A Day Out (archives)

A Day Out

“Let’s get dressed up and go somewhere,” Crysta said.

Donna felt her heart beating faster, because she knew what Crysta meant by “dressed up”, and it was scary. She wears her shortest micro-minidress to the mall, and rides up the escalator so she can catch boys looking up at her. “But it’s Saturday,” she said, looking idly out the window.

Donna always sleeps in the nude, and so far this lazy day, she hadn’t bothered to get dressed. Although the Dress Code is in effect every day at the College, most of the Inspectors are gone on weekends, so many of the girls relax a bit, and break some of the rules. Donna was looking forward to slipping into a pair of jeans and an oversized flannel shirt — a combination forbidden by the Dress Code, because the shirt is big enough to count as a dress. She was even toying with the idea of wearing panties under her jeans, another no-no, ordinarily.

“Come on, Donna. I’ll help you dress.”

“But whenever I let you pick out my clothes, I always feel so naked.”

“Yes, isn’t it exciting?”

Donna had to admit she was right. Being almost naked is exciting. Maybe too exciting. “I don’t know if my heart can take it. How about getting dressed up tomorrow instead.”

Crysta made her pouting face that always melted Donna’s heart, and came up behind her, wrapping her arms around her. She pressed her naked body against Donna’s, and tenderly kissed her neck. Donna melted, but she hated herself for it. She was such putty in Crysta’s hands.

“OK, Crysta, I’ll let you dress me, but please, I’m begging you, cover me up this time. Please?” she said with puppy-dog eyes.

“Thanks, Donna!” Crysta was giddy with excitement. “You won’t regret this,” she said.

Donna was already regretting it. She could feel her pussy already swelling and moistening, anticipating another day of near nudity. “OK, what ideas do you have for me?” Might as well get on with it.

“Did you see the College Magazine this week?”

“Who has time to read the College Magazine?”

“You should read it. There was an article about how long dresses should be.”

“More school propaganda, right?”

“No, this was written by a girl who goes here. It was very honest. She talks about the Inspections, and how to avoid them. Here, let me show you.” Crysta picked up the magazine and flipped through the pages, skipping past the ads for see-through dresses that the girls like because they meet the dress code, and the school officials like because — well, let’s face it, the girls really look pretty in these dresses — but the official reason offered by the Inspectors is that see-through dresses help enforcement. After all, there’s no need to inspect a girl to make sure she’s not wearing panties if her lack of panties is obvious without an inspection, right? And so the girls like these dresses, too, because they can feel decent, knowing they meet the Dress Code while at the same time feeling confident they won’t be inspected. So there’s always a thin line the girls walk — adhering to the code, while at the same time, exposing their privates just enough to avoid inspections. It’s odd, but it works, and the important thing is that everyone is happy with the system. But I digress.

“Here’s the article,” Crysta said, pointing to the picture accompanying the article. “There she is. She says most girls make the mistake of wearing dresses too long. There’s no need to cover your whole pussy, she says, because of the lighting.”

“The lighting?”

“Yeah, it’s really interesting. I never thought about it before, but the light always comes from above. If you’re outside, the sun is up in the sky. If you’re inside, the lights are always on the ceiling.”

“OK, so what?”

“So your dress casts a shadow that’s at least an inch long.”

“Uh huh.” Donna didn’t seem convinced.

“Look, she has pictures. Here, let me show you.”

This was probably another one of Crysta’s tricks, Donna thought, but she was curious. “That’s a fishnet dress!”

“Yes, it’s for illustration purposes, so you can see what the dress is covering. See how decent she is?”

Donna had to admit she was pretty decent, from the front, anyway.

“And look at her pussy — it’s only half covered by the dress.”


“I see,” said Donna. “If this were a regular dress, then the rest of her pussy would be hidden in its shadow.”

“Now you’ve got it!” Crysta was so happy she kissed Donna. And she was happier still when Donna responded. Donna adored Crysta, and now, with their breasts pressed together, melting in each other’s arms, she felt that she would agree to anything she suggested.

