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The Government Education Inspector Builds A Following Part 1

“Mr. Steele, Mr. Steele”, said Nikki calling him out of his reflections. He blinked twice and his eyes focused on the sweet pussy between Nikki’s legs.

“Yes, what is it now?” said Mr. Steele.
“Your afternoon appointments are here, how would you like me to handle this?” asked Nikki.
“Send them all in at once please.”
“Of course, Mr. Steele” said Nikki as she rose and walked across the office. Mr Steele’s eyes watched as her butt cheeks danced and flexed before his eyes.
A few moments later Nikki showed George, Dean, Rocco, Johnny (the boyfriend of Ashley, the police chief’s daughter) and several other young men into the office. All the men watched her leave this time and she gave an extra bounce to her step showing off for them. Mr Steele liked her to do that.
“I see you remember Nikki, George,” said Mr Steele.
“Oh yes sir, she was my first punished girl, as a matter of fact we started dating after that and now she is my girlfriend.”
“How nice for you George. Now to business! For quite some time now I have been looking for college men to help me in my goals of ridding the campus of girls who would rather tease than please…” Mr Steele looked at all of the young men who were hanging on his every word.
“I saw something in each of you and that is why you are all here today. I must confess to you all something that may shock you, I hope we are all men of honor here and that what we discuss will go no further than this office.” All of the men promised not to speak out of the office.
“You are all familiar with the codes of the university. You are also familiar I’m sure of how those codes work together. Briefly, the inspectors have quotas to fill, they are adept at finding the smallest violations, and stripping the violators naked. Once a girl is forced to remain naked, she is subjected to incessant fondling, making it a constant struggle for her to avoid becoming visibly aroused. Once aroused, she opens herself up for rape. It is rare for a naked girl to make it through a day without being raped at least once. Of course some people may say this is unfair to the girls who are left naked by inspectors, but then who violated the Dress Code in the first place? A more careful girl would not have failed the inspection, or she would have avoided being inspected in the first place. Do you all agree?”
All of the men agreed wholeheartedly.
“Now what I must tell you is that the code was written and implemented because before the codes there was a practice of girl’s teasing the boys and making them so distracted that their studies started to decline. What is worse is that these girls would tease but then not let the boys have any release. We decided something had to be done about this. We feel that by making the boys used to seeing the girls dressed the way they now do and allowing the boys to have sex with the girls that it desensitized the power the girls had over them. In fact we stripped the girls not only of their clothes but also their power and gave the power to the men. All of that was many years ago and as you know that is no longer a problem. However, here is what you may not know. The university is now a very good place for boys and men to come specifically to take advantage of the rules.”
All the men nodded and listened with enthusiasm.
“For example, the code states that certain clothes are permitted by the Dress Code. So it is unfair to take advantage of the provision in the CCC that allows you to touch a pretty girl’s ass when she’s standing in line in front of you. If you run your fingers gently between her cheeks, she is obligated to stand still for you, so that you can continue to rub her. She will keep her cheeks relaxed, allowing you full access to her asshole, which you may freely touch. If you also massage her inner thighs, she will likely spread her legs apart to avoid the appearance of “covering up”. Although you aren’t allowed to reach inside a girl’s dress, most dresses are short enough that they don’t cover a girls legs. So you may slide your hands up her inner thighs until they reach her vulva, and then along the lower part of her cheeks until your fingertips touch her asshole. By repeating this stroking several times, it is almost certain that, despite her best efforts, she will be unable to remain dry. At that point, she is consenting to be raped, which you not only are permitted to do, but in fact are required to do, right then and there. Since this is unfair to the girl, boys are asked to refrain from purposely exciting girls, who are properly dressed according to the Dress Code, for the purpose of raping them. Of course many boys and men do exactly this and since it is according to the rules there is nothing the girls can do about it. The men who drew up the original codes thought of everything. They wanted the men to have all of the power over the girls and now we do.”
All of the men in the room were wide-eyed.
“So Mr Steele,” said George, “Does this mean that we can just go around raping the girls all the time and its okay?”
“I want all of you to understand what I am about to say is confidential. But the answer is YES! With a few slight precautions that’s exactly what it means. I am taking you all under my wing as I have done with others in the past so that you may understand what it means to be a man here, and so that you never get caught. There are still some men who find some of the rules unfair to girls and who, out of a sense of fair play, try to help the girls instead of just using them for sex. Your Dean is one of those men but luckily he is not very bright about these things. Some of you may have heard about Mr Fairborough’s trip to the university ( What you may not have known was that he is a good friend of mine and that Jason the inspector was once sitting where you are now. That girl Amanda was such an uppity bitch and so when Jason had the chance he took his revenge on her for all the boys on campus, not only having sex with her but humiliating her as well. And even when it could have ended Mr Fairborough made sure it continued beyond all reasonable terms. The Dean was never the wiser and although Amanda figured things out, what could she do about it? Nothing!”
All of the boys broke out into wild applause at the end of Mr Steele’s speech.
“I have allowed you all to watch me in actions from time to time so that you know there are some preliminary events that must occur before you can rape the girls of your choosing. I think everyone here understands what is required and that I am giving you all a great gift. Use it wisely and often. I’ll be keeping tabs on you, please don’t disappoint me. I am building an army of men who will be able to seek out girls and take what they want from them. You are the newest soldiers.”
All of the men were very flattered to have been selected and vowed to be the best soldiers they could be.
“Very good then gentlemen, please report here tomorrow morning for the final tests to prove that you are worthy.”
To be continued…