A New Chapter – First Day of CP Class

I arrived early to my classroom, wearing one of my more professional-looking dresses, navy blue, not too tight or to loose, and long enough that I didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. This one covers almost all of my butt — well past my asshole — so I won’t even need to remember to keep my cheeks clenched when my back is to my students. All I’ll have to do is remember to keep my legs together, and to bend at the knees rather than the waist.

It’s a good thing I dressed conservatively, because my classroom was full of contractors, putting up blinds on all the windows, and the door as well. They finished their work shortly after I arrived. Nice job. I went around and closed the blinds. I’m glad to have the privacy, not so much for myself, but for my students. I don’t plan on forcing any of my girls to strip on the first day, but who knows, there may be one or two exhibitionists who will feel a little more comfortable with the blinds drawn.

The class schedule for my CP students is different from all the other students in the school. They have a much lighter load of, shall we say, “academic” subjects, to give them a more comprehensive CP training. I wish I had had this kind of training before I went to the College! The kids will be in my homeroom, and stay for the first two periods, then they’ll be back for 5th period and lunch, and again for 8th period, which is the last period of the day. It seems like a lot of CP, and it is, but some of that time would have been gym, study hall, and recess, so they really just lose two periods a day of academic subjects.

The desks in my classroom are really just metal chairs, with a small folding table that swivels up and down. I never liked the rows and columns of the “traditional” classroom, so I arranged the desks in a big circle. I have 32 students in my CP class — 16 girls and 16 boys. 32 is a good number for a circle that occupies most of the classroom. A 30-foot diameter circle allows three feet from the center of one desk to the center of the next.

As the students began filtering into my classroom, I asked them to take seats at random, except to alternate girl-boy as much as possible. To their credit, they formed a nearly perfect crystalline structure, with only three discontinuities, two of which were quickly propagated toward each other, and canceled. Why an odd number of discontinuities, I bet you’re wondering! Well, I put 33 desks in that circle, so I would have a place to sit if all my students showed up. And sure enough, they all showed up! I left the empty chair, though, and stood in the middle of the circle as I greeted my adorable young students.

“I’m so glad to see that you all showed up for the first day of class! I know you all received some information over the summer about this class. Scary, huh. But don’t worry…” I went over and locked the door to the classroom. “Door is locked, blinds are pulled. Things that happen in this classroom stay in this classroom, okay? I’ll just give you a few ground rules to help you understand how things will be happening in this classroom for the next few weeks. Yes, you girls will be expected to follow the College Code of Conduct, but not all of it right away…”

I tried to learn the kids’ names, as I took roll call. And then we were interrupted for homeroom announcements, and the bell to begin first period. Eventually, I began the actual work for the class… “As you know, the CCC has four pillars, anyone know what they are?” I was delighted to see some hands go up. The gender split was about 50-50. The boys and the girls were about equally engaged. Sure, there were some misconceptions, but by and large, the kids understood the Code.

There were two things I said that greatly relieved the kids, especially the girls. The first was that we would take the four pillars slowly — a week at a time — starting the first week just with the Dress Code, and then adding Inspections, Fondling, and Consensual Rape last. The second was that during the first four weeks, we will be limiting all nudity, even partial nudity to the classroom, with the shades drawn. I reminded them this is a long class, running all year, so we really have nine months to get everyone up to speed. So, starting in month two, we’ll start to expect girls to adhere to the Dress Code both in and out of class, which means essentially that girls will dress accordingly from the time they leave home in the morning. Then, in the third month, we’ll begin having more public Inspections, most likely during lunch period, so all the students can appreciate the great strides taken by our girls. Then, beginning in the fourth month, we’ll allow fondling outside the classroom. By then, we expect the girls will all be fairly used to being fondled, and so it won’t come as a shock to them. It won’t be until the very end of the year that the girls start to be subject to consensual rape, and then only by boys in the class — the same boys with whom the the girls will have had sex many times by then inside the classroom. It’s important to note that this will be at least as traumatic, and maybe even more so, for the boys doing the raping as for the girls being raped, because these boys will find themselves ‘performing'” — I made little air quotes — “in front of the student body for the first time.”

