Pretty Girl of the Day, October 1, 2016

We caught up with a cute freshman girl, named Jenny, not far from the Student Center.

“You caught me wearing my favorite short dress, do you like it?”

Of course, we told her. But why do you have it folded up like that, exposing your pussy?

She laughed, “That’s what everyone thinks, but it’s not true! The dress is made this way, honest.”

She invited us to tug on it, to see if we could get it to cover her pussy, and sure enough, she’s right. It’s deceiving.

Do you ever feel embarrassed that your dress is so short?

She thought about it, then answered. “Well, no, not really. Not on campus, anyway. I know most girls wear their dresses about an inch or two longer than this one, and, honestly, most days my own dress is a bit longer. But everyone knows the girls don’t wear underwear, so an inch up or down doesn’t make much of a difference. Whenever a girl sits down, you can pretty much see up her dress, right?”

What about off campus?

Jenny blushed. “Well, you’re right, I would be a little shy wearing this dress off campus, but…”

You were about to say something?

“Well, if a hot boy asked me to go off campus, like to dinner, or something, then I wouldn’t be all ‘I’ve gotta change,’ or anything. I would go with him. Even off campus, I like to wear a dress that’s a little cheeky, you know?”

Cheeky? I think I know what that means.

“To me, wearing a cheeky dress means a boy can put his arm around me, and easily rest his fingertips between my cheeks, just under the bottom of my dress.”

It sounds like fun.

“It is!” She laughed, “but I try not to let the boy know quite how much fun it is. If I feel like I’m about to cum, I’ll do something flirty, like turn to face him, or swat his hand away and giggle.”

Don’t you want him to know you’re wet?

“No, silly, it’s not that. I want to *stay* excited, so I try not to cum until, you know, until later.”

I thought girls weren’t allowed to stop a boy from fondling them.

“That’s true on-campus. Was that your question? I’m sorry. So, like, when I’m in class, for example, I might sit next to a boy, and he’ll touch my thighs, for example, and I know to spread my legs.”

Really, it’s that easy to get a girl to spread her legs?

Jenny laughed. “Yeah, it’s practically written into the student guide! Girls aren’t allowed to resist fondling, and that includes keeping their legs together, so, yeah, that’s the way it is.”

It’s been a real pleasure talking to you, Jenny.


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