Ashley’s Diary — Wednesday, April 29, 2009 (archives)

Sorry for being a day behind, but there were some things that happened yesterday that I need to tell you about…

I wore a tiny little wife-beater t-shirt yesterday that barely covered my belly button.  It’s very stretchy, so I can pull it down over my pussy, but it doesn’t stay.  I earned three points on Monday, and I knew I could earn three or maybe even four more points yesterday if I didn’t wear panties, but I really didn’t feel that desperate — or that daring, so I wore panties — cute ones in the same fabric as the wife-beater, so that matched.  If I say so myself, it was a cute outfit.  At the risk of digressing, I’ll tell you the only problem with these panties is that they have no actual waistband, just the stretchy wife-beater fabric, and since they were so tiny, they barely stayed on me — I had to keep pulling them up.  I could tell the boys thought that was cute, and once or twice, just to tease them, I pretended not to notice they were sliding down until they were around my knees!  But, as I warned you, I digress…

The real story of the day was Brittany.  She showed up naked, again.  Her dad threw out all her clothes, and she was too proud to beg her mom to go shopping for more.  Another aspect of her defiant behavior was to go about all her daily activities naked, just to spite her dad.  This included going to school, even though the principal made it clear that she would be severely punished if she showed up naked.  Our teacher felt bad for Brittany, and asked all of the girls if there were any items of clothing we were willing to lend Brittany just for the day.

No one stirred.

“Brittany,” said the teacher, sternly, “please come up to the front of the class, and bend over.”

He waited for her to assume the position.  She spread her legs without being asked.

“Michael, please come to the front of the class.  It will be your job to tease Brittany mercilessly, until she cums.”

Michael reluctently positioned himself between Brittany’s legs, and began stroking her.  We could see her vagina hole open as he stroked her thighs.  She shuddered each time he reached the top of her thighs, raising little goosebumps on her cute, round, butt.  He smoothed her goosebumps, gently stroking between her cheeks, touching her pretty asshole with a touch as light as a feather.

“Do it,” Brittany whispered.

Michael didn’t know what she meant.  Her pussy was dripping wet, though.  She was ready to cum.

“Please,” she begged.  “Do it…  Touch me there.”

The next time Michael stroked her legs, he “accidentally” went too far, and felt her slippery pussy.  He slid is finger gently under her inner lip, and moved it back and forth.  Brittany moaned.  I could see she didn’t want to cum in front of all of us, but on the other hand, she saw no other way to end this ordeal.

“Wait!” I said, rising from my seat.

Everything stopped.  All eyes were on me.  I made sure my panties were snug.

“I’ll give up my top, so Brittany won’t be naked.”  It was the least I could do.  I took it off to show I was serious, even though I hate for people to see my tits.

The teacher said, “That’s sweet, Ashley, but your top won’t end Brittany’s punishment.  She can wear your top while Michael continues his job, if that’s what you would like.”

“My bottom, then,” I said impulsively, walking to the front of the room.

Brittany stood up straight, and Michael stopped stroking her.  I took off my panties, and gave them to her.  She put them on eagerly.

All of a sudden, I realized I was naked, so I ran back to my desk, and put my wifebeater back on.  Whew!  I felt so good, to have saved my friend from such embarrassement.  It was really lucky that I wore panties this morning, almost like a divine presense had willed me to do it, just so I could help my fellow girl.

Brittany was so grateful, she hugged me, pressing her puffy little nipples into my chest, and then she kissed me.  She was crying, poor girl, and stroking my bare butt with gratitude.  I felt my pussy swelling, her soft touch felt so sweet.  I patted her butt, letting one finger slip between her cheeks.

From the front of the room, I watched Brittany walk back to her seat, ignoring the fact that the panties were too big for her, sliding down to her knees.  She was so grateful to be wearing clothes, she didn’t mind.

My pussy was fully engorged, not just from seeing Brittany’s pretty butt, but from our kiss, and from the experience of watching her almost cum earlier.  But I was a good girl.  I didn’t touch myself.

Don’t you love to see a pair of pretty girls hugging?


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