Understandably, all this talk about rape made the kids uneasy, even though the rape is consensual, and many months away. So I brought things back to the first pillar, and just in the classroom — “Relax, kids! Today, we’ll just worry about the Dress Code, and whatever clothes we take off this morning, we’ll put back on again before I unlock this door, okay?”

The kids still seemed a little tense.

“Who here is already following the Dress Code, raise your hand.” I already knew which girls were wearing bras and panties under their dresses, and which girls’ tops overlapped their skirts or jeans. But it was good to ask the question. Only three girls raised their hands. All three were mistaken, it turns out. I called on one of them — Dawn was her name — to stand up, and join me in the middle of the circle. She was wearing a simple top, a t-shirt, I guess you could call it, and a pair of silky bikini panties. Very cute. But not legal, because the shirt overlaps the panties. I think she kind of knew that would be a problem, because when I mentioned it, she took off her panties right away, and handed them to me. “That’s much better,” I said, and started clapping. The rest of the kids joined in the applause, embarrassing the girl a little. She looked adorable wearing just her top, which, in case you were wondering, was plenty long enough to wear by itself — it covered just the right amount of her butt, and pretty much covered her pussy, too. When she sat down, of course, it was her bare butt against the seat, which was a new experience for her, but she handled it well. She tried to arrange her top on her lap, but it really wan’t long enough, so she just crossed her legs.

I called on another girl who had raised her hand, this one wearing jeans and a sweater top. Audrey, her name is. No overlap, I noticed. In fact, her belly button was showing, very cute! I asked her to come inside the circle, I asked her if she was wearing a bra or panties, and she assured me she was not. She even unbuttoned her sweater and flashed her little breasts. What a cutie! “No panties, either?”

Now, all of a sudden, she got embarrassed, even blushing. She looked down at the floor, and fumbled with her zipper.

“Is something wrong, honey,” I asked her.

“It’s so embarrassing,” she whispered. “I was supposed to shave, wasn’t I?”

“It’s okay, dear,” I said. “Can you take off your jeans now?” I waited a few seconds, while she unzipped her jeans, but she seemed unable to take them off. “It’s okay,” I told her. “Just go and sit down.”

“No, I can do this,” she said. With a great effort of will, she pulled her jeans down, revealing a tastefully trimmed bush.

“Oh, sweetie,” I said, “that’s no problem at all, it’s a nice bush.” Her brown hair covered her nicely, as well as any bathing suit bottom. I took this as a learning opportunity for all the kids. “You know, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a bush as a bottom, if that’s what you want to do. I’ll certainly allow it in this classroom, if that’s what you want to do.

“And I can still wear my jeans outside of the classroom?”

“Sure, honey,” I said. “This classroom is your safe place to try out different Dress Code styles. For the whole rest of the month, you can wear a bottom over your bush, and just take it off in the classroom. Then, any time during the month, you can decide to shave if you want. Or, if you start to feel really comfortable wearing your bush as a bottom, you can come to school that way starting next month. Does that sound good?”

She buttoned her sweater, and sat down. The third girl who thought she was following the dress code wasn’t, of course, although we never got to see the details, because she was too shy to take off any of her clothes. These things take time. Every girl progresses at her own pace. At the end of 2nd period, the bushy girl put on her jeans, and left. I still had Dawn’s panties, but where was she? Did she leave without her panties? Oh, no! It’s not a good idea for a girl to try too much too soon. I was worried about her.

When the kids came back for fifth period, I was surprised to see Audrey had already taken off her jeans. I asked her where they were. “I took them off just now,” she said. “I wanted to see if I could make it from my locker to the classroom using just my bush as a bottom.”