It was a slow, lingering kiss, soft and tender, each girl gently rubbing the other’s back. “Now, there’s something else,” Crysta said, as she continued stroking Donna’s beautiful body.

“Hmmm?” Donna wanted another kiss, but that would have to wait.

The girls’ lips were touching as Crysta spoke. “She says if you want to really feel comfortable in a sexy dress, you have to get desensitized first.”

Donna couldn’t wait any longer. She kissed Crysta even more softly and tenderly than before, using her superior reach to gently stroke Crysta’s buttocks and thigh. After a long time, she pulled back just enough to ask, “Desensitized?”

Now it was Crysta who wanted more. It was the butt massage that did it. Donna was more than happy to oblige. We could spend the whole day kissing, and that would be fine with me, she thought. “She says you should start off in something even more daring than what you really want to wear, and then you’ll be used to it, and you won’t feel so naked.”

“But what could be more daring than this?” Donna glanced at the picture of the girl in the fishnet dress.

“She says if you’re going to wear a short dress, you should spend some time among friends first.”

“Spend some time among friends?” Donna was perplexed.

“She means before you put on the dress, you should relax in a comfortable place.”

Donna finally caught on. “You mean — naked?”

“In a comfortable place.” Crysta added.

“Like in our dorm,” Donna said, hopefully. It had taken all the girls some time, perhaps Donna a little more than many of the others, but by now the girls were pretty comfortable with each other in the dorm, to the point where most of the girls didn’t bother with clothing.

Crysta looked into Donna’s eyes. “Or around campus,” she said. Crysta was in the vanguard, something Donna truly admired. She was one of the first girls to frequent the dorm lounge in the nude. Soon the other girls wore less and less clothing to the lounge. Crysta was always willing to “lend a hand” to the other girls, and helped many of the other girls get over their shyness, by setting the example. Even when boys are around, Crysta relaxes, letting her legs fall apart naturally, oblivious to any concern over what others might see.

But around campus was something else entirely. Donna pulled back from Crysta’s embrace. “Around campus??”

“Why are you so shocked?” You know I make little sorties in the nude.

It was true. While a bunch of the girls from the dorm are sitting around in the lounge, watching TV, sometimes Crysta would take orders for sodas and chips, and go to the campus bookstore late at night.

“At night, maybe,” Donna said, “but never in the middle of the day!”

“But it’s a Saturday,” Crysta reminded her. “Hardly anyone’s around. Isn’t it a good time to give it a try?”

Donna gulped. “Now? I’m not ready for this.”

Crysta smoothed Donna’s hair, “It’s OK, sweetie.” She gave her a kiss. “When you’re ready.” She kissed her again, this time more softly, more tenderly. “When you’re ready,” she whispered.

As they kissed, Donna felt an inner warmth that flowed into her pussy. Boy, it felt good. Let’s just kiss all day, she thought. Alternately massaging each others’ shoulders, backs, and butts, the girls kissed. How long did they kiss? Donna had no idea. Time simply vanished when the girls were together.

After a long time, Donna finally whispered, “OK.”

Crysta looked closely at her sweet roomie. Words weren’t necessary. She knew what a step this would be for Donna. One more sweet kiss, and then they left the room, hand in hand. Donna’s excitement was palpable. Her nipples were hard. Her pussy was blooming like a sweet flower, dripping with nectar.

Donna hesitated at the door leading to the great outdoors. Crysta gave her a gentle pat on the butt, and stood with her legs apart, waiting for Donna to build up the courage to open the door. At that moment, Donna realized this wasn’t easy for Crysta, either. Crysta’s nipples were hard, and her pussy was pink, too. Donna’s heart melted again, with gratitude. Oh, thank you, Crysta, she wanted to say, for being here with me, and helping me get over my fears. But the words couldn’t come. All she could do was step up to Crysta and kiss her. Only their lips touched this time. They didn’t hug. They didn’t need to hug, so sensual was their kiss. Donna had never felt such a tingling excitement from just a kiss, but with their lips and tongues touching, and no other parts of their gorgeous bodies, all their sensations were concentrated in this one area of their bodies. Then something happened that neither girl expected: they came together, their pussies throbing and contracting in unison, with no stimulation save their mouths. Each one, unaware the other came, reached out to hug the other. Their hands met like those of a pair of ballroom dancers, palm to palm. That’s how they stayed, still kissing, for another minute as each one experienced her private afterglow, and then shared it with the other.

