a weaker wrestler.


The wrestlers were asked to comment on the need to perform nude in front of their classmates. “It’s only embarassing for a short time,” says Stephanie, one of the more popular wrestlers on the team. “After that, it’s down to business, and I forget all about being naked.”

Andrea chimed in, “And then after you win, you’re so excited, you just forget you’re naked!”


It is common for the naked wrestlers to bypass the locker room altogether, so they can celebrate their victories right away with their fellow students. As long as their friends don’t remind them they’re naked, they usually don’t think about it all evening.

why wear clothes atall at start of match
Comment By invisible At 8/8/2008 11:05 AM

sick why no video
Comment By perv At 8/28/2008 11:52 AM

The brief period in which the college experimented with mixed wrestling did lead to a huge increase in popularity of the sport, with the boys learning fast how to pull at those strings fast and get the girls naked. The experiment in mixed wrestling only ended after a parents day, when one boy competing against a very strong girl found himself pinned down, and would have lost if he hadn’t managed to develop a hard-on and suddenly thrust his hips up, his prick poking, by luck or skill, directly between her pussy lips and deep inside her snatch. She was so surprised that she lost her grip and he went on to win, but arguments about whether this was cheating, and the views of the girl’s parents, led to the suspension of the program, at least for a while.
Comment By Angela S At 6/12/2009 11:02 PM

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