She laughed. “It was a rush! I was so afraid of being found out! But it was exciting, too.”

“Well, you’re safe here,” I said.

“Exactly! I felt like I was running for safety, except I was really just walking. I felt like running, though, but I didn’t want to attract attention.”

Finally, several minutes after the bell rang, Dawn finally showed up, completely naked!

“Oh, you poor girl,” I said, “what happened?”

She turned around so we could all see her butt. It was bright red. “I was fine wearing just a top all third period. I was really starting to think it was easy. I was feeling proud of myself. And then I went to Mr. Fisher’s fourth period science class, and he said I should wear a bottom. I tried to explain that I was in the CP class, and you said I shouldn’t wear a bottom with this top, but he said I needed a spanking.”

“Well, I disagree with Mr. Fisher about that, of course, but he does have the right to spank girls who misbehave in his class.”

“Sure, I know,” Dawn said. “But he went about it in an embarrassing way. First he made me bend over his lap, with my butt facing the class. Normally, that’s no problem, because I’m wearing panties, but today, I had nothing!”

“Yes, but doesn’t he make girls pull down their panties anyway, before he spanks them? A bare bottom makes for a better spanking, right?”

“I suppose so, Dawn said. But did he have to make me spread my legs? Just knowing I was about to be spanked, well, I was all…”

“Excited?” I asked. “It’s okay, honey. It happens to a lot of girls. Was this the first time you were spanked by a teacher?”

“Well… no,” she said quietly. “but it was the first time I came in front of the whole class. It was really embarrassing!”

“Did you cum right away? Or only after he spanked you a few times?”

“Do you even know what Mr. Fisher does? He fingers you until you almost cum, and makes you beg to be spanked, or else he leaves you with your vagina open, right on the edge of cumming!”

“So you begged him, right?”

“Yes,” she said, clearly ashamed of herself. “and he hit me hard! and with my butt stinging with pain, he fingered me some more and said he would make me cum again if I didn’t take off my shirt.”

“So, of course you took off your shirt.”

“And then he spanked me some more.”

“And you came again, didn’t you.”

“Yes. But that’s not the worst of it. While I was completely naked, and cumming in front of everyone, he gave me the choice of another spanking, or else giving up my top. I couldn’t take it any more, so I gave up my top.”

“You poor thing,” I said. “but there’s no need for you to be naked today, not even in this class. You took off your panties because your top overlapped them, but if you’re not wearing your top, there’s no need to remove your panties. Would you like them back?”

Dawn beamed with joy. I threw them to her, and she donned them eagerly. I was about to ask her if she was okay going to lunch topless when the bell rang, and she made a bee line for the door. She was back half an hour later, joined at the hip to Audrey, who was still bottomless. It turns out the two girls had lunch together, one topless and the other bottomless, and neither one of them got any grief from the other students, or the teachers, for that matter, for being nearly naked.

For Dawn, being topless was a kind of badge of honor. She gave up her top to avoid a third spanking, so she felt justified. For Audrey, being bottomless was a little harder. She told herself that her bush covered her as well as any bikini — well, any thong bikini, anyway — so she made it. But before she got on the bus to go home, she went to her locker, and slipped on her jeans. Could she go bottomless another day? Maybe. In CP class, for sure, and she would see about the other classes.

Pretty Girl of the Day, November 7, 2015

Today’s pretty girl is wearing a top plenty long enough for her to feel completely decent, even without anything under it.PrettyGirl2015-11-07a

The pretty beige of her stockings contrasts delightfully with the pure blue of her top, don’t you think?


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  1. base

    Sounds like Mr. Fisher was already ahead of the game with his own sort of dress code and punishment. His version of a dress code includes wearing panties under a short dress. This will be trouble in a month or two when the CP students go full day under their dress code. Seems Dawn ought to just get used to being naked all day to solve the problem of conflicting dress codes.


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