When they finally separated, each one looked at her own pussy, then the other’s, and they both laughed. It was the icebreaker Donna needed to finally open the door.

What a relief! No one was about. It was a cloudy day, the air cool, but not too cold. “Where are we going, anyway?” Donna inquired.

“I thought we would stop at the caf for a bite to eat, and then go back to our room and get dressed.”

The caf. Donna’s heart skipped a beat. It’s bad enough being bottomless there, but naked! “Maybe we could just get something quick at the bookstore.”

“OK,” Crysta said. “We’ll stop by the bookstore first, but then I still want to eat at the caf.” She put an arm around Donna’s waist, and gently stroked her sexy hips.

Donna tried to ignore Crysta’s wandering hand. Normally, her touch felt good, but naked, Donna felt self-conscious about the way Crysta could make her pussy open up. She really didn’t want to visit every landmark on campus, but she knew Crysta was right. The girls had to desensitize themselves if they were going to feel comfortable in their short dresses at the mall.

With each step, Donna let herself get more and more excited, her efforts to ignore Crysta’s touch having failed utterly. So she was glad to step inside. Anything to take her mind off being not only naked in public, but excited as well. Crysta made a bee line for the clothes section, and started trying stuff on. There were four or five boys in the store, coyly watching Crysta’s every move, as Donna tried to interpose racks of clothes between them and herself. Crysta, on the other hand, seemed to want to show off her nudity as much as possible. She grabbed the nearest thing to “try on”. It was a short leather jacket. She zipped it up, and wow, it looked really sexy on her. Her flat belly was still exposed, and everything south of there, of course, but hiding behind the racks of clothes, wearing the jacket, she was fully hidden from the boys. She smiled when she saw them looking at her. Oh crap, she thought. Here they come. She looked at Crysta in amazement as she stepped up to the raised three-way mirror to look at herself wearing, of all things, just a hat. With her legs spread apart, Donna looked between them at Crysta’s pussy, glistening in the reflected light of the mirror. This sight was not lost on the boys, either. This was too much for Donna. She put the jacket back where she found it, and summoned the courage to step up with Crysta. “Let’s go,” she whispered in Crysta’s ear.

Crysta looked past her own reflection, to see the boys, all of them, arrayed behind her. She turned around, and smiled at them. “Hi, boys,” she said as she stepped gingerly down the steps. They were speachless as Crysta handed the hat to one of them. They turned in unison and watched the two most beautiful girls in the world strut out of the store. Once outside, they both broke into uncontrolled laughter, hugging each other to avoid falling over. It was just what they needed. What a relief to be outside again, Donna thought as they stopped laughing, and started kissing, and holding each other close. They didn’t even notice it had started to rain. “I love you,” Donna whispered, as she gently brushed the water off Crysta’s smooth skin. Crysta answered with a deep kiss, and then whispered. “I have always loved you, Donna.” They kissed again, a long lingering kiss. So soft. So sweet. The boys watched in silence from inside the bookstore, but the girls didn’t know. They didn’t care.

Donna spoke first. “I’m ready to brave the caf,” she said.

Crysta smiled at her. She knew this was a big step for her, and she was proud. With arms around each other’s sexy hips, they entered the caf. Neither one of them remembered her ID card, but that was OK. There was an unwritten rule at the college that naked girls didn’t need their ID cards. They walked right in. “I’m surprised there’s a line on Saturday,” Crysta said.

“It’s OK,” said Donna. “I don’t mind waiting with you.” The line went all the way up the steps which led to the serving line. She stood on the step above Crysta, and put her arms around Crysta’s neck, and with legs apart, she pressed her pubic mound against Crysta’s smooth belly, gently rubbing it back and forth. It feels so good to hold her close. Crysta took advantage of their difference in height to massage Donna’s cheeks with both hands, from the small of her back, tracing the curvature of her butt, and tickling her thighs. Instead of wriggling free, Donna responded to the tickling by spreading her legs farther apart, oblivious to the people who had joined the line behind them. It was a shame this tasty kiss had to end, but eventually, it did. They kissed long enough for the line to evaporate in front of them. They shared an adoring glance, and set about getting their food.

