FTSFD – Part 3.5 (The Aftermath)

(Part 3) (here we go, merely well over a year later! –ed)

Genevieve gave her new friend’s pussy a final tongue-swirl and smacked her lips. Yep, tasted like she’d gotten all the cum out! Genevieve gasped slightly as another tremor of pleasure swept through her, as the beautiful black girl she was 69ing gave her pussy some similar final ministrations. “Looks – that is, tastes” Genevieve said, giggling with nerves ” – all clean over here.” “Same for you, sweetheart,” her new friend replied. Genevieve tried to stand up but found her legs too shaky from the latest additions to the day’s waves of orgasms, and elected to simply roll off the other girl. As her friend gave her a considerate hand up, Genevieve was startled by the hooting wave of applause that greeted the two girls. Oh my God, I can’t believe I actually forgot about all the people watching me – us – me and us! Oh, I can’t even think straight I’m so embarrassed! Genevieve was further startled when her friend swept both their hands up high and led her into a deep bow at the waist like champions acknowledging their supporters. Despite her own sense of humiliation, she gamely went along, not wanting to leave her new friend – seemingly the first sympathetic person she’d found at this strange new campus! – out on a limb by herself. As they progressed into a series of bows in multiple directions towards their laughing, cheering group of spectators Genevieve found she couldn’t quite make herself forget what a view she must be presenting to anyone behind her as she bent at the waist again and again, surely providing clear views right up her freshly scrubbed pussy, but soldiered on bravely though blushingly.

Finally the bowing was done and Genevieve realized she didn’t even know the other girl’s name. Oh sure, let me just eat stranger’s cum out of your pussy while you do the same for me in front of a whole public audience, and oh by the way what should I call you now that we’re done? Just because this isn’t exactly your typical social encounter – Genevieve blushed again at her own drastic understatement – well, that’s no reason to abandon your manners! Well, that was telling herself, alright. Genevieve cleared her throat awkwardly. “So, um – mynameisGenevievewhat’syours?” She blurted out. The other girl cocked an eyebrow at her. “Well, nice to meet you Genevievewhat’syours,” she said teasingly. “You can call me Valerie.” She laughed. “Actually, since we’ve already gotten so close -” she laughed again as Genevieve found herself not for the first time wishing she had less fair skin as yet another deep blush swept over her features (I think I might almost be blushing more than I’m not since I got on this campus!) “- why don’t you just call me Val. All my friends do.” “I – thank you, Val! It’s so great to have a friend here. I just got here and this campus is insane! I got stripped, had my clothes taken, was gangraped – oh, but “consensually”, whatever that means. I mean sure, I did come once or twice” or more like a dozen times… but I don’t need to say that! “but still! How is any of that even legal?!”, Genevieve vented. Val raised a cool but not entirely unsympathetic eyebrow. “Well, you did sign the New Student Papers they gave you, didn’t you?” Genevieve squirmed (oblivious to what a pretty motion that was on such a very naked girl), guessing what was coming next. “Well… yes, I guess so.” Val nodded decisively. “Then it looks like you should have taken the time to learn what you were signing up for! If you got taken by surprise, you’ve only yourself to blame!” Her tone softened a bit. “That said, it is a bit rough to run afoul of the Inspectors your very first day on campus – though I guess it gets that first shock out of the way at least. What’d they get you for anyway?” Genevieve had been a bit taken aback by Val’s firmness with her and replied hesitantly, “Well… I’m not even sure exactly what this means, but I think I remember something about something like Double Tops… and, um, Triple Bottoms. But I still don’t even understand how those are offences!” Val’s eyes widened and she let out a low whistle. “Double Tops AND Triple Bottoms? Oh, you poor silly girl. They are going to make an example out of you.” Wait… you mean they HAVEN’T yet?!, Genevieve thought incredulously. (oh, little did she know… –ed)

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    1. base

      maybe Part 3 3/4 in July?

      Enjoyable in parts, especially that I had to go back and re-read the initial parts once again.

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