The Truth About Short Dresses

Hi, Donna here. As many of you know, I’m now the preceptor of Bodacious Hall, 3rd floor, home to a whole bunch of beautiful freshman girls and boys. I like to think we have a safe place here, where kids can take off their clothes and relax without worrying about being fondled against their will and certainly not raped, although I’m not against the kids having sex if they want to, And I think it’s sweet to see a pair of naked girls sitting next to each other in the hallway, kissing and petting each other.

I know what you’re thinking: after being subjected to unwanted fondling, being forced to strip naked as a punishment in class, and even being raped by fellow classmates, the last thing a girl would want to do on returning home to the dorm in the evening is take off her clothes, and socialize with other naked girls.

But, surprising as it is, that’s what the girls want to do. And I think I know why. The rules are different here. Out there, girls are made to try to cover themselves as much as possible. They try not to expose their pussies, for fear of being fondled, and then if those pussies get wet, it’s much worse for the poor girls. But in here, a girl is safe. She can get excited and even cum in front of the other people in the dorm, and no one rapes her. A boy can fondle her if he wants, but here, she can pull away, and the boy will have to stop. Here, a girl can spread her legs wide, and masturbate if she wants to, and no one will fuck her unless she asks for it — I mean really asks for it with her voice, and not just her wet pussy.

Here in the dorm, we love to play fun games. One we like is called Role Reversal. In this game, boys get a chance to see what it’s like during the day for the girls. We sit around in the rec room, in the basement of the dorm, and watch TV and play games. There’s a pool table, and a twister mat. The girls can wear anything they like, but the boys have to abide by the girls’ Dress Code. This is a lot of fun for the girls, of course, but even the boys have fun. They take the game very seriously. Each boy shaves completely, and comes down to the rec room wearing nothing but a t-shirt or a skirt he’s borrowed from one of the girls. Girls are allowed to fondle the boys, of course, and the boys have to try not to get visibly hard. The best part comes late in the evening, when I pick one boy to inspect. I make him strip naked and spread his legs while the girls fondle him and make him cum. Sometimes, we even go on “field trips” to the student center. Not all the kids go, because the naked girls are sometimes a little reluctant to go out in public, and same for the boys wearing only a t-shirt, but a surprising number of the boys play along, and keep their legs together as they sit. Then it’s funny to see the boys have to spread their legs whenever a girl slips her hand between them. This is really how the boys get a good understanding of what the girls have to go through. In a way, I feel bad for the boy as I watch him squirm as he’s forced to spread his legs in public, and then have everyone watching as he gets a massive hard-on, with all the girls giggling and teasing him.

Which brings me to my main point. Why do girls put up with this treatment? Why do we go out in public, day after day, wearing nothing but a top? Sure, the College calls them “dresses” but we know better. We wear tops and call them dresses. Modest girls wear dresses an inch longer than crotch length, while the majority of us wear dresses that are exactly crotch length or even a tad shorter! Not one of us wears a dress that covers our pretty little butt, and many of us wear “backless” dresses, a.k.a. aprons. One of my favorite “dresses”, if you can even call it a dress, is my “glove dress”, which is a pair of gloves with some thin white material stretched between them. That’s it! Can you imagine? From the back, I’m completely naked. From the front, as long as my hands are down at my sides, I’m completely covered. It’s actually quite modest most of the time, because most of the time I’m standing with my legs together, so I only seem naked from the back, or else I’m sitting on my naked butt with my hands in my lap. All I’m really showing then is a little side-boob.

But then comes the Campus Bus. Why is it always so crowded? Not a single seat, and the only way to hang on is to raise my hands above my head and hang onto the straps. So embarrassing!

If a space alien were to land in the College and look at the girls, they would think the girls are required to bare their butts. But I’m here to tell you it’s not true. In fact, the Dean of Students keeps telling us to cover our butts! So why do we dress this way? Why do at least a third of the girls decide to wear only a short skirt or loin cloth, and no top at all?

Okay, enough teasing. I’ll tell you the answer: It’s the Inspections. There’s always that one girl who decides, for whatever reason, that she’s going to wear a dress long enough to cover her asshole, so for once when she’s walking up the stairs or drinking from the water fountain she won’t feel she has to cover her butt.