Who cares about food? Donna thought, but she loaded her tray full of food nonetheless. They sat together on a bench seat, facing each other, their legs straddling the bench. For an hour, each girl picked up bits of food, and fed the other. It was so unbelievably sensual, Donna focused only on her beautiful girlfriend, as the cafeteria and everyone in it faded from her consciousness. Crysta laughed when Donna spread whipped cream on her breasts, and then purred softly when she licked it off. Crysta noticed Donna had picked up a nearly-full “honey bear”. She squeezed some on Donna’s belly, but she must have squeezed a little too hard, because the top came off, and the honey gushed out onto Donna’s bare belly. Donna laughed uncontrollably as it dripped down her belly and between her legs.

“Lie down,” Crysta said, gently pushing her back onto the bench. Donna was still laughing as Crysta spread her legs apart to get the honey out from between them. Donna gradually stopped laughing as Crysta licked up the honey. Crysta got on her hands and knees, and let Donna rest her legs on Crysta’s shoulders, putting Donna’s cleanliness over her own dignity.

When Crysta was done, Donna sat up and hugged her good friend, who was still kneeling on the bench. She wrapped both arms around Crysta’s butt, and pressed her head against Crysta’s belly, just below her breasts. She was so satisfied, she was beyond happy, enjoying the simple pleasure of loving her friend, and stroking her naked rear end in the cafeteria. She wished this moment would last forever.

The girls looked around, and discovered they were alone. The cafeteria was closing, and they were the last to leave. “I had a really great time, Crysta,” said Donna as they left the building. “You were so sweet to me, I didn’t even have time to worry about being naked.” With that, she pecked Crysta on the cheek, lifting one of her feet up to her adorable round butt cheek. Her cute little tits jiggled as she jumped back from her friend. She was giddy with pure joy, and it was infectious. They both laughed their way back to their room.

“Are you ready for me to dress you, my little Barbie Doll?” asked Crysta when they got back to the room.

“Put me in anything you like; I’m yours,” said Donna. She was eager to wear clothes again.

“What do you think of this?” Crysta asked, holding up one of her micro-minidresses.

“It looks a little short, Crysta, I don’t know.” But she tried it on anyway, and it was really too short. “I know it doesn’t have to cover my pussy, because of the shadow, but I don’t even think the shadow covers my pussy.”

Crysta agreed. “The only dress I have that’s longer is this mesh dress, the same one the girl is wearing in this picture.”

“Do you think it would look good on me?”

“I really do,” Crysta said. “but it’s a bit daring. Are you up for it?”

“If it’s long enough to cover me, then I’m up for it.”

Crysta admired Donna’s positive attitude. “OK, try it on.” She watched as Donna slipped into it, and smiled with pride as her protegee adjusted the hem. “It covers the top of your pussy exactly, just like the picture,” Crysta said.

“That’s good. But I’m a little worried about the back, though,” Donna said.

Crysta picked up the magazine. “Well, let’s see how it’s supposed to fit.”


“Here, take a look at this.”

“That can’t be right! You can see everything from the back!” Donna exclaimed.

“Calm down, little girl,” said Crysta. “It’s not as bad as you think. First of all, do you see her asshole?”


“Only through the mesh. Her asshole is covered nicely by the dress, and yours is too.”

Donna was getting frustrated. “Nothing is covered by this mesh.”

Crysta calmed her down. “Take it easy, dear.” Putting both arms around her, she asked her gently, “Do you wear a thong to the beach?”

Donna nodded.

“And it covers you, right?”

Donna nodded again. She saw where this was heading, and she realized Crysta was right. “It’s just one thin piece of material over my butt hole, but it’s enough.”

“That’s right,” Crysta stroked Donna’s hair. “And this dress has lots of thin pieces of material. Plenty to cover you.”

