Underground Guide to the Dress Code – 3 black dresses

This guide was developed by senior girls on campus to help freshman girls shop for a wardrobe that complies with the Dress Code. This guide does not represent official college policy; rather if you wear an outfit displayed on these pages you should feel secure that your dress will pass inspection.


Colleen is modeling a beautifully embroidered dress with a sheer back which still remains conservative. There is some risk of inspection as it would be possible to hide a bra or panties under this dress.

The front of the dress falls below her pussy ensuring a shy girl can feel comfortable in her modesty.

The back of the dress has the tendency to ride up her rear exposing her bottom. This is not a bad thing as it enables Inspectors to know you are not wearing panties, thus decreasing the likelihood of inspection.

Here Colleen bends over to show another view of the dress. If worn this way there is proof of no bra and no panties so inspection is highly unlikely.

And finally here is Colleen in beautiful black heels hoping all you freshmen develop a positive self-image.


Samantha models the next dress which is a little shorter. The dress is a good choice for girls who are a little more comfortable with their bodies and for those wanting to decrease the chance of inspection.

It will only cover her pussy if she tugs hard on the front. This allows her to be a little more daring while still having the option of covering herself.

The dress exposes her entire bottom but as you can see, with her legs together, her asshole is not exposed leaving her entirely decent.

Samantha sits with her legs apart exposing her pussy. Obviously if you want to avoid exposing yourself all you need to do is keep your legs together when you sit.

Here Samantha shows the risk inherent in a shorter dress. Forced into an embarrassing position the dress is too short to cover her rear when she is bent over.

Inspection is still a risk with this dress as an Inspector might wonder if you are wearing a bra. So Samantha is modeling an alternative way of wearing the dress which shows off her magnificent breasts.

And finally she had a picture snapped outside to remind you the best way to enjoy the outdoors is to enjoy it nude.


Dara’s mother mailed her this nice black dress. While the dress is sexy and would pass inspection if worn without underwear it will be a magnet for Inspectors.

So Dara got a needle and thread and “bunched” the dress so it could be worn in a way that would reduce the likelihood of inspection while still giving her a feeling of modesty mixed with a little sex appeal.

The “bunched” dress ends just above her asshole when she bends over.

And her pussy is visible if someone is rude enough to stare between her legs.

All-in-all Dara was very happy. She was able to wear the gift from her mother, maintain her modestly, feel sexy, and reduce the likelihood of inspection.

Finally here she is in the delightful peep-toe black & white heels hoping you freshmen girls come to feel confident in the beauty of your body.

– the Senior Girls

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