Ashley’s Diary — Tuesday, April 28, 2009 (archives)

Wow!  What a day Monday was!  All three doghouse girls who left the school naked on Friday returned naked on Monday!  Only Nikki was “officially” stripped, and, yes, she was required to remain naked all weekend, and return to school in the nude on Monday.  So it wasn’t a surprise when she showed up naked.  But Chelsea came to school in the nude as well.  It seems her parents had been warned that she might be stripped, and they not only gave their permission for the game, but when she came home naked (except for her choker), they quite reasonably believed she had lost the game, and they told her she had to live up to her end of the bargain.

Then, amazingly, poor Brittany showed up naked as well.  Her story was slightly different.  When she returned home naked on Friday, her dad threw a fit.  “If you have such little respect for the clothes we buy for you, then you can just stay naked for all I care!”, and he threw away all her clothes.  Brittany was too proud to beg her mom to buy her some more clothes.  A lesser girl might have hid in her house, rather than going out, and especially avoided coming to school.  Part of her courage came from knowledge that Nikki would be naked, too, so she would have company.  When she saw Chelsea naked too, the girls hugged, and stroked each others’ pretty hair.  The girls shared their weekend nightmares, and then they kissed for a long time.  They looked really pretty, each with an all-over body tan.  My heart was warmed by their show of affection, as well as their lovely round cheeks, each with peach fuzz caught in the early morning sun.

When the late bell rang, we all found our seats.  We were cool, trying not to stare at the naked girls, and to just treat them as the ordinary cute girls they are.  In an odd way, their nudity took the heat off me, so I felt much more comfortable than I would ordinarily feel in such a tiny dress.  The principal came on the speaker and said there would be an assembly right after homeroom.  This was a surprise, and so it was very exciting.  He went on to emphasize the importance of the school’s dress code, which was very liberal, but did require all girls to wear clothing.  Then he called out the names of three girls who should report right away to the principal’s office: Brittany, Chelsea, and Nicole — the three naked girls from our homeroom.

Despite the excitement of the suprise assembly, our teacher didn’t forget that we were starting a new game.  “Time to earn some points for the next month,” he said.  He called for the girls wearing short dresses to come up to the front of the room for judging.  My dress was pretty short — too short for panties; I don’t like them to show.  When the naked girls gone, only eight of us earned points.  I earned three points, which was a nice start, although Taylor wore a cute outfit that fully exposed her pussy, so she beat me with four points.

The bell rang, and some of us ran to the auditorium to get good seats for the suprise assembly.  As soon as the bell rang, with students still filing into the auditorium, the principal tapped on the mic, and told us to settle down.  He started by calling Nikky to the stage.  Shyly, she made her way, still naked, to the stage.  I admired her courage to stand with her hands at her sides.  Was she told to avoid covering her cute little pussy?  “Nicole has something to say to the student body,” he said wincing at the double meaning of his introduction.

Holding the mic too close to her mouth, she started by saying, “I’m sorry to have been the one who was stripped on Friday.  I know one of us had to be stripped, but I should have tried harder not to be that girl.  To the other girls in my class, I emplore you to try very hard to avoid being stripped, because it’s really no fun, something you will learn first hand if you are the one who doesn’t try hard enough.”

She handed the mic back to the principal.  We all clapped, and poor Nikky left the stage, and found a seat in the audience.  The principal said, “Nikky was stripped against her will, so it’s not her fault she’s naked, in violation of our Dress Code.  But two other girls arrived at school without any clothes, and these girls have no excuse at all.  I want you to welcome Chelsea and Brittany.”  We clapped as the two naked girls walked onto the stage.  “What possessed you to come to school in total violation of our dress code?”  He stuck the microphone in Chelsea’s face, but she just shrugged.  “What about you?” he asked Brittany.

“It’s not my fault,” she said before the principal took back the mic.

“It is your responsibility to wear clothing to school.  It’s not a lot to ask.”  He paused to see their reaction to this, and he wasn’t happy.  “I want you each to think of a good punishment that will encourage you to wear clothes, and to discourage other girls from coming to school naked.  He paused.  “Brittany?”  She seemed stunned.  “Chelsea?”

Chelsea grabbed the microphone.  “Um, stocks?”  She shrugged, jiggling her cute tits.

The principal nodded encouragingly.  Off-mic, he said “go ahead, explain what you mean.”

“Um, during lunchtime, I could be forced to go into the stocks, where people could tease me.”

“That’s a good idea, Chelsea.  What could be done to you to make it even more embarrassing for you?”

Chelsea thought for a minute.  “Well, I guess it would be more embarrassing if my legs were spread apart, so people could see everything.”  She blushed.

“Anything else?”

Chelsea gulped.

“What are you thinking?” asked the principal.

She gulped again, and blushed even brighter.  “Um, I’m thinking how people might tease me with my legs spread apart, and with my head and arms immobilized, and, um…”

“You’re worried you might get sexually excited, aren’t you, dear?”

She nodded and covered her pretty face, her hard nipples revealing she was already a little excited.

“Yes, I can see how that might be embarrassing.”  Turning to the audience, he adminished them, “when you see Chelsea in the stocks, today, go ahead and look at her vagina, and check to see if it’s wet, but please don’t touch her there.  Instead, you may stroke her thighs and belly, and even her breasts.  As you do that, check to see if her vagina gets a little wetter.  It’s important for her to be as embarrassed as possible, so don’t be shy.  It’s the best thing for her, to increase the degree of punishment.”  Then, turning to Chelsea, he said, “thank you, dear.  I hope you learn your lesson today.”

“Brittany,” he said, turning to the other naked girl, “have you thought of a good punishment yet?”

“Umm…  Well, I think it would be unpleasant if I would have to bend over and let a boy touch my couchie.”

We laughed, but neither Brittany nor the principal thought that was funny.

“OK,” he said.  “when would you have to expose yourself this way?”

“Well,” she thought a minute. “at the beginning of every class?”

“That’s a good idea,” he said.  “Would there be any limit to the length of time he could spend touching you?”

She shook her head.

“What if you cum while he’s touching you?” asked the principal.

“OK,” she said, “he would have to stop touching me if I cum.”

“Good.  Now, would there be any limit regarding the way he can touch you?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“Can he touch you with his fingers?”

She nodded.

“with his tongue?”

She laughed.  “OK,”

“with his penis?”


“How about other body parts?  Can he touch your legs?”


“Your breasts?”

“OK, no problem.”

“Your asshole?”

She hesitated, then shrugged.

“OK, so he can touch you anywhere he likes, any way he likes, as long as he doesn’t put his penis in your vagina, is that right?”

She nodded.

“And this will happen at the beginning of every class, right?”

She nodded again.

“That’s a good punishment,” he said, patting Brittany on her pretty butt.  Then he put the mic back in its stand, and put his arms around the two girls, and announced, “luckily, neither of you will have to do those things this time.  But if you come to school naked one more time, then maybe we’ll have to punish you somehow — maybe by forcing you to spread your legs and see you in all your glory, or maybe by causing you to cum in public, or maybe something else entirely, but believe me, you will be punished.  Now, go back to your classrooms, and students, try to ignore the fact these girls are naked, and just have a good day at school.  Thank you.”

Is it long enough?  I think it’s perfect on today’s pretty girl.  But she feels a bit shy, wishing her dress were just an inch longer.  I know how you feel, darling, but your face is so pretty, I don’t think anyone will notice your dress is shorter than you might like.


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