Donna smiled. “I’m being so silly, I’m sorry. This dress is really very nice, and the mesh covers me every bit as well as a thong, and even better, because there are hundreds of little strings, instead of just one.”

Now it was Crysta’s turn to smile. “I’m so happy. And you look really great in this dress. Are you ready to go?”

“But…” Something about the girl in the picture was bothering her.

“What’s the matter?” Crysta asked, concerned.

“OK…” Donna composed herself. “I agree the mesh covers her, so the parts of her body covered by the mesh are fully covered, like her breasts for example. And my breasts are covered just as well.”

Crysta nodded encouragement, as she continued to stroke Donna’s hair.

“And her pussy is covered, because even though the dress only covers the top half of her pussy, it casts a shadow over the lower part of it, which is good enough.

Crysta joined in, “And her asshole is covered, too, just as yours is. You can spread your legs wide, if you like, and still feel confident in this dress.”

“I agree with all that,” said Donna. “But…”

“What is it, darling?” Crysta asked with deep concern.

“Well, just look at this picture.” Donna shook the magazine for emphasis. “I mean, just look between her legs.”

Crysta looked at the magazine, and then at Donna. She waited a bit, and then said, “What?”

“Can’t you see her pussy between her legs? And it’s not covered by the dress, is it?”

“Oh, that!” Crysta was relieved. She took the magazine from Donna and set it down. “That’s just the camera angle. It’s looking up at her. No dress can guard against that.”

Donna looked at the picture again, and laughed. “You’re right, Crysta. I’m sorry, I’m just being stupid.”

“No, you’re not. You’re being careful, and that’s good. You want to wear a dress that is daring, but decent, and I think this little fishnet dress is just inside that line.”

“I think so, too. And after being completely naked on campus earlier today, it will be a refreshing change to be fully clothed.” Now satisfied that she was properly dressed to go to the mall, she suddenly noticed that Crysta was still naked. “But what are you going to wear now?”


“I was thinking of wearing that blue fuzzy sweater.” She went into the closet and pulled it out.

“It’s cute,” said Donna, as Crysta put it on, and buttoned one button. It was a sexy little sweater, but it didn’t come close to covering her bottom. “Do you have a skirt to go with it?”

“Not really. Why? Do you think I need one?”

Donna laughed. “Umm… YES!”

Crysta turned around and pulled the back of the sweater down as far as it would go. Over her shoulder, she said, “What about this? Does it cover my butt at all?”

Donna could see she was stuck on the idea of wearing the sweater by itself, so she decided to play along. “Yes, a little,” she lied.


That was enough for Crysta. “Let’s go, then.”

Donna felt bad that she was fully covered by her mesh dress, while Crysta was still half naked, but it was Crysta’s choice, so she let it go. There was a campus bus that went past the mall, so they walked toward the bus stop. As they walked, Donna thought about touching Crysta’s naked butt, but then she changed her mind. If I touch it, she reasoned, then Crysta will realize she’s completely naked, and she’ll want to run back inside to put on a skirt or a pair of panties. So I’ll wait until we at least get on the bus, so she won’t have such an easy escape.

Then she felt worse. She was tricking her best friend — lying to her, in fact — just to get her out in public nearly naked. This is the difference between Donna and Crysta. Donna lied to Crysta to trick her into going bottomless, and she feels bad about it. Crysta lied to Donna to make her believe the mesh dress covers her, even a little bit, but Crysta doesn’t feel the least bit of shame over that. Moreover, Donna really believes the mesh covers her. She bought Crysta’s explanation wholesale. Yet Crysta knows her bottom is fully on display. She went along with Donna’s lie only because it suited her, not because she believed it.

Crysta could see Donna was feeling bad, and she even had an idea why, so she put her arm around the mesh-clad beauty, and held her close as they walked to the bus stop. “You’ll be fine,” she said in an effort to cheer her up. “Well have fun at the mall, you’ll see.”

Donna almost told Crysta what was bothering her — that her butt wasn’t really covered, not even a little bit, by her sweater — but then the bus came, so they got on. “Thank God there are seats,” said Crysta as they got on. “Let’s sit here.”

