CollegeCodeOfConduct is being migrated

Hey people. I’m migrating the sites on my server to a new server. Unfortunately, the new server doesn’t support the antiquated software that was running this blog. While I’m migrating and converting the blog, it may not be available.

No content is lost. The old site is transferred to an archive, the only problem is, that it will not be possible to add new comments on stories from the old site. I could have had the stories migrated completely into WordPress, but it would have been quite costly for me, since the old blogging software had no standardized export function. I hope you understand.

But the good news is, WordPress is the best blogging software out there, the new software will be easier for authors to use. Any questions, email grinch(at)

Sorry for the inconvenience,

12 thoughts on “CollegeCodeOfConduct is being migrated

  1. base

    As long as the old version of this site stories will not disappear, I’m good with them simply linked under the “More Archives” header.

  2. admin Post author

    BTW, if anyone would like to help migrating the old posts to WordPress, either by some automatic script or manually, post by post, you’re welcome to contact me.
    grinch at

  3. Grinch

    It IS up and running. This is the new site, there are just no new stories since the migration … maybe I should put a post with a different headline.

  4. base

    I just discover something about this site. If I wanted to find a story written December 2010, I click on the link on the right. But all I see is the last story of Dec’10. I have to keep clicking “Older Posts” to find the particular story I wanted to read.

    Is there some master story listing for this new site that I am too blind to see?


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