Cautiously, she sets foot outside her dorm, goes to breakfast, maybe even attends a class or two, and then, wham! When she least suspects it, she’s the target of a big, very public, Inspection. She bends over, takes off her dress, raises her arms — in short, she does everything she’s ordered to do. After 10 or 15 minutes of being subjected to all sorts of humiliation, she might ask whether she’s being charged with indecency, or if she’ll be allowed to go on her way instead. Big mistake. She’ll be told sure, she can be on her way, and then they’ll wait to see if she just leaves — without her dress. She’ll have to promise to remain naked for the rest of the day, of course. Many girls do. Those that stay are told they will get their clothes back after they agree to be raped. The rape is purely voluntary, though, of course. But the girl knows if she spends the rest of the day naked, she will more than likely be fondled and then raped anyway as a “punishment” for displaying sexual excitement in public.

The word spreads. Girls learn to leave their butts more or less completely bare. And the College continues to stage these mock Inspection / humiliation routines, which are widely attended. Girls go to see another girl get stripped and raped. It’s fun to watch. And boys go for the same reason, and also to see if maybe they can get to do some of the raping. It’s not real rape, they tell themselves, because the girl asks to be raped in hopes of getting her clothes back.

At this point, you may be wondering why the College allows girls to be fondled, and why the girls aren’t allowed to resist being fondled. It’s all to “encourage” them to wear more decent dresses. You see, the boys are strictly forbidden from reaching under a girl’s clothes. He can feel between her legs, of course, and between her butt cheeks, but only the part of her butt that’s exposed. So a girl is strongly motivated to wear a dress that covers her — just enough to avoid being fondled in her most intimate of places, but not so much that she runs the risk of a humiliating all day Inspection with rape thrown in for good measure.

What about letting girls wear panties? Well, that’s been tried. Do you remember the t-shirts and panties in high school? That’s what College attire would devolve to if girls were allowed to wear panties. Their t-shirts would get shorter and shorter until they couldn’t be considered dresses at all! So, you see, panties are just an “enabler” of shorter and shorter tops. By not letting girls wear panties, and by letting boys fondle their bare skin, well these are the only things keeping the girls’ dresses from getting too short.

Finally, the $64 question: why does the College let boys rape girls? The answer: whether or not a girl gets raped is entirely up to her. If she doesn’t allow her sexual excitement to show, she won’t be raped. And how can a girl prevent her sexual excitement from showing? By wearing a dress long enough to cover her most intimate areas. This not only keeps her wet pussy from being seen, but also prevents unwanted fondling that might lead to sexual excitement. Of course, if a girl’s dress is too long, she’ll be inspected, but there’s nothing about an inspection that a girl should be ashamed of. If she’s following the rules, she will always get her dress back after the Inspection is over. She will be stripped naked, of course, and forced to spread her legs for the Inspection. Some parts of the Inspection may cause her to become sexually excited, which, for some girls is slightly embarrassing. But the students should remember that Inspections serve three purposes: to ensure adherence to the dress code, as a warning to others, and also for entertainment. Without the entertainment of seeing a naked girl being forced to spread her legs, few people would gather to watch, and then what kind of warning would it be to other girls? Now, of course, one of the most entertaining things about any Inspection is when the girl agrees to be raped. She’s never forced to be raped, of course, and she will only be raped if she asks to be raped. It’s always a poignant moment when the naked girl is on the stage, crying sometimes covering her breasts with her hands, and at the same time begging to be raped. The girl then gets down on her hands and knees, her legs spread, her asshole and vagina clearly visible to the audience. By this point, the poor girl is already very sexually excited, so her vagina often pops open on its own. Then, while the girl continues to cry, a boy with a smooth hairless butt, wearing only a t-shirt, will come onto the stage, stroke her hair, dry her tears, and gently push into her. The couple will rock forward and back a few times, usually no more than two, and then it will be over. Many times after a girl is raped, she agrees to leave, naked. But sometimes, the girl feels she can take being raped a few more times, and then she might be released with her original dress, or maybe another item of clothing deemed more “suitable” for wearing at the College.

So that, boys and girls are why we girls at the College wear such short dresses.

Now, for some fun pictures. Here are a couple of girls playing a fun game of “stuff the peppers into the vagina”.








Was that fun? I knew you would like it!





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