Crysta sat down, but Donna remained standing in the aisle as the bus lurched forward. “What’s the matter?” Crysta asked.

Donna bent down to whisper in Crysta’s ear. “I’m a little embarrassed to say.”

“It’s OK, you can tell me,” Crysta whispered back.

“OK, well, you remember the honey you spilled on me?”

“Do I ever!” Crysta smiled. “It was delicious.”

“Well, you didn’t get it all. A whole bunch of it dripped between my butt cheeks, and now I’m all sticky back there.”

“Really, let me see,” Crysta said as she lifted the back of Donna’s dress.

“Don’t do that!” Donna slapped Crysta away.

“Can I at least feel you?”

“OK,” Donna said, reluctently. She spread her legs apart, thankful she had picked out a dress that covered her so modestly. She tried to look nonchalant as Crysta felt between her legs.

Crysta licked her finger. “That’s honey, alright,” she said. It tasted as delicious as ever. But before she could reach for more honey, the bus stopped at the mall.

“Maybe I should go in the bathroom, and wipe my butt,” said Donna as they walked through the main entrance.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll clean you up right here. Sit on this bench, here.”

“I can’t sit, remember?” Donna whispered through clenched teeth. “The honey is between my butt cheeks!”

“Oh, yeah.” Crysta thought a minute. “Well lie on the bench then.”

Donna was a bit unsure, but Crysta’s confidence won the day. Donna lied face-down on the bench.

Crysta pulled up her dress prompting Donna to say “Hey!” but Crysta patted her bare butt and told her to settle down, and stop worrying. She would take care of everything. Kneeling on the bench between Donna’s legs, Crysta buried her nose between Donna’s cheeks and gave her a good lick. Donna instinctively got partway up on her knees, and opened herself up a little better. Crysta gave her another good lick. Since Donna’s pussy was off the bench, it was easy for Crysta to feel between her legs, and pick up a little juice, which she used to dilute the honey. Continuing to lick Donna’s asshole, and rub her pussy for moisture, she finished the job she had started in the cafeteria.

“OK, you’re clean,” said Crysta, patting her butt, which was still raised in the air.

But Donna didn’t lower her butt. Instead she just moaned softly. “What ever could be the matter?” Crysta asked her in a sing-song voice. She knew perfectly what was ailing Donna. She was on the verge of cumming. Leaving her in this condition would be a sin. But teasing her — that would be worse. Crysta gently stroked Donna’s inner thighs, causing her to raise her ass higher off the bench. She flicked the tip of her tongue against Donna’s quivering asshole, stimulating her just enough to keep her on the edge of cumming, but not enough to push her over the top. Patting her butt again, Crysta said, “OK, that’s enough. Let’s go now.” But Donna made no move to get off the bench. Instead, each time Crysta patted it, Donna raised her butt up another inch. Crysta stroked Donna’s butt gently, letting her fingers glance fleetingly past her asshole, briefly dip into her vagina, and then moist and slippery between her lips to her clit. She did this half a dozen times, until it looked like she was about to cum, and then Crysta stopped for a whole minute, giving her time to cool off.

“Please, finish me,” Donna begged.

“You’re clean I said,” said Crysta, pretending not to understand Donna’s predicament. “You’re finished.”

“Pleeeeease,” Donna begged again.

Crysta laughed, and stood up. “OK, Donna. I’ll finish you, if you stand up,” she said, taking Donna’s hand.

Donna was ready to do anything. It didn’t matter that her dress was half-way off. She stood up, legs apart, her eyes pleading for Crysta to finish her. She looked around and saw a crowd, watching the two bottomless girls. Suddenly self-conscious, she pulled her dress down. “Uh-uh uh,” Crysta scolded, wagging her finger. “I’ll decide whether your dress is up or down. In fact,” she said, “I think you should take it off altogether.”

“In the mall? There are children here!” Donna pulled Crysta’s hand, and walked aimlessly, to get away from the crowd of onlookers.

“You need release, and I’m going to give it to you,” Crysta said, “but only if you obey my every command.”

