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The College has time only for a quick post on this website to answer our critics who have accused us of somehow encouraging girls to dress provocatively.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  By requiring girls to go naked under their dresses, we force them to choose modest, decent, dresses.

Here is a perfect case in point!

This girl picked a dress she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing in public without panties under it, and I’m sure you can see why!


Clearly no girl should be parading her nearly naked body about campus dressed this way, and the only thing that allowed this girl to appear in public were her panties.

Our College campus is no place for such a sexy dress!  It would be too distracting for the student body, as I’m sure you will agree.


Does that mean pink mesh can’t be worn by our students?  Of course not!  We don’t limit your choices, and we never have.  By requiring you to go without panties, girls, we merely ensure you will make wise choices, as the following girl did.

This girl was able to wear a pink mesh dress, but she chose a dress that was less revealing, and so she was able to maintain that comfort level — the feeling of modesty — without the need to resort to the crutch of panties.


As you can see, her dress is long enough to cover her ample backside with dignity…


And it covers her front nicely as well!


So you see, girls, the rule prohibiting panties is here for a reason, and it does the job it was intended to do: encouraging proper behavior on your part.  This leads inevitably to improved campus decorum.  Thank you so much for your continued understanding of this important matter.


I’ve worn that same cute pink mesh dress as the first girl, but the inspectors stopped me, stripped me, and I had to plead guilty, but I had a good reason! The panties are all part of the dress. They are not separates. It is more of a leotard than a dress with a pair of panties under it. Unfortunately, the judge did not see it that way.

I also do not the insinuation that girls ought not be wearing such outfits on campus. We are pretty. The dress is cute. The idea behind the dress code is to wear what you find comfortable, not to have girls wearing burqas.

I don’t mind showing my body. I’ve worked hard to stay fit. College should be a place for mind and body training. I’ve seen too many other schools where the girls let themselves go. Why? Because they can hide themselves in many layers of clothing. Their female form is masked.

I’ve since cut the ‘panties’ off my leotards. Now, the skirt rides up higher. Just more of my prettiness to show!

Comment By MandyLynn At 9/9/2008 8:27 AM

Dear Mandy Lynn,

It is important that you familiarize yourself with The Four Pillars at this page.

It states:

Attached panties are strictly forbidden. Some ultra-short skirts are sold with attached panties. A girl wearing these is not easily distinguished from one wearing separate panties and skirt, so the use of attached panties in any garment is strictly forbidden. A girl who wants to wear such a garment may use scissors to remove the panties, however, and then she may wear it. However, she should be cognizant of the original purpose of the attached panties, which may have included both modesty and keeping the garment in place.

Comment By Grinch At 9/9/2008 1:28 PM

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