College Newspaper Article – A Look Ahead #1

Peter Kent Reports:

With the world gearing up for the 2012 Olympics next year in England, the college newspaper will be doing a series of articles and photos on some of the very special gymnasts of this college. Some of the gymnasts here are among the top in the country and as a result have been selected to represent the USA next year. How did this college manage to get so many of its students into the USA gym team? What was their secret? All that and more will be revealed in this series.

We start with Tess.

I was summoned to her dorm room bright and early. I was told she had a packed day ahead and this was the only time she had for an interview and it would take place while she was in bed, before she got up for the day. Upon entering her room I was greeted with a very pleasant smile. However I was not sure if she was aware that her smile was not the only thing she was revealing to me.

After the greeting pleasantries, so that she wouldn’t feel embarrassed, I discreetly tried to let her know that I could see quite a lot of her but she mistook this thinking that I was in a hurry to start the interview and she sat up right so we could begin.

I was surprised by her state of undress and decided to just come straight out with it and start the interview…

Peter Kent: “Do you realise you’re completely naked?”

Tess: “Oh, I’m sorry. I always sleep naked. It stops me from getting too hot. Does my nakedness offend you?”

PK: “No, not at all. I was just thinking that you might be embarrassed or self conscious.”

Tess: “Oh no. I’m used to being naked around people. You see, that’s how we [the gymnasts] practice, in the nude.”

PK: “Right. Why may I ask?”

Tess: “Well, we all used to wear the standard gymnastic gear but found that to give you that extra edge, you needed to be completely unrestricted. It all started with Anne and her secret technique to get into the gym team. After she was successful, all the girls started adopting it to make it into the gym team. Then it just became standard practice.”

PK: “So does this method of training naked actually help?”

Tess:  “Well how else could you explain that the majority of the Olympic gymnastics team were selected from this college?”

PK: “I guess it must be true then but how will you fair in the actual competition. Will you be competing naked there too?”

Tess: “That would not be allowed but the feeling of being unrestricted will still be with us and give us an extra edge anyway, even if it is just mentally. Hey, you don’t mind if I warm up for the day while you interview me do you? I always like to have a good stretch to start the day.”

PK: “Please, feel free. What’s that you’re doing now?”

Tess: “Oh, I always start off with this exercise.”

PK:  “Hmm. I bet your folks are really proud of you.”

Tess: “Yes, they are. Although they’ve never actually seen me in competition. They were ecstatic to hear I was selected for the USA team. My mother always said I was very talented. Mind your head. I don’t want to kick you as I perform my next stretch.”

PK: “Yes, I can see you are very talented. When did you begin training to be a gymnast?”

Tess: “When I was about 4, my mother said she noticed me imitating the gymnasts I saw on TV whenever they were on so she decided to enrol me in classes and I’ve never looked back. Watch your head again.”

PK: “So, the Olympics is just over a year away. Is it hard to concentrate? You must be very excited. How do you manage your practice and the study of your other lessons as well?”

Tess: “I can’t stop thinking about going to the Olympics but after hours and hours of training, focusing on my other studies is a welcome relief as too much of anything is not really good for you.”

PK: “Yes, I agree. With all that practice, you must have a few favourite gymnastic manoeuvres.”

Tess: “Oh yes! I’ll show you. This is one of my faves.”

PK: “Wow, that’s very good. If I tried that, I’d end up in hospital!”

Tess: “Ha ha! Yes, you do have to be careful. Some of what we do can be dangerous so the girls all look out for each other. For instance, when I do this move in training, one of the others would look at me from all angles to check that I’m aligned properly. Could you stand behind me and check?”

PK: “Not a problem. I’m no gymnast but you look perfect from here.”

Tess: “Thanks for checking.”

PK: “So, practicing naked is one thing but is there anything else perhaps that sets the gymnasts here apart from their rivals? Any special training moves for instance?”

Tess: “We have a few actually but they’re super top secret!”

PK: “Couldn’t you tell me just one of them? Please?”

Tess: “Ohh, alright then. But just one. The coach won’t be too pleased that I’m revealing one of his special training techniques. It goes like this. This is a special baton. I know it looks a bit like a dildo but it’s not. It’s been specially crafted to help train gymnasts. We place it into our vaginas like this…”

“Then we have to really focus on keeping it in position between our legs while we do some of our other stretches, exercises and routines. It teaches us great concentration. It can be really challenging at times, especially in a move like this…”

“Usually, the coach rewards the girl who is last to have her baton drop out of her. Wow! Look at the time! I better get going!”

PK: “Well thank you allowing this interview in the very short time you have. Could I get one more picture of you for the paper?”

Tess: “Of course you can!”

17 thoughts on “College Newspaper Article – A Look Ahead #1

        1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

          I had to pay homage to you, Grinch as your great stories helped inspire mine.
          I hope I can make the rest of this series just as good. I think what really makes this story is that this girl is just sooooooo cute!

  1. base

    Excellent inside story to the amazing gymnasts at the college.

    As far as competing naked goes, the Dean of the Art Department is in conference with the Gymnastic Coach as I type. The Art School received a large shipment of body paint when someone checked the wrong box on the last order for painting supplies. They are exploring on how best to use it all since it is non-returnable.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      What amazing timing for this mistake to occur. Some of the girls want to start a soccer team but could not get funds from the college for the kits nor could they afford them themselves. They are considering body paint as a cheap alternative. Once they’ve decided, their big reveal will be written about…

  2. William G. Gruff

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… I saw the special baton. 😀 I know CCC seldom incorporates hardcore photographs (I believe Richard’s done it a few times?) but the next time it happens I hope it’s in one of your stories, Slick.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Thanks William. I don’t think I’ll use too many hardcore photos. It seems a bit tricky to find ones that are sexy and tasteful (or even funny) for this site rather than just graphic but I’m always on the lookout for something really great for the CCC.

    2. Grinch

      I think putting hardcore photos in a story risks changing the way people read the blog. When anyone at a later time ends a story with softcore pictures, that would perhaps leave the reader with the feeling that the story is only halfway done.

      Many stories with hardcore photos could ruin those without.

    1. William G. Gruff

      My wife’s a fan of Illusex so I know of at least one female who’s quite fond of stories with images. She’s also recently returned to Eroslavia, and if I can finally persuade her that “Melissa’s Spring Break” won’t happen again I’m sure she’d love your stories as much as I do, with or without images.


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