Donna thought it over. “I get to put it on again as soon as I cum?” she asked.


“OK, then.” Donna looked around to make sure no one was watching them, and, satisfied they were more or less alone (as much as they could be in a crowded shopping mall), she removed her dress, and handed it to Crysta.

Donna looked back at the bench she had been lying on, but it was now taken. Anxious, now that she was naked, to get on with it, she said, “Let’s find a bench, where you can finish me, OK?”

Crysta said OK, and the girls walked. Donna turned quite a few heads, not just because she was naked, but because she was visibly very excited. She responded to Crysta’s every touch, making it hard for her to walk in a straight line. The girls stopped often to kiss, an activity Donna attacked with gusto. As the girls kissed, Crysta would run her fingers between Donna’s butt cheeks, at one point prompting Donna to jump onto Crysta, wrapping her legs around her, and smearing her pussy juice all over Crysta’s belly. Crysta barely disengaged her friend in time to avert a climax, opting to continue teasing her instead.

Finally, they came upon an empty bench. Donna sat down on it, and spread her legs wide. “NOt so fast, little girl,” said Crysta. “I sit first, then you can sit on my lap.” Donna got up, and let Crysta sit, then dutifully sat on Crysta’s lap, her legs spread to the outside of Crysta’s. Then Crysta spread her legs apart, spreading Donna’s even wider. Leaning back, Crysta massaged Donna’s breasts, then her belly, working methodically down her body. People gathered to watch as Crysta almost touched Donna’s clit, but let her fingers veer off toward her thigh instead. Some laughed at Donna’s gasp of frustration as Crysta teased her. Donna turned her head toward Crysta’s, passionately kissing her in a desperate hope of gaining sufficient sexual satisfaction to cum. Sensine her ploy was working, Crysta broke free, and began teasing Donna anew. The crowd delighted in watching Donna squirm. In particular, they liked it when Crysta massaged Donna’s inner thighs, right up to her engorged pussy, but not quite touching it, because this made Donna spread her legs wider than any in the audience thought humanly possible.

Finally, as the security guards began directing traffic past the throng of spectators, Crysta thought Donna had suffered enough. Kissing her passionately, she stroked her inner thighs, drawing closer and closer to her pussy, but this time, instead of skipping lightly over it, she dove in with her fingers, then between her lips to her clit, and down to her asshole, and back. Over and over she did this, as the girls kept kissing. Donna’s muffled screams of passion could be heard as wave after wave of delicious orgasm washed over her. But Crysta didn’t stop. She stood the quivering girl up, and knelt before her, licking first her pussy, then her asshole, plunging her tongue into both holes alternately, as Donna kept cumming. With her hands, she manhandled Donna’s breasts, then her buttocks as she continued licking and sucking between her legs. The audience burst into applause at one point — an applause neither girl heard as the intensity of their passion reached a fever pitch. Finally, Donna couldn’t take another minute of ecstasy. She collapsed face up on the floor, her arms and legs splayed. Crysta climbed on top of her, and continued licking the exhausted girl’s pussy, unaware that her own pussy was resting on Donna’s mouth. Instinctively, despite her exhaustion, Donna licked and sucked the pussy she was presented with.

Mmmm, that felt good. Crysta had been so consumed with Donna’s joy, that she had neglected her own until now. But with what little strength Donna had left, she managed to push her tongue in and out of Crysta, slobbering delight between her lovely legs. Now Crysta was happy she had neglected to wear any bottom, as her pussy was fully available, even as she continued to tend to her friend. It was Crysta’s turn to moan, and to spread her legs wide, as Donna did her best to bring joy to her good friend, despite her weakened condition. And with every moan Crysta uttered, Donna grew stronger, to the point where she was finally able to turn the tables on her friend. She climbed out from beneath Crysta, but when Crysta tried to turn over, Donna told her lie on her belly just a little longer. Donna spread Crysta’s cheeks apart, and licked vigorously between them before turning her over. Then, the real pleasure began. Donna has an amazing way of flattening her whole tongue, stimulating Crysta’s outer as well as inner lips, and dragging the whole length of it over her clit. One more swipe of that amazing tongue, Crysta thought, and I’ll be done, too. And then it happened. Starting at her asshole, running the whole length of her perineum, came that amazing tongue. And at the same time, gentle hands massaged her breasts, belly, and inner thighs, as the tongue simultaneously stimulated her entire pussy at once. It was an onslaught no mortal could resist. As she started cumming, Donna pressed her leg between Crysta’s and held her tight. The girls kissed deeply and passionately as Crysta came. And she kept cumming as long as the girls kept kissing and holding each other tight. Finally, they separated their sweaty bodies, and lay next to each other on the floor, their legs spread wide, their bodies glistening with the residue of their love.


