Dress Code — Innovative Styles (archives)

Dress Code — Innovative Styles
The Dress Code encourages modesty, of course. By requiring girls to go “commando” under their dresses and skirts, it is certain that girls will make sure her clothes are long enough to provide that extra margin of safety to compensate for the missing panties.

But sometimes a girl might get bored with the same old styles. That’s understandable. And that’s also the real strength of the Dress Code — even though it encourages modesty, it doesn’t prevent girls from wearing whatever they like.


A girl might hit on the simplicity of a lei, for example, as an innovative style of dress. As you can see, she is quite decently attired. Her pussy is neatly covered, as is one of her nipples.

From the side, this fashion doesn’t reveal much skin, either.


Although this outfit is daring, many girls will feel comfortable wearing it on campus, because so many other girls will also be wearing daring outfits. There is a culture of comraderie among scantily-clad girls that allows them to feel comfortable even though their bodies are exposed to public scrutiny. Even so, there may be times when a girl might feel shy, and want to cover herself. If you are wearing a pair of leis, and this happens to you, you might want to adopt a shy posture, until the feeling of vunerability passes.


One of the very special features of this style is that it suggests coverage more than actually covering the girl. It is a fact of psychology that a person who sees a naked girl experiences a certain amount of shame for enjoying the view of her naked body. So if a girl wears a suggestion of coverage, such as a lei, then her voyeur can rationalize the lei as actually covering her, and save himself the embarrassment. This style has two benefits: it allows people to ogle pretty girls without psychological torment, and it allows girls to imagine they are fully covered as they venture out in pubic.


For this reason, it is not absolutely necessary for the lei skirt to cover your pussy completely. The mere suggestion of coverage is all that needs to be achieved. A girl can feel fully dressed this way, and bask in her own inner beauty.


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