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Pajama Top

My roommate and I share a pair of pajamas. We both love them. I think I’m lucky because I get to wear the top. It covers me completely, because it’s plenty long.


I snuggle up in it, and let it drape over my pussy, so I don’t accidentally flash anybody.


Pity my roommate, who has to be content with the bottoms. She has no way to cover her tits. This is especially troubling to her when we have “pajama day” at school. She’s embarrassed to go to class all day topless, but it’s the rule — whatever you wear as pajamas is what you must wear to class on pajama day.

I tell her not to worry, but secretly it makes my pussy juicy to see her so anguished, and always covering her boobs with her hands. It’s sad, though, that she can’t keep her boobs covered this way, because there’s something else about these pajamas that is kinda funny — the bottoms are too big for her. So if she covers her boobs with one hand, and holds her books with the other, then there’s no hand free to hold up her pants.

Sometimes she opts to leave her boobs out in the open, bouncing up and down as she walks. This attracts a lot of attention, but sacrifices have to be made.

Other times, she opts to cover her boobs, and prays that her pants will stay up. I watch with glee as they gradually slide down her slender body, exposing first the top of her butt crack, and then more and more. We pray that the pants will come to rest on the widest part of her hips, and stop the inexorable slide down her gorgeous body.

One time, on the campus bus, it was so full neither one of us got a seat. We had to hang onto the overhead railing. This was a bit of a problem for me, because it made my pajama top open up just a little bit. Luckily, my boobs stayed inside it, and my ass remained covered. I was facing my roommate, so even though my pussy wasn’t covered, she was the only one who could really notice it.

But my poor roommate wasn’t so lucky. Her pajama bottoms were already at the lowest safe place when she got on the bus. With both arms up in the air, her boobs bobbing up and down with each lurch of the bus, her pants started sliding further. Thank goodness she is fully shaved, because her pants fell down exactly even with the top of her pussy. Then it happened. They passed the widest part of her hips, and just slid to the floor, leaving her stark naked. I expected her to panic, but she just sighed. She had had enough messing with her pants all day, and decided to just give in. When the bus stopped, she just stepped out of her pajama bottoms and got off the bus, naked. I bent over to pick them up, oblivious to the fact that my asshole was totally on display to the whole rest of the bus. I picked them up and ran after her. “Here are your pajama bottoms!” I said.

“Shhh!” she whispered. “Don’t draw attention to me.” She didn’t want to put them on again, she was so fed up.

“But you can’t just go naked,” I said.

“Watch me,” she replied, and stalked off.

“But you have more classes. Here, put them on.”

“Do you have any idea what it’s like?” she asked. “First of all, being topless is bad enough. All eyes watch my boobs every time I move. Then, in my biology class, the teacher makes a point of calling on me every pajama day, and making me come to the front of the class and demonstrate things.”

“Demonstrate things?”

“Yes, it’s horrible. Last time he made me demonstrate the parts of the breast, using myself as the model.”

“That’s not so bad, is it?”

“As I was explaining the areola and the nipples, I felt my pants sliding. He kept asking questions. I tried to stay still, but they kept sliding down. I bent over to pull them up when he stopped me. ‘I’m not done with you yet,’ he said. He didn’t let me pull up my pants. The whole class watched as my pussy came into view, and…” She trailed off.

“And, what?”

“I can’t say it.”

“Sure you can. You can tell me anything.”

“Look at my pussy. What do you notice?”

“It’s a lovely pussy.” I reached out and touched it. I noticed it was wet, but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to embarass her.

She whispered, “I’m excited. I just can’t hide it.”

I started singing, and she stopped me. “No, I mean it. Whenever I get even a little bit naked, my pussy just explodes with excitement. It’s a real problem. So there I was in biology class, with the teacher not letting me pull up my pants, and my pussy practically exploding in front of everyone — I couldn’t even keep my legs together, it was so engorged.”

“So what happened?”

“I came.”

“You what?” I laughed, then stopped when I saw tears well up in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” I lowered my voice. “You really came?”

“Yes, with my pants down around my ankles, and with the teacher holding my chin up to face the class, and telling me not to touch my pants, I just stood there with my legs apart, and came.”

“Could people tell you were coming?”

“You know me. I’m not good at cumming quietly.”

“Oh, no.”

“Yes, it was pretty bad. Everyone cheered and clapped. I was humiliated. And the horrible thing is that the more humiliated I got, the more I came. I had a ten-minute orgasm!”

“Ten minutes!”

“Well, it felt that way, with everyone carrying on.”

“Then what happened?”

“I just went back to my seat after I finished cumming.”

“Did you at least pull up your pants first?”

“I don’t even remember. It was horrible.”

We walked in silence for a minute or two. Then I spoke. “And you’re going back to that class, now?”

Quietly, she said, “yes.”

“I’ll sit with you, and keep you company.”

Those were the words she was looking for. She put her arm around me, under my loose-fitting top, which made me notice it was still wide open in front. But I felt sorry for her, so I didn’t close it. We both walked into that classroom, our pussies fully on display, and sat down. We put our hands in each other’s laps, and stroked each other softly. The teacher didn’t call on her at all, maybe because I was there. By the end of class, I had brought her to the brink of orgasm several times, and she had done the same for me. Actually, I came, but I’m good at cumming quietly. She managed to ease me out of my pajama top while we were in the classroom, and I didn’t mind, because I wasn’t alone in my nudity. Having me naked next to her in this public setting made her feel much better, I could tell. When the class was over, I picked up our pajamas, and carried them out. She needed me to be naked with her, so we rode the bus back in the nude. For me, it wasn’t much of a stretch going from my pajama top to total nudity, because I always felt nude underneath it anyway. It was a good bonding evening for us.


I hate pajama day. I really do. I had no idea such a day existed when I enrolled. Worse, my roommate made certain I followed the rules of pajama day, too.

You see, I sleep in the nude. That’s right. I do not wear pajamas, so she makes me go to classes nude on every pajama day.

My only revenge to her was to give her a babydoll top for her birthday. She looks really cute in it with her pussy and butt not quite covered, and hte sheer material covering her breasts. Of course, I made sure she wore it for pajama day, too.

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