The security guards cordoned off the girls’ section of floor, letting the crowd walk past them, staring at their wet pussies. After a time, the girls staggered to their feet, and managed to find the mall’s exit. The rain had stopped, and the sun was shining. “You lost a button,” said Donna, pointing to Crysta’s sweater, which was now open. They made it to the bus stop and plopped themselves down.

“Lucky there are other buttons,” said Crysta.

Donna laughed. “Yeah, but those buttons don’t hold your tits in quite as well.”

Crysta laughed, too, as she tried to cover her big boobies. “This ‘ll have to do.”

The bus came, and the girls got on. This time there was no seat, so they had to stand. Crysta let Donna stand in front of her. Donna held onto the overhead handrails, and Crysta held onto Donna. As Donna had to keep both hands on the rails, Crysta took full advantage, massaging her breasts, belly, and pussy relentlessly as the buss lurched along. Donna complained, and told Crysta to cut it out, but her body language told another story. She spread her legs apart, and leaned her head back, nuzzling Crysta, and kissing her.

Half-way back to campus, Donna suddenly remembered her mesh dress. “Hey, you said if I came I could have my dress back.”

“Did you cum?” Crysta’s eyes twinkled.

“Did I ever!” Donna was past caring about the dress, anyway. She didn’t blame Crysta for losing it. She was still basking in the afterglow of their sex at the mall, and the way things were going, it looked like she would cum again before they even got off the bus. She just relaxed, held onto the rails, and enjoyed the pleasure of kissing the girl she loved.



Fantastic story! I haven’t read how the town itself is reacting to the Dress Code. clearly from this story, nudity or even sexual arousal is not forbidden. Might be interesting to learn how the town accepted the same reluctance to ban these things. Was it the college board of trustees influence? Was it alumni pressure? Or was it something altogether different?
Comment By base At 10/8/2007 6:27 PM

Fine question Mr. Base. We are an enlightened town, albeit quite small town. The college provides much of our economic base. After lengthy debate in the council, they passed a no nudity law which I promptly vetoed. From their wording ‘bare’ feet would be a crime. Slowly the council realized attempts to ban revealing certain fleshy parts was either sexually basis or so complicated as to make it worthless and unenforceable.

Our town’s growth depends on businesses catering to the college needs. Since many non-students must work aside with students or at places of business that students would frequent, it is only reasonable to allow a liberal dress code policy, i.e., none at all. We allow the businesses to set their policies since the workers select their employers. Competition amongst the businesses is the free market system.

To answer your question, it was the market place that determined the town’s policy.

Comment By the Honorable Mayor Seymour At 11/28/2007 4:17 PM

Mayor Seymour is right.

My skills and availability is limited, so being a waitress works perfectly. A job at the truck stop diner near the highway pays under minimum wage. Closer to campus, the wages are much better even if the tips were quite low. Wages went way up with the smaller uniforms.

The catch was all the rules and benefits. For instance, The Bottomless BBQ Pit meant working bottomless. The Open Chest O’Fish was a topless. The Grin and Bare It meant working nude, but the owner allows our family to eat free if I fill-in for missing student employees at night.

The Grin and Bare It was the best deal. He also likes watching me work. It’s good for our daughter to know how hard her mommy works. At home, she throws fits and refuses to eat until I strip. With all the running around I do, I seldom find time to wear much of anything, and I have the free market to to thank for reducing laundry day to a half day, too.

Comment By CindiLou At 11/28/2007 4:32 PM

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